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* **Windows:** You can download a free, 32-bit copy of the program from Create a trial account to your satisfaction at, and then select Photoshop Elements from the left side of the home page to enter the program.

On the Windows platform, the program’s name is Photoshop Elements (as in the featured book), not Photoshop; you can find the same program at

* **Mac:** Mac owners can download a copy of Photoshop from Adobe’s web site for free. Create a free account and then select Photoshop Elements from the left side of the home page to enter the program. The name of the program on the Mac is Photoshop Elements, as in the book you’re reading.

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Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements are free applications for Windows and macOS, with the application being available in a cloud-based subscription or a single-user, perpetual license.

Like most image editing software, Elements lets you zoom in and out, crop, rotate, etc. You can also create shapes and use layers to add effects such as shadows, and Photoshop layers are the preferred choice because of the control and management of the entire image. Layers are essentially a Photoshop composition and can be moved, moved, and even resized.

Examples of the most common Photoshop tasks, in the left panel, are the following:

Clip – Cut or remove the selected portion of an image and paste it into a different place

Design – Redefine the placement of objects, text, lines, and objects within the image

Fill – Evenly distribute colours and shades within the selected area of the image

In the right panel, you have a selection tool, which allows you to work with your Image selection

Layers – Separate and organize your images by adding them into groups using a combination of logic and aesthetics

Move – Move, resize, and delete objects

Optimise – Adjust images by applying filters such as levels, curves, or shadows, or use tools that analyse the overall picture (gamma or colour temperature, brightness, etc.)

Picture – Use the tools to retouch, improve the contrast, and adjust the colour, texture, and many other visual attributes

Redo/Undo – Undo your last changes

Sharpen – Adjust the image’s overall sharpness

Window – Access the tools, options, libraries, and the complete history of your work

While Elements lets you do all the above, it has very limited design tools. The interface is simple and straightforward, but that’s not always a good thing.

Elements is quite different from other similar software in the sense that it completely lacks an extensive library of tools to adjust the lighting of your images, in other words, it doesn’t let you use the Lightroom, which is why Elements users are advised to download it.

For basic tasks, you’ll be very satisfied, but if you’re looking for very advanced features, like those available in Photoshop, Elements may not be enough for your needs.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing features such as Photoshop and Elements, lightroom presets

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No. 96-2661


Plaintiff – Appellant,



Defendant – Appellee,

CHARLES M. PARKER, Associate Warden; S. T.


Appeal from the United States District Court for the Eastern Dis-
trict of Virginia, at Norfolk. Rebecca B. Smith, District Judge.

Submitted: March 19, 1997 Decided: April 17, 1997

Before HALL, ERVIN, and WILKINS, Circuit Judges.

Affirmed by unpublished per curiam opinion.

Christopher Thomas,

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using geolocation in a cross domain

I’d like to do a simple use of javascript geolocation, but I am getting an error:
Uncaught Error: Blocked a frame with origin “” from accessing a cross-origin frame.

This works well locally, but the error pops up in IE7, IE8, and the latest FF. I’m using this in an ASP.NET MVC 3 application. I’m wondering if anyone has been able to use geolocation in a cross domain scenario. I’d appreciate any ideas or solutions you can offer.


I got a good solution from Plixus:

So, I’ve posted the answer in case anyone else needs it.


Butterknife’s OnClick method not called

I am trying to implement OnClick event inside my Fragment.
Since I have implemented InjectLazyViewMethod to avoid re-injection.
So, basically I have implemented only one method to initialize ButterKnife. I get an error that tells me to have a OnClickListener called before super.onViewCreated() but when I look the call stack, it shows nothing before.
How can I initialize ButterKnife, and be sure that it is called?
Here is my OnInjectViewMethod
public void injectLazyView() {
try {
View v = View.inflate(context, R.layout.fragment_compose, null);
ButterKnife.inject(this, v);
} catch (RuntimeException e) {
throw e;

And my ViewHolder
public static class ComposerViewHolder {
TextView compose_title;

TextView compose_body;


System Requirements:

To install and play Project CARS 2, you will need:
Windows 7 or later, 64-bit
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 or AMD HD7970 graphics card
2.5 GB available hard-disk space
DirectX 11 compatible video card
1 GHz CPU or better
DirectX 11 compatible motherboard with support for audio output
DirectX 11 compatible sound card (Realtek AC97 or compatible)
USB port, keyboard, mouse
Models of cars with high-detail polycounts can be–Free.pdf