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PixelCorder is a simple screen recorder for recording your entire screen along with the audio. You can capture from any app and create a video file while saving it to local or online. No need to install other applications to record the screen.
What’s New
• Video up to 60 fps, with support for both 12 and 16:9.
• “Quit Recording” button added to the main interface, to immediately stop the recording without saving the output.
• New “create today” button added to the Settings tab, to allow you to record a new video now.
We’d like to note that, despite the app’s simplistic approach, it has an effective standard video compression level of H.264, which is quite good, considering that screen capturing apps (in general) tend to use lower-quality H.264 settings.
Those looking for a high-quality screen recording app that is also very user-friendly and easy-to-use will be pleased to know that PixelCorder is a reliable contender in the app-category, and can take the backseat to most screen capturing apps in terms of quality.
PixelCorder is free and ad-supported, and comes with enough options to fit most people’s needs. The Free version of the app offers fewer features than the paid version, although it does offer users a way to explore and test the application and its characteristics, if they so choose.
If you are looking to capture the entire screen and its audio, do consider checking out PixelCorder, which, as mentioned before, has a great track record of simple, no-nonsense screen capturers, and is the closest thing to a screen recording utensil that you could get on Google Play.
System Requirements:
• Android 4.0 and up
• 1 GB RAM
• 100 MB of internal space
• 512 MB file size
We’re told that PixelCorder is optimized for larger displays with smaller widgets, although the app is expected to be compatible with other screen sizes, too.
The Android version of the app has been present in the Google Play Store for some time now, having only recently been updated to version 2.3.0. The app has been in the top-voted apps list as well, but has been in a beta stage for some time now, and is ready for release.
PixelCorder is relatively new, but has already seen a fair number of updates

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Capture the entire screen of your Android phone or tablet!
PixelCorder Cracked Accounts is a simple, easy-to-use, and powerful screen recording app that does what it says on the box. It captures the screen of your Android phone or tablet and lets you choose the area of the screen or the entire device you want to record, and capture it on an SD card!
Key Features:
* Simple, easy-to-use, and powerful screen recording app that does exactly what it says on the box.
* Capture the entire screen of your Android phone or tablet.
* Capture the screen of your Android phone or tablet in any size that you want.
* Choose the area of the screen or the entire device you want to capture.
* Record high quality video.
* Capture the screen on an SD card with a simple click.
* Save the recorded videos with a simple click to a list.
* The recorded videos are stored safely, your privacy is protected!
* Includes support for Android 4.0 and above.
* For support, please contact the developer at PixelCorder Free Download @ gmail. com.

This is my first app and it’s very useful to me. I am a children’s book illustrator so this app is a dream come true. I can use my phone in the most tricky places. Thank you so much, PixelCorder Free Download team.

PixelCorder Review:

By: Clarence Gagnet

Amazing app for capturing the whole screen. This app is great for capturing the moment and quick to take a screen cap in where others don’t work. Even from my crowded homescreen from my phone there was a perfect one screen cap of my Android 1.6 tablet. The quality is incredible and it even converts to animated GIF. It works perfectly on my phone and tablet. Thanks to the developer!

At first I didn’t think a lot of it, but I was pleasantly surprised when I found out it didn’t take up a lot of space. I was genuinely surprised because it was using nearly 5GB of my SD card. I tried capturing a video instead which ended up taking up 9GB of my SD card. Sure, it can be erased later, but it is still worrying. Another thing I noticed is that there isn’t an option to delete the recorded video from the SD card.

PixelCorder Review:

By: Kelly Hovlander

After I had a

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The first step in the creation of any app is to design it. Like everything else in the world, the design of an app is also an art. It involves colors, shapes, the use of stock images and graphics, and the writing of the text and content. And the process begins with drawing the wire frame of the app, whether you do that manually, in MS Paint, Photoshop, or any other design software of your choice. While Wireframing is a well-known term, most of the time people only sketch these wire frames in a generic and very basic way.

Why Basic Wire Frames are Bad

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A Basic Wire Frame is made up of multiple key components. Each component is important to be designed correctly as they make up the face of your app. Some of these components are Window, Menu, Tab, Dialog, Page, Button etc. If we analyse these components in detail, we will realize that, only a few of these components are used to make an app.

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The page is a container of the elements that are used in an app. For example, if we are talking about a CMS, it can be a page that contains all the articles

What’s New in the PixelCorder?

PixelCorder is a simple screen recording app and, through use of a minimalist approach, it manages to provide a one-hand use app that still manages to deliver results. This screen capture tool allows users to screen record and save the captured data, whether as a video file or a bitmap image. Once the recordings are saved to the user’s desired location, the application will prompt users to name and save the recording, and the app will automatically save it there.

Price: Free

Content rating: Everyone

Size: 98.0 MB

PixelCorder’s minimal effort approach has also managed to keep its resource usage to a bare minimum, with the app only requiring a small 7-MB footprint from the installed space. For those who don’t mind a lightweight app and aren’t demanding in terms of quality, then PixelCorder could be of use.
You can also opt to set the recording mode, specifying whether or not to capture the entire screen, whether or not to display the live wallpaper, whether the recording is to be started automatically, and whether or not to record audio.
Thumbnail visualization, with options for full screen, live wallpaper, and auto start recording
PixelCorder doesn’t just “do” screen recording – it renders its output through the use of thumbnails, a form of visual representation that also allows users to preview the captured data.
Users can choose from various files and image formats, such as png, jpg, bmp, jpg, png, gif, and png, and the video files can be saved to a desired location, and even on a cloud drive.
Users also have the option of setting the thumbnail size, the default image quality, and whether or not to overlay a navigation bar on top of the thumbnails.
The thumbnail preview could have been a tad more user-friendly, but we can still imagine how it would be useful for novice screen capture users.
The default is to allow users to start recording on-demand, but those who prefer a more manual approach will have to choose between auto start recording and manual start recording.
Auto start recording is, as we imagine, the preferred mode for users who don’t want to have to worry about the screen recording process at all.
If users want to have a more hand in the recording process, they can choose to open the app, set the area to record, and then press


System Requirements For PixelCorder:

Requires a PC with at least 1.5 GB of RAM
Requires a PC with at least 3 GB of RAM
Devices Compatible:
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)
Compatible with 3rd party driver required for sound card
Additional Requirements:
Install drivers for audio and video card to get hardware acceleration working.
View the list of supported audio devices here. View the list of supported video devices