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Books have not gone extinct because of the computer, but on the contrary, evolved into the digital world, being more accessible than ever. This includes everything, from fact to fiction, and religious writings. In this regard, specialized applications like MediaQuran come with the means to help study of religious books, in this case the Quaran.
Simple visuals make it easy to use
You only get to spend a little while getting the application installed on your computer. However, for it to properly function you need to make sure that .NET Framework is also on the target system. On the other hand, there’s a high chance .NET is already there, because it’s a default feature in modern Windows iterations.
On the visual side of things, the application is pretty well-organized, with several view types for comfortable reading. By default, two pages are simultaneously displayed, with options to keep just one, or configure what each one displays. Text can be cluttered together, or displayed on individual rows.
Language selection, and navigation
Language selection is also an option, with the possibility to have content shown in either English, Indonesian, or Uthmani script. Unfortunately, there’s no possibility to change style, or color for text, but the default configuration is comfortable enough, especially in fullscreen view mode.
Text style is not the only customization limitation, because content can’t be modified either. However, content can be selected, and copied to clipboard if you want to insert it in other documents.
There’s no option to have pages automatically scrolled through, but this is not necessarily an issue, considering content depth varies. Navigation is easy enough through default means, with options to jump one page at a time, or pick specific chapters with a drop-down menu.
On an ending note
Taking everything into consideration, we can say that MediaQuran is a useful tool you can use to start, or continue reading the Quaran. The general design is simple, but intuitive, with a single, or dual page reading mode, and fullscreen view option for more comfort.







MediaQuran Crack + Free [Win/Mac] [2022-Latest]

A Virtual Quran Reader with Live Reminder
Do you need a digital Qur’an? MediaQuran, A Virtual Quran Reader with Live Reminder, can help you with your Islamic studies.
1. Access all of the Hadith with search and selection.
2. All versions of surahs and ayahs are fully searchable.
3. A beautiful and easy to use interface.
4. Audio and Subtitles in both Indonesian and English.
5. A smart reminder system of passages important to you.
6. Free to download and use for unlimited time.
6. You can download a free sample of the apps here:
MediaQuran Requirements:
Windows OS
Microsoft.NET Framework 3.5
1 GB of free hard disk space (optional on Mac)
Installed from the website:
1. Link to website
2. Download the.exe file (mediaquran.exe)
3. Double click the mediaquran.exe file to install the application
4. Optional: Install it in: Program Files (x86)
5. Open the mediaquran.exe file to open MediaQuran
MediaQuran FAQS:
Q: How to Play Audio in MediaQuran?
A: Play/pause sound via media playback or audio preview control in media player (for example, Windows Media Player, iTunes)
Q: How to change the sound volume?
A: This is actually a function in Windows Media Player
Q: Can I change language?
A: MediaQuran allows you to read Quran in one of the two languages supported by MediaQuran, i.e. Indonesian or Uthmani. However, it can read both languages.
Q: How can I add more passages to reading list?
A: You need to register at the website
Q: Where can I download the Audio of the Audio Subtitles?
A: You can find the audio of media that you have downloaded via the media player in Audio, Advanced Options, and Media and Devices.
Q: Do you want to create your own Quran list?
A: Yes, you can create your own Quran list. You can find media that you have downloaded via the media player in the list.
Create and Customize List
You can create your own Quran list by opening the “Create a custom list” option. This

MediaQuran Crack +

Welcome to the digital age of Qur’an. A simple and easy tool that brings Quran to you! It can be used to memorize Quran or read Quran. It also comes with a simple feature where you can recite Quran. Try it now.
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MediaQuran Free

New App for WindowsPhone 7/8/8.1/10 “Now it’s even easier to browse the Quraan and learn more about this beautiful book”, Sayyadina Said bin Muhammad al-Bukhari, the Prophet of Islam (PBUH). “This application is equipped with all the basic features to Browse the Quaran easily and quickly.”

With the fastest in the world search engine allows to find details about any Quranic text in any of the recorded Books in the PDF format. Looking for the printed Koran is not a problem – you just need to press a button and the printer is automatically installed on your computer. Holding the Quranic text in your hand without having to type its text is also an advantage of the application. The search engine allows to find any text directly on the screen, in the full book or any page.

MediaQuran provides a way to search in any page of your desired text

The user needs to enter the address of the Quranic text – this is not necessary for searching on the screen.

Features of the program are as follows:

· Ability to read Quranic text in a dialogue of the next page of the book.
· Provide a choice of English, Indonesia and Uthmani versions of the Quranic text.
· Insert a printed Quranic text.
· Search in any page of the Quranic text, not only on the screen.
· Quick search of the text.

Cite and share information about your favorite book easily

· Get information about any book, such as its name, author, book title, editor, publisher, and much more.
· Share this information directly on social media.
· Save information in your bookmarks.

With a copy of the Quranic text you will always know what to read on your computer

· The program is equipped with a built-in laser printer that allows you to print the entire book using your printer.
· To get any Quranic text in a printed text on your computer, you just need to press a button and the printer is automatically installed on your computer.

As soon as you start reading a book can make the next page to be automatically scrolled to see

· Read the entire book if you want – it is not necessary to enter a URL.

How to install the Quranic text file in PDF

· The user needs to enter the address of the Quranic text.

What’s New in the MediaQuran?

MediaQuran is an application for quickly playing, and studying religious books. It is geared towards Mujawiyin (or Uthmani) Qur’an, however, the application supports English translation of the text and page style. The content is formatted in an easy and user-friendly way, with plenty of options to select content, and navigate.
You can either start as a blank slate, or import a content file in the form of an html page. This is done by pasting a file to an html folder where the application is installed, and selecting it. If you’re a digital native, you can also read books from the start as they were intended.
Some advantages of using the application are:
-Search for a specific word with simple key-word searches. You can also search based on translation of the book.
-If you want, you can jump directly to a specific page.
-You can also copy, and paste content from one book to another.
-You can add a bookmark for a specific part of the book.
-The application allows you to record parts of the book, so you can listen to them with the application. This is done by selecting a point on a page and hitting the Record button.
-This is the only application to offer real-time audio translation, where no sound is played until you reach a pause point.
-The application keeps a note of what content you’ve read, so you can jump directly there later.
-Chapter navigation is simple, easy, and simple.
-The application can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations.
-You can format the book in many different ways, from double-screen to single page, and the default is double-page.
-You can change the book’s font, background, and color.
-You can configure the interface, with different options of book display, including support for non-integer pages.
-You can add notes, highlight text and make markers for important parts of the book.
-You can search for text, numbers and words in both Arabic and English.
-The application comes with a PDF viewer, so you can export book content to a pdf.
-You can also export books to an image, html, and zip file.
There are some things missing:
-You can’t edit book content, like adding and removing words. This is because a book is not a text

System Requirements For MediaQuran:

Windows 7, 8, or 10
MacOS 10.11 or higher
Processor: Core i3/i5/i7
Memory: 2 GB or more
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 or higher
DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
Storage: 20 GB or more
Sound Card: DirectSound support
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 10+
Keyboard: Virtual keyboard
Touchscreen: Pen and touch support
Sound Card: DirectX support
Input: Mouse
Controls: Controller