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A Fantasy Action RPG set in a world where Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Beasts coexist. A game that takes an all-new dynamic roleplaying experience with a vast world made up of a variety of situations with varied quests for everyone.
The main character will have the chance to meet many different characters, and you can freely customize your character depending on your play style. The game boasts a variety of skills, a variety of weapons, and beautifully drawn graphics with multiple jobs that strengthen over the course of the game. Players can expect a memorable fantasy experience, full of the best in class action, and most of all, a world full of adventure.
New Friends. New Battles. New Tribulations. Rise, Tarnished.
Start of Game.
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Elden Ring is a new Fantasy Action RPG developed by Omega Force and published by Koei Tecmo. The game will be released in Japan on February 23, 2016 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, the PlayStation®Vita handheld entertainment system, the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Nintendo’s e’PlayStation®Network.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • PvP Battlegrounds
  • Armed Conflict
  • Challenging Game Balance
  • Specially Designed Maps
  • Tons of Unique Equipment
  • Vast World of Unique Monsters
  • Customize Your Character
  • All World-Wide PvP Battles
  • Lead the Elden Ring of Order and save the Lands Between.
    •The KING of Roleplaying Games is Back!
    Over 2,000,000 players have logged in to the game between August 2008 and today, and will have their memories of Mabinogi Online reborn again.
    • Customization and Missions

      ○ A hero with a face that never ages, a teacher who makes an effort, and a youth who has the power to make others laugh.
      ○ An Elden Lord who is both strong and righteous, an impenetrable warrior, a fox and a knight. Each player can freely customize their character at the start of the game, and enjoy an exciting RPG-like battle.
      ○ Choose to fight online alone or with friends and take part in many different PvP game modes.
      ○ With legendary Equipment, you can use your favorite weapon to inflict great damage.
      ○ Harness the inexhaustible power and destroy your enemies with a combination of fighting and magic.
      ○ Craft your own Equipment, combining items dropped from monsters and utilizing the Actions that have unique effects.
      ○ Use a Party Quest to directly battle monsters to rise in the ranks of the Story.
      ○ With various Missions in and out of the Dungeons, experience a thrilling thriller that drives you on to long-lasting fun and excitement.



    Elden Ring Download [Latest 2022]

    “A Middle-Age fantasy world that has an epic drama attached to it is a rarity. The story in the game also has a high element of drama. The depth of the scenario also appeals to me, as the subtle details of the dialogue for the characters make the game truly exciting. The weapon types are also unique, and the powerful attacks have a lot of appeal to them. The special characters are unique as well, and they even have their own unique attacks. Although the game has a good basis of gameplay, there are some parts where the story will start moving forward in a small manner, and this can be seen as a weakness. The game also has a small amount of voice acting, and if they add more content such as quests, it will be a good deal.”

    – Dengeki/ND

    “The design of the surroundings and scenario in the game are also amazing. There are some parts where the game’s graphics are a bit lacking, but other than that, the graphics are all great. The online play, which makes up the main part of the game, is quite fun. You can feel that a game was made to be played as a multiplayer experience. The sound also has its charm, and the voice acting is great for the characters.”

    – Dengeki/ND

    “The system of the game is interesting, as it uses different techniques to make the game more interesting. The gameplay is fun, and you can also see the elements of the game from a different perspective depending on what kind of weapon you have equipped. It is a great fantasy RPG. There are also times when you can see the hints of tragedy and pathos as you keep playing.”

    – Dengeki/ND

    “There is a large variety of weapons, and all the different types of weapons are used in the game. As for the combat system, each action has its own interesting and unique feeling. The different abilities are not only used in the story, but also for the multiplayer mode. That’s how the game is fun to play. The game also has a dramatic plot, and the elements of the game are also very interesting. The combat itself is a bit rough, but the game itself is pretty fun. Not only that, but it has a good online battle system. I like the story as well as the gameplay, and I think that the game’s online element is also a good addition. There are also cool items, so overall, the game has a nice amount of


    Elden Ring Crack Product Key Full

    ◆ Character Description
    Elden Ring: Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.
    [RP is in English only]
    ◆ character appearance Customization
    High quality face modeling system with various functions, including:
    ▶ Collect various parts of the face and skin
    ▶ Make the most realistic facial expressions using the lips
    ▶ Outfit and texture the body and equipment
    There are various body parts like arms and legs that are equipped.
    * The number of parts that can be equipped varies depending on the character’s level.
    For example, when you equip 10 parts, the facial expressions, hair, eyes, and so forth will change.
    [RP will be in Japanese only]
    ◆ Character Customization (Skill Definition)
    Using the skills that you have learned or have been given as a gift, you can increase your strength and defense.
    You can combine skills and equip them to create custom skills.
    * The skills that you can use are decided at the time of character creation.
    Character customization will be in English.
    ◆ Customizable Equipment
    You can customize your equipment.
    Equipment can be collected from the world or bought from the market.
    [RP is in Japanese only]
    ◆ Equipment Description
    Equipment is equipped to you at the time of character creation, and is customizable.
    * You can equip up to 4 items at once.
    All of the equipment can be equipped to the character.
    [RP will be in English only]
    ◆ Equipment Upgrade
    Equipment can be upgraded by combining them with “Special Upgrades”.
    You can upgrade your equipment while you are in combat to improve your combat efficiency and increase your defense.
    [RP is in Japanese only]
    ◆ Skill Description
    You can add various skills to the character at the time of character creation.
    You can combine the skills that you have learned or have been given as a gift.
    [RP will be in English only]
    ◆ Skill Attack Range (Skill Range)
    The range at which a skill can attack.
    ◆ Skill Attack Range (Type)
    – Skill Type
    – Skill Type
    – Area Attack
    Area of effect
    – Area Attack
    – Skill Type
    – Area Attack
    – Double
    Area of effect
    – Skill Type
    – Area Attack
    – Skill Type


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    【System specs】:

    ・1.6 GHz Intel Core i5-3470 CPU (Haswell)

    ・NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 3GB VRAM

    ・7’000mAh battery capacity

    ・Anti-Gravity Generator (AMD version)

    【System requirements】


    ・Windows 32bit

    ・Windows 64bit



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    Download Elden Ring For Windows

    1-Download the LBC game and install it

    2-Copy the game data from the installation directory and put it into steamapps game folder.

    3-If you want to take a crack of ELDEN RING just copy all crack content from the LBC installation directory and paste it to the game

    4-Install steam

    5-Start the game

    6-Wait for the game to finish loading and enjoy!

    ATTENTION! The game requires NFO and DCP to play.

    Run the game by following the instructions below:

    1- Download them

    2- Open the DCP file and run it

    3- You will see a window “Set-up Dream Console 2”

    4- Select your region (North America, Europe or Australia)

    5- Select your language (English, French, Spanish, or German)

    6-Press “OK”

    7-Run the NFO file and install it

    8-Done! Now you can play!

    Run the game by following the instructions below:

    1- Download them

    2- Open the DCP file and run it

    3- You will see a window “Set-up Dream Console 2”

    4- Select your region (North America, Europe or Australia)

    5- Select your language (English, French, Spanish, or German)

    6-Press “OK”

    7-Run the NFO file and install it

    8-Done! Now you can play!

    If you wish to install all game features, you will need to copy all crack content from the LBC game directory to the installation directory

    What’s New in ELDEN RING For Windows.

    11 June 2017 Update :


    New door effect

    Card deck effect

    New music and sound effects

    New system music

    New home page animation

    New wall animation

    New castel animation

    New tileset

    New inventory animation

    New special animation for animation wheel

    New player icon

    New dedicated icon on the map

    New ELDEN’S items

    New editor layout

    New configuration panel

    New map paning

    New maps

    New storage system

    New profile list

    Added new megaupload provider


    Add language in game and program


    How To Crack:

  • First of all, Download the installer from the link below
  • Run the installer and accept the terms and conditions
  • Close the window after the installer is done. Leaving the Uninstaller window open
  • Open the compressed file inside the unzipped folder
  • Go to the folder labeled as ‘crack’ and run the Setup.exe program
  • Follow the onscreen instructions on the game’s main menu
  • The game will now be installed and run. Open the crack folder containing the game with the file
  • Run the Crack_Elden_Ring-Fix_P3.00_Setup.exe program
  • Install the cracks and the patches if necessary
  • Click on ‘Elden Ring Fantasy’ from the main interface
  • Click on ‘File’ and then select ‘Update.’ A progress bar will load
  • Use Updating. Done
  • Done
  • System Requirements:

    • OS : Windows 7/8/10 (64bit / 32bit)
    • Processor : 2.3 GHZ or more
    • RAM : 1 GB or more
    • Hard Disk : 20 GB or more
    • Connection : Broadband or more


    • This is an early access version of the game. Some keys may not be activated on this version. Be patient as we make game keys available or try the Steam version which does have all existing keys functional.
    • Achievements may not be available on a few regions. – Korea for example – due to game server issues.
    • Issues with the authentication server may occur.