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Paint Engine is an Adobe Photoshop plugin that puts a highly configurable paint effects processor at your disposal. The plugin works with RGB images.







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Paint Engine automatically transforms every RGB image into a tonal image. A variety of effects are produced by means of custom filters. The entire Color Science engine has been ported to JavaScript and completely rewritten in JavaScript. Currently there are 9 custom filters from the original Photoshop Color Engine available. We are improving this set regularly.
Paint Engine Configuration
Paint Engine can be configured in very flexible ways, as it is possible to implement custom functions for the custom filters. This means you are able to implement any application you want. When it comes to configuring color correction functions you can either choose between the original Photoshop Engine or a new set which is intended for modern working environments.
Custom filter functions
The actual color engine of Paint Engine consists of 9 filter modules. Each module is a function which can be configured. It is possible to customize the filter modules and add your own functions, as well as to connect one filter module to another. Each module contains a code-block that can be modified.
Each module gets its own filter stack which is automatically generated by the function configuration. It can be freely configured and extended via the plugin panel.
Multiple filter module configurations
It is possible to configure multiple modules in a single function.
Color Correction Toolkit
Color Correction Toolkit
As described in the previous section the Color Correction Toolkit in Paint Engine comprises 2 filter modules. The 2 modules form one complete toolkit. Filters, modules and adjustments can be selected from the Color Correction Toolkit and applied in a single function. More than just 3 filter modules can be selected as every module from the Color Correction Toolkit is still one single module and can be selected.
The Color Correction Toolkit also contains a tool which works hand in hand with the Color Correction Toolkit. This tool allows you to adjust the Color Correction Toolkit via a GUI. Paint Engine Color Correction Toolkit Details
Paint Engine colors can be adjusted in 3 main colors – red, green and blue.
Color Correction Toolkit Details
Automatic correction details
This shows you the details of the color correction settings in a clear way.
RGB Flags
RGB Flags are used to mark individual colors within images.

The original Photoshop Color Engine can be used as a basis for creating your own image-processing features.
Create your own applications
Paint Engine can be extended with custom modules and filters which allow you to create your own applications.
Paint Engine Features
Paint Engine is one of the most user-friendly image editing tools

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Paint Engine is an advanced paint-style effects plugin for Photoshop that provides you with unprecedented control over your paints. Once you have set your preferred color values, you can use this control to apply effects instantly, or schedule your effects as a Photoshop action.
Comprehensive Effects
Paint Engine features a highly configurable paint engine, complete with adjustable brush size, edge-softening, blending mode, opacity, and other advanced controls. You can apply paint effects to your entire image, or simply select an area to apply the effect to.
You can easily save different presets for different effects, modify these presets, or just type in a custom name. If you are looking for a great paint effects plugin, look no further than Paint Engine.
1. Unique paint engine with 6 brush types
2. Fully customizable effects: brush size, shape, rotation, edges, opacity, and more
3. Fully configurable painter effects
4. The possibility of grouping and scripting numerous painter effects
5. Schedule your painter effects as a Photoshop action
6. Save painter effect presets as Photoshop actions
7. Apply your painter effects to one, or multiple selection
8. Free updates available
9. Print and export effects configuration as Photoshop actions (CS5 and higher)
10. Works with Photoshop CS5 and higher
11. Works in RGB
– ALT+J -Paint Engine installation
– ALT+S -Previewing in the bottom menu
– ALT+R -Reopen last saved configuration
Download here:

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Paint Engine For PC

Paint Engine is an Adobe Photoshop plugin that puts a highly configurable paint effects processor at your disposal. The plugin works with RGB images.

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PaintEngine 2.0 is an easy to use tool that gives you access to a powerful paint engine in your own personal development.

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Paint It! is a program for drawing 2D and 3D vector images (lineart). You can also create interesting filters and previsualize your graphics using the Paint It! plugins. You can export and share images to several formats.

PaintIt will let you use a variety of effects for the images and will give you a simple interface to add and edit any effect using its built in points. For example, you can add any kind of effect (animation, shadow, blur, blurs, darkness, bright, color, etc.) to an image and then easily vary the effect’s intensity (range).

PaintIt will help you get a quick result to your image with many effects (animation, shadow, blurs, blurs, darkness, bright, color, etc.) with a simple interface

What’s New in the?

Works with WYSIWYG editor such as Adobe Photoshop.

There are a lot of basic functions already provided.

Used WYSIWYG interface, the power of Photoshop.

Scales automatically so you can easily work on large images.

Designed to respond to all Photoshop functions quickly.

Versatile plug-in that has the power to do anything Photoshop can do.

Efficient algorithms that are suitable for sophisticated image processing tasks.

Advanced control of image and brush parameters.

Powerful brushes.

Ready to use presets for business use.

Suitable for professional use.

Extensively tested and thoroughly optimized.

Simple to install and use.

The Paint Engine plug-in offers you multiple options to get the results you need.


Highlight original images with the new Paint Engine and add various filters to them.

We cover the major and simplest Photoshop filters, blending mode, and Layers.

You will feel that the power of Photoshop filters is at your fingertips.

Any Photoshop filters can be used with the plugin.

General usage

Using Photoshop is easy because of the WYSIWYG interface. Here is a feature that is particularly useful to users of Paint Engine:

In the Adobe Color panel you can do the following actions:

Adjust the colors in the image.

Adjust the balance of the colors.

Adjust the text and image colors and tones.

Adjust the colors of the Brush.

Adjust the brush size and shape.

Adjust the colors of the Fill section.

Adjust the colors of the Paint Engine area and the pixels.

Adjust the colors of the tile options.

Adjust the colors of the Options Settings.

Adjust the borders of layers.

You can preview the color filters on the currently loaded image.

You can see the color palette on the currently loaded image.

The main purpose of the plug-in is to introduce many popular Photoshop filters so you can get the most familiar effects.

How to display the contents of the Painting palette

The tool toolbar has four menus:

Paint Engine

Paint Engine Options

Paint Engine presets

Paint Engine actions

The Paint Engine palette is useful for two reasons:

Using the presets is useful for quickly rendering various effects.

System Requirements:

Macintosh® computers running 10.4.11 and higher.
Windows® 7 (64-bit), Windows® 8 (64-bit), Windows® 8.1 (64-bit), Windows® 8.1 Pro (64-bit) and Windows® 10 (64-bit).
Dell, Lenovo and Toshiba computers running 64-bit Windows® 8 or higher.
Minimum of 512MB of RAM for testing and installation.
A minimum of 1 GB of disk space for testing and installation.