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You may find alternatives to Photoshop in the market, but they are for advanced users only.

Joining the Photoshop family

Photoshop has come a long way since its beginning in 1987, as illustrated in Figure 13-1. The original version of Photoshop was called PhotoShop, and it featured a single monochrome layer and was available for the Macintosh platform only. This single layer approach is typical of the early days of Photoshop — remember the single toolbar? No layers, just black-and-white photos. As the software progressed, Adobe added new tools to make the program more advanced.

**Figure 13-1:** The original PhotoShop tools on the Macintosh.

Photoshop has become one of the world’s most powerful and complex editing programs, which is why it is sold under the name Photoshop in English-speaking markets.

Today, Photoshop can operate on Windows, macOS, and Unix platforms, and its other functions include digital video, 3D, web animation, and retouching to help business and graphic designers achieve the final look for products or printed materials.

Handling layers, layer stacks, and other key Photoshop concepts

Photoshop works because of the way layers interact with one another. The tools and commands give you a range of ways to manipulate layers and give you control over when you add and remove layers. Layers are grouped in layers stacks, and the stacks themselves can be moved or merged to create a new layer stack. You can open any Photoshop file in layers, but you must save it in layers for it to retain its structure. So without the ability to create and manipulate layers, you can’t create a layered file.

Layers are responsible for all the color and image on a Photoshop file. The layers can be transparent, which enables you to hide and view information that is underneath the other layers. Layers can’t share colors, so layers can’t share an image that isn’t in its own layer.

Because Photoshop allows images to be transparent, you can also do pixel-based editing, which enables you to erase an image or apply different effects to individual pixels (yes, Photoshop does pixel-based editing!). You can overlay multiple images on top of one another, give images the ability to be transparent, and manipulate images in a wide variety of ways.

Photoshop features

Use Photoshop’s features to work with layers and layer stacks as follows:

Workspaces: You can save your session at any time by choosing Save

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Why Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an app and a series of similar apps that gives people the power to touch up, edit, and enhance photos by taking advantage of the multi-faceted abilities of Adobe Photoshop. The app contains certain features from Photoshop, but not all the features found in the professional version.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is an easy to use non-linear image editor. You can create adjustments and filters, crop or resize images, and edit the color of layers. You can use multi-layered cropping to make both horizontal and vertical crop selections.


The features available to the consumer version of Adobe Photoshop Elements are as follows:

– Adjustments Layers and Layer Modes

Layers and Layer modes add depth to your images. You can adjust colors, exposure, brightness, contrast, and more.

– Adjustments Darks and Whites

Adjust light and dark areas of your image. You can adjust the histogram with white and black sliders.

– Adjustments Shadows and Highlights

Adjust the details in your image. You can selectively increase or decrease detail in specific areas of the image.

– Adjustments Color

Color adjustments can be done with sliders, colorspaces, and non-destructive operations.

– Adjustments Blending Modes

Blending modes are used to make new layers or to change the blending modes of layers. You can choose between lighten, multiply, screen, overlay, or hard light blending modes.

– Adjustments Levels

Changing the channel of an image and reducing unwanted noise and shadow using the levels tool. You can also correct exposure and brightness of the image using the levels tool.

– Adjustments Curves

The curves tool is used to create a spline curve to correct the brightness of the image.

– Adjustments Shadows

The shadows tool allows you to manually control the shadows of your image.

– Adjustments Noise

The noise tool allows you to reduce the amount of noise present in an image. You can also select the use of an edge-sharpening filter.

– Adjustments Brightness

Brightness is used to adjust the exposure of a photo.

– Adjustments Whites

You can use the white tool to enhance the whites of your image.

– Adjustments Details

You can enhance the details in an image by using the

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