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Adobe Photoshop is extremely popular as a tool to create images for web and print. The following table provides the official list of what Photoshop can do.

Topic Name Description Basic Layers a layer is a collection of shapes and/or images. These make up the top part of an image, and are visible to the eye. Other layers can be included beneath the visible layers, and often contain text, shapes, or other images. These can be combined in layers on top of each other. The Photoshop work area is divided into layers. To make layers visible, click the Layers palette or double-click the layer thumbnail under the Layers palette. Layers can have different Opacity settings: 50% Opacity is 50% visible, 75% is 75% visible, and so on. By default, any layer with an Opacity setting is visible, and any layer with an Opacity setting of 1 is completely invisible. Actions Every action is an instruction to Photoshop, including the outcome when that action is run. Actions can be added to the Window menu, run directly from the Action palette, or run from within a Photoshop document when they are created in the Actions panel. Actions can be added to a Photoshop document by clicking the New button at the top of the Actions panel. Adding an Action to a document is much like adding a layer to a document; you place any Image, Layer, Gradient, or Pattern on the active layer by clicking on them and dragging them to the layer thumbnail under the Layers palette.

Basic Tools for Editing Raster Images 1. Brightness/Contrast

2. Gamma Correction

3. Color Balance

4. Levels and Curves

5. Noise Reduction

6. Picture Match

7. Smart Objects

8. Gaussian Blur

9. Local Adjustment

10. Red-Eye Removal

11. Local Blemish Removal

12. Batch Processing

13. Edge Detection

14. Lens Correction

15. Device Calibration

Brightness/Contrast This feature allows you to make or adjust adjustments to the tonal values of an image. Brightness/Contrast may be used to correct the appearance of an image’s overall lightness, darkness, or contrast. There are two adjustment sliders that control the brightness and contrast of the image.

This feature allows you to make or adjust adjustments to the tonal values of an image. Brightness/

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In this post we will share the essential features and functions that will get you started with the basic tools you need to edit images. We are going to explain how to set up and use the main Photoshop Elements tool bar, which is the same for most Photoshop Elements users.

What are the Essential Elements of Photoshop Elements?

You have got a basic knowledge of Photoshop Elements from the names of the tools on the toolbars. But to show you some of the most basic features of Photoshop Elements, we are going to write a list of the core tools.

– This is the basic toolbox –

The essential tools of Photoshop Elements are briefly explained below.

New Toolbar

At the top of the screen, to the right of the file name, you will see the standard Photoshop Elements tools. Next to these icons there will be a new button called Create a New File or Save As. Clicking this button opens the New File dialog box. Photoshop Elements allows users to open Photoshop files as well as edit and save images in most popular image file formats:.jpg,.png,.tiff,.tga,.GIF,.PSD, etc.

To edit or modify an existing image, simply select it and click the Edit button (the green paintbrush or the paint bucket).

Resize tool

The Resize tool is used to resize a selected image before you start editing.

Select a few pixels in the image and then, using the Scale Tool, drag on the edges until you have the area you want to resize.

, drag on the edges until you have the area you want to resize. Click the Copy button and then paste into another area of the image.

Other editing tools

There are other tools that come pre-installed in Photoshop Elements. The easiest to find them in the existing tabs of the toolbox.

Tools to edit colors

The Curves and Levels tools allow you to correct the brightness and color of the selected image (white balancing). You can use these tools to fix bad lighting situations, improve dull colors, and even make images look more interesting. There are several variations of these tools in Photoshop Elements.

White Balance

When you use the RGB or CMYK Black and White, you can balance the color of the selected image with a few clicks. You can even create a new black and white image based on the adjustments you make with the

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