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Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition does not provide a built in pre-compile option meaning you have to rely on the command line to pre-compile your site.
To use it you provide a source and destination folder in a app.config file. The ASP.NET Compiler application will then list all the websites (folders) in the source folder that you can select from. If you create a file to be used on the live server this tool will automatically delete the web.config file and rename to web.config on compile.







ASP.NET Compiler

The ASP.NET Compiler is a code generation tool that compiles ASP.NET (.aspx) pages to IL code. It is installed as part of the.NET Framework SDK. It is a part of the Visual Studio.NET IDE. You can find the.NET Framework SDK on the.NET Framework SDK download site.


On a properly configured.NET development environment (Visual Studio, IIS, etc.) you shouldn’t have to. If you have the ability to do it, it’s an indication that your.NET environment isn’t configured correctly for your purposes.


How to create multiple instances of a WindowState window in WinRT?

In Win32 one can easily create multiple instances of a window by defining it as an instance of a class, and then having it call another function to create the window for it each time one is needed.
WinRT doesn’t seem to allow this in a very direct way.
If I’m correct, the current pattern I’ve been seeing is to create a Window.xaml file that only contains a Grid, for instance… and then I do something like:
foreach (var item in list)
var hwnd = (Windows.Foundation.Point)windowsApp.CoreApplication.GetSystemInfo(CoreApplicationData.SystemInfoRelationship);
var size = (new System.Drawing.Size(400, 300));
var content = new NewWindow(hwnd, size, “Hello World”, item);
windowsApp.Current.Content = content;

Because the window hasn’t been created yet at that point, I need to wait on a busy-poll, or something similar, until the Content is being built before my window will show up.
(And, because this is a WinRT app, I’ve just realized there are a whole bunch of other things I can’t do…)
Is there a better way? And, if I can’t do this, how do I gracefully inform the user that this app won’t be able to run until I figure out how to do the above?


you can do something like
List list = new List();
int times = 0;

foreach(var item in list)
var hw

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Using the ASP.NET Compiler utility you can pre-compile web applications and ensure that they are entirely ready for execution when they are deployed to a web server.
This utility can:
– check your web application security settings for dangerous assemblies that are created during compilation
– clean your compiled web application before deployment
– only compile the changed/added.aspx pages
– pre-compile your ASP.NET applications in one single operation
– allows you to deploy ASP.NET applications directly to an application pool or to a web server
– does not require a web.config
This utility was primarily targeted to provide a “pre-compile” release mode for testing purposes. It is a useful tool for quickly testing changes and finding problems with your ASP.NET applications. For most ASP.NET applications, however, pre-compile is not recommended, as it could adversely affect deployment performance.
For more information about the ASP.NET compiler utility, see:

To download from

I’ve been developing ASP.NET applications for a couple years. I’ve
been using the built-in ASP.NET Compiler with success in beta4 and beta5.
When I upgraded to the final product in RC1 I found that the compiler
was not included. It’s in the download now and the ASP.NET
Compiler/Compiler Explorer can be used to execute it. I love the
“File/New Website/Web Site” option in VS2008 and I would like for my
users to be able to create an “ASP.NET Compiled Site” so that
they can use the power of pre-compiled code.

The built-in ASP.NET web server in VS2008 is very fast and the “ASP.NET Compiled Site” gives you the additional advantage of being able to use IIS URL Rewriting, HTTP/2 and other pre-compiled and host-agnostic options.


I’d think it’d be better to compile and deploy your app through the build manager that

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The Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition tool enables you to precompile websites and
web applications into a single executable. You can precompile multiple sites or web apps in a single
operation and schedule regular, frequent precompilations to save time, reduce bandwidth costs, and
improve application performance.
Precompiling for deployment is only supported in conjunction with web applications, not for ASP.NET
pages. The ASP.NET Compiler runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows Server 2008. Learn more at

U can do this from gui byright cliking on the paien and then in the property page make the precompile option ticked.

I have tried this, but unfortunately it doesn’t work. I use the Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition as well. If you want to pre-compile all the files in a web application, you need to do the following:
1. Select the site in the drop-down list.
2. Then click on the “Compile” button.
The compilation process will take quite a while, depending on how many files are in the site. It will report on the progress window.
You can control the compilation via the ASP.NET Compiler GUI application that is included in the WebDev Tools: go to the Start Menu, select “Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition”, and select the “ASP.NET Compiler” from the tools list.

1. select the project in the drop down list.
2. select “compile to” and “target platform”

1. First, let’s start by showing you how to compile only a selected site.

To compile only a site, select it from the drop down list, and then click on the Compile button. A window will open with a list of files, the result of compiling the site. You can preview the files and process the compilation result by clicking on the Upload button.

– So as you can see, you can select which site/s you want to precompile
– You can preview the site (or any site) before compilation
– You can update the settings for the compilation process, including which files to precompile, the number of threads to use, etc.

Another simple way to do this in Visual Web Developer:
1. select the project in the drop down list.
2. select “compile to”

What’s New In?

ASP.NET Compiler is a program that enables you to compile ASP.NET projects in a consistent and reliable way. No more hand-editing files, or creating and remembering folder and file paths. The application allows you to compile ASP.NET applications for the Web server. The Web server includes ASP.NET, and other components that are useful for websites. The application is set up to be the default application when you create a new ASP.NET project.
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If you are looking to serve your documents using authentication in a web application you would normally be required to use ASP.NET Membership and roles to achieve this result. As the diagram below shows in order to authenticate users and provide the correct authentication data you would need to write a bit of code. The code would vary depending on which method is used, and on the provider you are using. But the most reliable method is the use of the Membership and Roles services of ASP.NET.
In.Net 3.5 with a provider you could use the SimpleMembership provider to get things up and running very quickly. This means you do not need to do any configuration in the web.config or IIS. The SimpleMembership code is included in the 3.5 framework and will work with a provider which supports the SimpleMembershipProvider.
SimpleMembership is a more low-friction way to create a site that supports membership and roles. With SimpleMembership you can quickly create a site that allows users to create accounts and that also supports user authentication. There is no need for a database with role information or for user/role membership tables in SQL Server. This provides a smaller attack vector if you are concerned about SQL injection. With SimpleMembership your code is cleaner, your SQL statements are simpler, and you don’t need to worry about the SQL provider (which with SimpleMembership is a provider called Membership that is built into the framework).
SimpleMembership has two providers.

SimpleMembership Provider
The SimpleMembershipProvider is included as a part of the ASP.NET 3.5 framework and will work with providers that support the SimpleMembershipProvider.
The SimpleMembershipProvider is a provider that has no personal information about users. It is called the SimpleMembershipProvider because it implements a simple membership provider that does not store any user information in a database. The SimpleMembers

System Requirements For ASP.NET Compiler:

The game requires a modern computer (PC or Mac) with an Intel or AMD CPU, at least 4 GB RAM, and a graphics card that can handle DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.3 or Vulkan. Video cards from AMD, Nvidia, and Intel should all work, but not necessarily equally well. This game may not run well on older video cards or older CPUs. You may also need a decent internet connection to run the game.
Please follow the manufacturer’s specifications for your video card and CPU to optimize your experience.