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CunzelPhone PC/Windows

CunzelPhone sends text messages from the android market as an easy way for you to communicate quickly and easily.
In this article, we will show you how to use this app in order to send messages from your mobile phone to numbers of more than one network.
Before using this application it is important to check if you have multiple SIM card in your phone.
To see if you have multiple SIM cards, tap on the number of SIM cards.
If you see a screen like this, then you have multiple SIM cards.
The next step is to open the application ‘CunzelPhone’.
CunzelPhone will open in the screen ‘Splash – Splash’.
You can use the application normally after you start it.
You can press the back button and from here you can use the application normally.
After you are finished with the application, delete it from your device by pressing the ‘back’ button.
If you ever want to use the application again you can re-install it by following the steps below.
When you have finished with this tutorial, we recommend you follow the guide for installing applications.
Open the Application ‘CunzelPhone’
Tap on the ‘install’ button.
If you have the APK file you can open it on your PC and install the app by clicking ‘install’.
If you have an installation file on the SD card, you can install the application by tapping on the ‘install’ button.
When you click on ‘install’, a window opens up where you can select the file from your SD card.
If you have an installation file on your SD card, then copy the file on the main phone.
If you do not, then you can open the file on your PC and copy it on your phone.
Once you have installed the application you will be able to use it normally, so do not worry about installing it.
Check if you have multiple SIM cards in your mobile phone
Open your phone by tapping on the phone icon in your home screen.
After you open your phone, you will see the option ‘Sim Card’, next to ‘home and data’.
If you see a screen like this, then you have multiple SIM cards.
If you see a screen like this, then you have one SIM card in your phone.
Open the application ‘CunzelPhone’
After you have opened the application, you will see a screen where you have to select the SIM card you want to send messages to


– Allows you to send SMS text messages to many different networks. You can choose several of them at once.
– Up to 10 network configurations at once.
– Quick and easy to use.
– Supports almost all networks.
– Shows the status of the last sent SMS.
– Shows if the number exists in the network.
– Sound play on message received.
– Support for paging, long dial, and short dial.
– Support for auto-sending and auto-receiving.
– Supports for different types of SMS (Short Message Service) messages such as Messages, Questions, Multi-media and Financial Messages.
– 7 languages ​​are supported (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian).
– It is very easy to use.
– SMS text message status checker feature.
– Working with 20 of supported networks.
– Ability to connect directly to the server by internet.
– Send an e-mail automatically every 24 hours.
– Support for WebConnect.
– Ad-free.
– System requirements: Windows XP SP2 or later.
– Memory: 15MB of RAM is required for installation and sending a SMS.
– The disk space for the installation is 5 MB.

If you have any problem or feedback, please don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected].

RSS to SMS is a really handy application designed to send SMS text messages from RSS feeds.
The application allows you to view RSS feeds in the form of a list and to send SMS text messages from them.
RSS to SMS Description:
– Allows you to send SMS text messages from RSS feeds.
– Supports almost all the RSS feeds.
– Quick and easy to use.
– Ability to receive SMS text message directly from the screen.
– Supports for different types of SMS (Short Message Service) messages such as Messages, Questions, Multi-media and Financial Messages.
– Works in several languages ​​such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese and Russian.
– Ability to configure the text message appearance.
– Detect how the RSS feed was modified.
– Automatic download of RSS feeds.
– Support for WebConnect.
– Ability to receive a notification when an item has been added or removed from the RSS feed.
– Ability to open the article directly from the source.
– Ability to download a portion of the RSS feed.


CunzelPhone With Key For Windows

The CunzelPhone application was created because I was in trouble with sending SMS messages with my Nokia E51. It works for calls and messages to both GSM and 3G and includes the possibility of sending SMS to 3G using the APN setting.
The CunzelPhone! application has no third-party ads and contains no spyware.
All functions have descriptions. If you want more information about any of them, please ask.
CunzelPhone is extremely fast, as well as being good-looking and easy to use.
The speed of CunzelPhone depends on your Internet connection. Using GPRS technology you will get very good results.
Low Internet plan
CunzelPhone works best when your connection speed is between 5 and 10 kBit/s. Internet connections below 5 kBit/s also work, but at a lower level of accuracy.
CunzelPhone is accurate even when you download a large file (or video).
Simulation mode
The network simulator or a virtual SIM card is needed to operate CunzelPhone. The network simulator allows you to test your network connectivity. You can install your network provider’s virtual SIM card to use CunzelPhone in such mode.
• Authenticate: autenticate with SIM card or other means
• Authenticate with:
• Manual: insert your SIM card; type the pin code you receive
• Network: select a single network or a group of networks; enter the selected network’s area code and name.
• Operate on the network:
If your mobile phone has an IR port and you want to operate CunzelPhone using a remote control, please install IR-port cable.
• Setting-up:
• IP address: set the IP address for the CunzelPhone application and for SMS Gateway.
• Port: specify the port for SMS Gateway.
• Android Button: is used for managing the settings of the application.
• Status of SIM card: display the status of the SIM card.
• Splashscreen: requests to splash screen.
• Help: get help.
• Exit: deactivate CunzelPhone.
Do not connect to any other networks while CunzelPhone is running.
While CunzelPhone is running, it may change your current network settings.
CunzelPhone was designed for the most recent Android OS version.
CunzelPhone does not

What’s New In CunzelPhone?

With CunzelPhone you are able to send text messages to multiple different mobile phone networks, all at the same time.

There are several different networks that you can send SMS to, including:

CunzelPhone Features:

Send to any number:

You can select any number from the list of numbers or enter a new phone number.

Compatible numbers:

You can send text messages to any numbers with your phone’s IMEI number, as long as that number is activated with your phone service provider.

Text the same number to multiple phones at the same time:

You can send text messages to multiple phone numbers at the same time, without having to text to each one individually.

Different networks:

You can select which network to send to; You can send text messages to any number of networks.

Compatible networks:

You can send text messages to any networks.

Compatible systems:

You can send text messages from virtually any compatible mobile phone; SMS messages can be received in almost any mobile phone.

Message length:

SMS messages can be sent in any length.

CunzelPhone Reviews:

All original reviews are posted on CunzelPhone’s web site, where you can read about how others have used CunzelPhone. Many of the reviews are written by actual CunzelPhone users.

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1. Download CunzelPhone by BlueInkSoft at the 3 way link download button.2. Run the.exe file and install the program in the default path.3. CunzelPhone should be normally installed after the installation.4. Open the CunzelPhone program from the Start Menu.5. The CunzelPhone will automatically check your phone number and automatically send the SMS to your mobile phone.6. To return the message, you can click ‘Back’ button.

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The principal function

System Requirements For CunzelPhone:

Please, check the minimum requirements from your computer or mobile device before download and installation:
Requires a processor that supports SSE, SSE2 or MMX instructions.
You can use either RAM or virtual memory.
256MB for 32-bit OS;
512MB for 64-bit OS.
Virtual memory:
2048MB is recommended for 32-bit OS;
4096MB is recommended for 64-bit OS.