VAC (Voice Activated Commands) 2.1.4 Crack Product Key Download For Windows [2022]

VAC (Voice Activated Commands) is an efficient and intuitive software solution aimed to provide you with the means of controlling your applications or games just by speaking the commands, rather than typing them into your keyboard.
A neatly-structured two-part utility
The program is made up of two main components, namely VAC System and VAC Builder, which are meant to work together to help you create the profiles you need and employ them whenever you want.
While VAC System only runs in the system tray, allowing you to switch profiles, enable sounds or configure process priority, VAC Builder offers a GUI that you can use to set up different profiles, one for each game or utility that you intend to use.
Create voice profiles and activate them with a button
VAC (Voice Activated Commands) requires you to first add a profile, by means of the VAC Builder, giving it a name and inputting the preferred ‘Activation Phrase’. You can then start adding commands, as many as you need, assigning them each a function corresponding to the keystrokes required to execute a particular action.
Moreover, you can configure the ‘Command Attributes’ and the ‘Profile Attributes’, being able to also assign ‘Profile Activation Keys’, or set various ‘Special Functions’. At the same time, VAC (Voice Activated Commands) supports importing ready-made files in XML or TXT format.
When complete, you can press the ‘Save Profile’ button, enabling you to access it from the notification, by opening the ‘Load Profile’ submenu and clicking on the preferred item, which will instantly activate it so you can start working with it.
Useful voice control instrument
To sum it up, VAC (Voice Activated Commands) is an interesting and fairly approachable program that can help you control games or other apps by issuing voice commands, thus saving you time and allowing you to use your hands for other keyboard or mouse actions.







VAC (Voice Activated Commands) Crack+ Free [Mac/Win] [March-2022]

VAC (Voice Activated Commands) Cracked Accounts is a two-part utility, made up of the VAC System and the VAC Builder.
The VAC System is a system tray application that enables you to control you PC from your mobile device.
This tool is ideal for people who do not want to use a keyboard, as it provides an efficient and intuitive way of performing frequent actions, such as changing of the active profile or the audio/video settings.
With its notification system and the useful VAC Builder program, you can easily create, modify or delete voice profiles, making it one of the more attractive mobile-based voice control tools available on the market today.
Being a multi-media control application, VAC (Voice Activated Commands) is not only able to support keyboard, mouse and joystick controls, but is also able to detect sound as well as several sensor, such as buttons, accelerometer and gyroscope.
VAC (Voice Activated Commands) Differences:
– The direct control of your applications and games from a mouse or keyboard is the main difference between VAC (Voice Activated Commands) and other similar applications, such as the XPCVoice.
– You can manage your profiles from any of your mobile devices, whether it is a PC or a smartphone.
– You are also able to use a joystick, button or accelerometer for your mobile device.
– You can add as many commands as you want to your profiles.
– The automatic recognition of several items as well as sensor readings give this application a competitive advantage over other mobile-based voice control utilities.
– The portable or desktop version of the application uses the system tray, thus saving space on your mobile device.
– The Notification System makes use of a built-in notification center, thus making it simpler to use the tool.
– The VAC Builder offers a full set of functions for creating and using voice profiles.
– The program can be used to control almost all applications and is ideal for people who are without keyboard or mouse.
– The graphical user interface of the Builder allows you to control the application with a mouse or stylus.
– The interface is capable of graphically managing several context menus and toolbars.
– You can add keystrokes, buttons, triggers or sounds to any file that you can import.
– A headset, a mic and the mobile device on which you are using the tool are all required to use the application.
– You can download ready-made

VAC (Voice Activated Commands) Crack+ With Serial Key For PC

A neat and convenient voice control utility aimed to provide you with the means of controlling your applications or games just by speaking the commands, rather than typing them into your keyboard.
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VAC (Voice Activated Commands)

If you’re looking for a fast, efficient solution that allows you to efficiently control applications and games just by speaking, then you’re in the right place!
This two-part utility doesn’t require any additional setup and will work just like a standard keystroke-based program, allowing you to add and use profiles containing one or more commands.
However, there’s a lot more to VAC (Voice Activated Commands) than met the eye, thanks to the various configurations available for each command. Moreover, by using the built-in ‘Speak Selection’ function, you can easily select applications you want to control, right-clicking on the icons or immediately executing them with a single voice command.
What’s more, if you’re looking for an interesting and stylish way to control your computer, you’ll find that VAC (Voice Activated Commands) has a great number of graphical effects to provide you with a professional-looking interface and give you an additional level of control over the way your computer works.
System Requirements:
VAC (Voice Activated Commands) supports Windows Vista and Windows XP.
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What’s New in the?

VAC (Voice Activated Commands)
VAC (Voice Activated Commands) allows you to create voice activated profiles for use in games or other programs. You can add game controls from a text file, or add voice control features to a game you already own.
Creating a voice activated profile is an easy process using an intuitive interface. Using the key stroke menu, you can easily configure what VAC will say. Command attributes can be configured to let you choose the output format. Keyboard mapping preferences can also be configured to determine which keys are activated to make a command happen. The audio stream can be routed directly to the soundcard, or to a separate audio device.
VAC (Voice Activated Commands) features:

· Voice Activated Commands For Windows 7, 8, 8.1
· Supports keyboard mapping for games and utilities
· Support for Custom Commands
· VAC (Voice Activated Commands) Screenshot’s:

VAC (Voice Activated Commands)

VAC (Voice Activated Commands) Screenshot’s

Features of VAC (Voice Activated Commands) version

· Add custom voice to many common applications and games.
· Keyboard mapping is supported for games and utilities.
· Custom command support allows you to create and edit your own.
· Edit Command Attributes and Profile Attributes.
· Enable/Disable Audio Stream to Audio device.
· Add Save Profile/Load Profile for quick switching between profiles.
· Exporting your Custom Commands as TXT or XML format.
· Use Custom Commands for many Windows applications such as Winamp, Winamp 2K.

Just use the voice control capabilities to run some applications or games. VAC allows you to activate applications or games you want with a single voice command.

VAC can save you a lot of time and efforts. It can help you operate your computer more efficiently by enabling you to use your voice as the keyboard. You will never need to use the mouse to do simple tasks. With your voice, you can type and download files from the internet with one voice command. You can play games with full audio and voice support. VAC will help you to control your computer or use it more efficiently with one voice command.

VAC comes in two versions, one for Windows 7,8 and 8.

System Requirements For VAC (Voice Activated Commands):

Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1 (Minimum)
20 GB available hard drive space
Pentium 4 or higher and at least 2 GB RAM
Sound card
512 MB graphics card
DSL or other wired internet connection
Windows driver for the joystick
OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1 (Minimum)