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Correcting images

With the basic editing tools at your disposal, you can fine-tune your existing images or create a new one. For example, you may want to use a layer’s Opacity setting to hide or show specific elements within an image, whether they’re text or an image. Figure 8-3 shows an image where one of the original colors — the green in the palm tree leaves — was accidentally selected and turned to black. You can use the Opacity effect to hide parts of the image and then reveal them later. You can also use the layer’s Blend mode to create the effect of _negative_ or _positive_ printing, in which specific colors are printed as light or dark.

Photoshop includes an amazing number of special effects, effects you use to transform the image in creative ways. These effects include

* **Colorizing:** You can add a color cast to a black-and-white image to create a sepia or gray tone colorization effect. You can also use special black-and-white effects to colorize an image with CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) colors to create a colorized black-and-white effect. (See the “Creating special effects” sidebar later in this chapter for more information.)
* **Compositing:** You can use layer blending to create a composition combining multiple photographs or artworks into a single image. (See the sidebar “Compositing superimposed images” later in the chapter for additional help.)
* **Expression:** The Expression effect allows you to manipulate layers in creative ways, as you can see in Figure 8-4. You have a variety of options, from _Distort_ to _Starburst,_ and many of

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The $49.99 title is loaded with features that experienced Photoshop users can use to create stunning images.

Photoshop Elements photo editing

The software is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to edit images with a few easy to use tools.

Elements contains all the tools you need to edit photos, including:

Full-featured photo editing tools

Basic photo editing tools

Exposure adjustment tools

Video effects tools

Animated effects

Stereo and depth tools

Imaging and graphics adjustment tools

File management tools

Camera calibration tools

Color correction tools

Image resolution tools

Adjustment layers

Layer masks

Paint tools

Video tools

Audio tools

Effects tools

Path tools

Measures tools

It does not offer every Photoshop feature but the basics you need to be able to create beautiful images.

How to change the screen resolution in Photoshop Elements

This post is going to discuss the steps needed to resize the video from 640×360 to 4k, or 4K-HD.

The software currently has many different resolutions to choose from, which is great because it allows you to easily resize videos.

You can edit your images in four resolutions. However, the quality of the images vary depending on the resolution selected.

Low – 50% of the resolution used in the new file.

Normal – 100% of the resolution used in the new file.

Medium – 400% of the resolution used in the new file.

High – 600% of the resolution used in the new file.

The low resolution allows you to improve the clarity and sharpness of the images, but it does not improve the quality of the video.

On the other hand, the higher resolution offers increased quality but results in a file that is twice the size of the original.

The best resolution for the highest quality of images and video is the normal or medium mode.

You may also edit your videos in high or maximum resolution if you want to get the best quality of images.

We will be using the normal or medium setting to edit our video.

How to resize a video in Photoshop Elements

Before we begin to resize the video, you will need to make sure that you have the best quality setting selected in order to get the best quality.

Open the file in Photoshop Elements and then select

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The Eraser is used for erasing unwanted areas of images. The Eraser Brush and the Eraser Tool both accomplish the same function, but the Brush can be used for more precise work.
The Gradient Brush allows you to paint colors or textures on an image or other layers. The Gradient Tool creates rectangular or radial Gradients.
The Marquee Tool allows you to create selections and masks. The Tool Palette is full of tools that can be used for different kinds of editing.
Photoshop is full of numerous and useful effects, including the Posterize, Enhance, Dodge and Burn, Emboss and many more.

There are tens of thousands of Photoshop effects and examples, and the list could easily go on endlessly. Here we’ll show you some of the most useful, and Photoshop effects you should be using to enrich your photographs.

Kitten Photoshop Effect 1

Kitten Photoshop Effect 2

Kitten Photoshop Effect 3

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Kitten Photoshop Effect 4

Kitten Photoshop Effect 5

Kitten Photoshop Effect 6

Kitten Photoshop Effect 7

Kitten Photoshop Effect 8

Kitten Photoshop Effect 9

Kitten Photoshop Effect 10

Kitten Photoshop Effect 11

Kitten Photoshop Effect 12

Kitten Photoshop Effect 13

Kitten Photoshop Effect 14

Kitten Photoshop Effect 15

Kitten Photoshop Effect 16

Kitten Photoshop Effect 17

Kitten Photoshop Effect 18

Kitten Photoshop Effect 19

Kitten Photoshop Effect 20

Kitten Photoshop Effect 21

Kitten Photoshop Effect 22

Kitten Photoshop Effect 23

Kitten Photoshop Effect 24

Kitten Photoshop Effect 25

Kitten Photoshop Effect 26

Kitten Photoshop Effect 27

Kitten Photoshop Effect 28

Kitten Photoshop Effect 29

Kitten Photoshop Effect 30

Kitten Photoshop Effect 31

Kitten Photoshop Effect 32

Kitten Photoshop Effect 33

Kitten Photoshop Effect 34

Kitten Photoshop Effect 35

Kitten Photoshop Effect 36

Kitten Photoshop Effect 37

Kitten Photoshop Effect 38

Kitten Photoshop Effect 39

Kitten Photoshop Effect 40

Kitten Photoshop Effect 41

Kitten Photoshop Effect 42

Kitten Photoshop Effect 43

Kitten Photoshop Effect 44

Kitten Photoshop Effect 45

Kitten Photoshop Effect 46

Kitten Photoshop Effect 47

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System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop Free Download For Windows 10 Highly Compressed:

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