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GPL is a license for the package called “GIMP”, which is basically open source PS.

If you already have GIMP on your system and are planning to use it for the purpose of album cover or image manipulation software, you will need to add the license key below and then update it through the Download Center
This is just a suggestion of how you can use your existing GIMP to create your album cover or image manipulation.

There are other application that can help you to get your goal,

Music To Go(More Info)
Music Editor (Music Editor Music Player)
Dopes into Photoshop(More Info)

Helpful stack exchange post:
Dopes into Photoshop for cover creation:
Dopes into Photoshop:


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Oracle: Oracle Prepared Statement NOT executed

Following the Oracle documentation regarding bind variables I’ve defined my PreparedStatement as follows:
pstmt = s.prepareStatement(“CALL MY_CALL(?,?,?)”);

pstmt.setString(1, param1);
pstmt.setString(2, param2);
pstmt.setInt(3, result1);

pstmt.setString(5, result3);


My problem is that result3 is always null. I