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The Tarnished Blade

The Tarnished Blade is a sword forged from the stone of amethyst.
The sword is imbued with a tremendous amount of energy and it’s power is something you can’t even begin to imagine.


[PRESTIGE] Tarnished

[PRESTIGE] Tarnished

The same as in the Tarnished Blade, this power surges forward with the movement of your weapon.


The Astarte

The Astarte is a sword forged from the iron of nigralite.
The Astarte has the ability to control a certain number of enemies with one attack.


[PRESTIGE] Astarte

[PRESTIGE] Astarte

As you make use of the charm of the Astarte, it grows stronger.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

This power leaves the Astarte and continues to spread through the enemies.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

The Astarte further increases the number of enemies that it affects.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

It’s not a skill that directly increases the physical power of your character.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

The Astarte greatly increases the enemy’s attack power.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

The Astarte increases the amount of energy required to activate your skills.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

The Astarte increases the enemy’s resistance to other skills.


[MEDITATE] Astarte

[MEDITATE] Astarte

The Astarte increases the critical hit chance of your skills.


[MEDITATE] Astarte



Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Fantasy World Large in Size
  • Stunning Customization UI
  • Bring the Adventure to Life With Real-time Multiplayer Support
  • The One that Inflates Your Heart
  • Create and Customize Your Own Online Character

    A First For the RPG Genre 】⌑— Fantasy Action RPG in which you wander around in a vast world as an Elden Lord with multiple endings.⌑— A Fantasy Story that takes place in a vast world.⌑— Three Character Classes (Elden Lords, Elden Champions, and Elden Knights)⌑— An epic story that takes place within a fantasy world.⌑— Create, Customize, and Customize your own Online Character!

    Please read the early access information carefully. Thanks for understanding.


    We look forward to your continued support.

    Dragon Quest Builders will be released on the PlayStation 4system on Feb. 25. (Release Date TBC)

    For more information on Dragon Quest Builders, please Subscribe to our website.



    New screenshots

    Dragon Quest Builders Episode 1 - New screenshots

     Controlled the Hoofs of the Dragon!

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    3.62 (60.75%)-pf 9



    The side-scrolling fantasy action RPG lands on the PlayStation 4 and PC on October 21, 2017.

    This sprawling fantasy RPG sees you playing as the Dragon Knight, one of the titular characters, as you fight alongside up to three companion characters that act as your lieutenants.

    To begin with, you can select from seven different classes and characters from throughout the Lands Between, such as the witch, knight, and the Algus, a corrupted being.

    With its intense battle and side-scrolling action, as you fight alongside these companions, you’ll gradually unlock more powerful levels throughout the game.

    By the end, however, you’ll be getting intimately familiar with all of your companions, and the choices that you’ve made in regards to your leveling up. The issue is, however, that this happens way too late in the game.

    As such, to make a long story short, this an action RPG that could have been much better, but due to its way too late ending, feels like a gigantic missed opportunity.

    After a lengthy prologue, beginning with an abandoned town being under attack, you’ll begin your adventure as The Dragon Knight, one of the eight leaders of the world of the Lands Between.

    With your trusty dog Lyrae by your side, you’ll attempt to finish the book known as the “Book of Prophecy.”

    The next part of the game sees you fighting alongside the Dragon Knights as they battle the forces of corruption and darkness from within the Lands Between.

    The world of the Lands Between is surprisingly beautiful, from the lush green forests, to the wide-open plains, to the dark and eerie stone ruins.

    This is an action RPG, and thus, we would expect a variety of foes and bosses to fight against you. Indeed, they do, from the legendary Dragon Knights, to demonic creatures known as Dark Ones


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    ● Visuals: Day and night are displayed beautifully, and the characters and enemies are rendered with a dynamic and vivid color.

    ● Details: Based on the perfect animation.

    ● Sensation: The sensation of holding a sword, the sensation of intense attacks, and the fast movements of the characters.

    ● Character Techniques and RPG elements: Dynamic RPG elements, such as attack and defense techniques and the ability to add attributes to your character through the ring.

    ● Descriptions: An accurate and detailed description of the characters, spells, and items.

    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    Release Date: 05.05.2018 – 09.05.2018


    Release Date: 05.05.2018 – 19.05.2018

    Package Contents


    ■ Elder Dungeon Package

    LEVEL 1 Through 50 ELDEN MANSION


    ■ EXP Egg Magic


    ■ M-Bunny

    ■ MIXS



    It is now recommended that you play on the Home Mode screen.

    You can choose which of the two worlds you want to play from the Menu.

    Elder Dungeon Package

    Elder Dungeon Package

    ◆ Information

    The Elder Dungeon Package contains a level 1 through 50 Elder Dungeon, a Level 50 and a 50% EXP Egg Magic, a PREMIUM PACKAGE, a M-Bunny, and a 50% EXP Egg Magic, and a 50% EXP Egg Magic, and a M-Bunny and a 50% EXP Egg Magic.

    ◆ Character Adjustments

    Elder Dungeon Package

    ■ Characters that were previously only available in the Premium Packages can now be purchased from the Store from the Home Menu.

    Elder Dungeon Package

    Elder Dungeon Package

    ◆ Exchangeability

    Premium Packages

    ■ Special Edition Elder Dungeon Package


    Elder Dungeon Package

    ◆ Special Edition Elder Dungeon Package

    ◆ Premium Pack


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

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    How To Crack Elden Ring:

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    How to activate?

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    Additional Credits:

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