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Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 4654 votes )
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The Elden Ring Game is the latest action RPG fantasy game, created by Mobius and Atlus.
The story of the Elden Ring Game takes place in the ancient city-state of Elden. A wide-open, dynamic world full of various monsters and bosses to fight, you can freely explore a huge map! The world is divided into numerous zones, such as: the Forest of Absolom, the Empire of the Red Sky, and the Lands Between. As an orphaned boy raised in the forest, you can explore the world and grow as you go. Whether you become a human hero with a warrior spirit, a shaman with a clan, a lord of the labyrinth, or a mad lord of the netherworld, you can freely change your avatar as you see fit. By raising the strength of your equipped weapon and equipment, you can develop your character according to your play style.
◆1. Character Registration
1.1: You will be automatically registered at the start of the game.
1.2: You can use the character you have already registered when the character is usable from the start of the game.
1.3: If you want to change your existing character, you need to restart the game. You can also change your name by purchasing a new character.
◆2. Player Experience
2.1: Fight against monsters in order to gather experience points.
2.2: You can equip items and equipment, and use magic to strengthen your attack.
2.3: The game pauses during battle, so you cannot perform actions during battle.
◆3. Character Development System
3.1: You can increase your strength level for your character.
3.2: You can upgrade your equipment, or increase the effects of your magic.
3.3: You can use the equipment set you purchased.
◆4. Item Searching
4.1: You can search for items in the game.
4.2: You can purchase items using the earned gold from defeating monsters.
4.3: You can use items bought with money to raise your combat power.
◆5. Challenges and Other Events
5.1: You can choose the difficulty of the combat.
5.2: You can receive in-game items by defeating enemies with the highest level in a dungeon.
5.3: Other various events can occur during the game, such as an invasion


Name Elden Ring
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.36 / 5 ( 4654 votes )
Update (11 days ago)


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Build Your Own Hero: Create your own epic fantasy hero with style. With the compatibility with different races and gender, a varied array of heroes will join you on your adventure.

  • Customize a Special and Awesome Hero: Test your hero’s combat strength with your own legendary weapon to create an unforgettable hero.

  • Strike your Enemies With the Weapon They Despise: Defeat the enemy with the base weapon you can easily obtain after conquering one of the 20 game maps.

  • Build a Doomed Foundation: The foundation is the core of the game. Your character can use a variety of alliances, and it is important that you properly select a building that increases your country’s rank and brings about magical power.

  • Solve the Deception of the Dimension Wrecker’s Magic Myth! Hundreds of people have lost their lives in order to solve the hard-to-solve mystery. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to remain in the memory of all those sacrificed friends as a legend on your quest?

  • Choose the Fate of This Land: Overcome various battles against the enemy to protect this land. There are 20 missions for you to complete as you ride with the knights on your horse to protect the innocent.

  • Adventure in a Vast World – Online Play: You can grow alongside your teammates in this vast world or take a direct battle with your rivals in multiplayer.

  • Various Elements of the Saga of the Elden Ring: Depending on how you play, each of the 19 chapters of the game has its own atmosphere and character.

  • Create Adventure with Your Friends: Partner up with your friends to form a fellowship. You can invite your friends to join your party as you guide your comrades to the top of a hero, by changing the battle tactics between battle, talk, and crafting.

    Introducing the camera mode of Elden Ring, which is brand new in the genre RPG along with smooth gameplay and vivid world design.

    Featuring a unique adventure taking place in the Lands


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    This is the first review for the browser game, and we will be talking about the graphics, storyline and gameplay.


    Eden Ring Game Graphics

    As for the graphics, it is the most dynamic game of the genre, probably the best i have seen. There are many opportunities to customize your character, and the world is, in its own way, a big world. To make a long story short, the graphics are magnificent, and it is the best game of the genre that i have played.


    Eden Ring Game Storyline

    A Story with a Multilayered. In this game, each chapter is a segment of the main story. The world of Eden Ring is a big world, and you will meet many characters. The story will not be easy, but for the greatest rewards.


    Eden Ring Gameplay

    The gameplay is the basic gameplay of the entire game. The battles are only in the beginning (probably the worst scenario) and the combat with enemies is very simple. When you have to choose between combat skills and magic, try the combat skills. The story is deep, and you can only open it thanks to the combat skills. The movement is very good and has very little sluggishness. The first battles are a bit weak, but as you advance, the game becomes more intense and well-designed.


    Eden Ring Gameplay

    After choosing a class, you have the option of equipping two of three items, which will modify the base stats of your character, such as health or strength, and will also open up new combat skills. You will also have a choice of three magic, and in each case, you can choose a starting set. Each magic starts out with 100 points and can be upgraded to a maximum of level 40. You can also advance your weapon and armor, and as long as you are open to free advancement, you have many options to create a player that suits your style of play.


    More Gameplay

    The key to combat is the management of the special attacks. Each special attack has a management cost, and if you have not paid enough, your attack will be a critical hit, and the enemy will have half of your life before you can start the action again. However, with adequate management, you can use special


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    Chapter 1: The Isle of the Lost Pendant
    The Isle of the Lost Pendant

    Chapter 2: The Islet of Dreams
    The Islet of Dreams

    Chapter 3: A Sea of Deceit
    A Sea of Deceit

    Chapter 4: The Slumbering Fears
    The Slumbering Fears

    Chapter 5: My Brother’s Keeper
    My Brother’s Keeper

    Chapter 6: For A Thousand Years
    For A Thousand Years

    Chapter 7: The End of Days
    The End of Days

    Chapter 8: The Will of the Gods
    The Will of the Gods

    Chapter 9: A Burning Sun
    A Burning Sun

    Chapter 10: The Wrath of the Storm
    The Wrath of the Storm

    Chapter 11: The Rise of the World Tree
    The Rise of the World Tree

    Chapter 12: The Land of Elden
    The Land of Elden

    Chapter 13: A Rebirth in the Plains
    A Rebirth in the Plains

    Chapter 14: Surpassing the Night
    Surpassing the Night

    Chapter 15: The Kingdom of Two Worlds
    The Kingdom of Two Worlds

    Chapter 16: The Summit of the Empire
    The Summit of the Empire

    Chapter 17: Surging Storms
    Surging Storms

    Chapter 18: The End of Day’s Dream
    The End of Day’s Dream

    Chapter 19: The Return of the Divine Robe
    The Return of the Divine Robe

    Chapter 20: The Last Battle Begins
    The Last Battle Begins

    Chapter 21: Horrid Skies
    Horrid Skies

    Chapter 22: The Brash Female Knight
    The Brash Female Knight

    Chapter 23: A Rebirth on a Starry Night
    A Rebirth on a Starry Night

    Chapter 24: Awakening

    Chapter 25: A New Beginning
    A New Beginning

    Chapter 26: A Great Battle
    A Great Battle

    Chapter 27: The Return of the Lost Pendant
    The Return of the Lost Pendant


    1. How does the player move?

    Character Movement

    1.1. As the player moves, the character automatically moves to the designated position and the position of the player moves to the designated position.


    What’s new:

    – Asynchronous Online : Players can simultaneously access the current online environment to interact with the game.
    – In-Game Gift Items : As gifts to players who leave good reviews, players receive reward items such as signs and characters.
    – Beautifully-Designed World Map : A vast world is depicted in an easy-to-understand style, and large dungeons open up as you explore.
    – From Dungeons to Hero Steps : In dungeons, you will start your training for becoming a valuable warrior through hero steps.
    – Unparalleled Battle : A turn-based strategy game where battles are conducted step by step. Overcome stages of increasing difficulty, and defeat enemy lords that stand in your way.
    – Strategy-Pleasing Mechanics : While the game allows you to customize and combine weaponry, defense, and magic during the battle, the total HP you can handle is fixed, and a hit of high damage will occur at the same time as a hit of low damage. Your weaponry and defense mechanics are also made possible, where there are three-strengths and three-weakenesses.
    – Fruity Magic : Magic is tied to the actual strength of your Will. Your Will increases your magic power depending on the number of points you have obtained from the calamity and the abysses.
    – A Diverse Combo of Magic : 10 magic categories, including Atozer for offensive magic, Vanamon for defense magic, and Karasei for special attack magic.
    – Easy and Intuitive Interface : You can switch and use your skills freely to increase your chances of winning the battle.
    – An Online Environment where Players are Roam in the Shadow of Others : There are various towns where players interact directly with one another and age levels upwards as you play.

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    1. Unpack game.
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    Part 1 (If you require update to your game, after Installing, In your game dir or unpacked game (In this Addres))

    1. Go to “Games –> Add/remove”2. Search for “programm update”3. Select “game programm update”.
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    PART 2 (In case you Installed previous game, To install new update, Go to your game dir or unpacked game (In this Addres)

    1. Enter your ELDEN RING game dir.
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    3. In the folder of game –> open Readme.txt
    4. You must uninstall game

    5. Uninstall game

    6. Enter adres of your game dir –> go to file named “setup.exe”

    7. Run game setup.exe

    8. When done, only select to “copy files to all users”

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    10. Enjoy


    por hexblade82926

    Hey guys/girls, i think i’m one of the few who actually really likes the UI of this game… I like most of the cute stuff here. Other than that, i don’t have anything i’d change. As far as gameplay goes, it’s cool. The visuals are just a teensy bit too bright and the color scheme reminds me of a high school gym (ironic since i’m almost a high school age now). Just some thoughts and opinions, so i’m hoping someone can give me feedback…

    por gatorx22

    Damn, this game was not even good, the story was so bad, the gameplay was crap, the combat was boring, the enemies were really


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Unzip folder
    • Extract the.jar file inside the Zip folder to an unzipping folder. Do NOT unzip using WinZip or similar decompressing programs, as the file extension for the files will be changed to.part
    • Extract the.rar file inside the Zip folder to an unzipping folder. You should only extract the Extra Menu folder if you are planning on using the updated or new UI described in the next step, so the file extension of the files will be changed to.rar
  • Run the reg-file to register the game client, before you can run the launcher, the ID of the registry key to add is "Software\Steam\steamapps\common\Elden Ring"
  • Run the launcher, a message box should appear asking you to activate your accounts. Click the dropdown box in the middle and select your account there, enter your password if prompted. Now your can begin the adventure.

    Click here to license and activate the game client.

    How To Install & Crack Elden Ring:

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