Enhance education needs

Thousands of teenagers across the Uganda are faced with a huge challenge of meeting the necessary requirements for school. The COVID-19 pandemic has left a big percentage of the population unemployed, businesses gone down and the economy is yet to recover.

These  teenagers across the Uganda need support from anyway that it can be sought to enable them attain the required education. They are vulnerable to mental health break downs at an early stage in life due to the challenge at hand. Our desire is to Join the caring people or institutions already into this and support children to have the necessary education that they need.


Supporting education towards teenagers will not only equip them for the future but will secure Ugandans a safe and informed environment to live. This will reduce their vulnerability to exploitation at the various levels in search for food and shelter. This will protect the Ugandan population against possible mental illness that arises from stress and the inability to meet their educational requirements.

  • Support with Scholastic materials
  • Explore adoption and effectiveness of online classes.
  • Encourage hand on skills training for vocational studies.
  • Collaborate with schools for bursaries and other alternatives to enable schooling.
  • Support infrastructure developments in rural schools.
  • Identify best practices that can be adopted to sustain teaching staff in rural schools.

Daniel Kyeyune

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