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■ ■ Features ■ ■
— “A Vast World,” an Epic Online RPG with 3D Maps
A vast world with open fields and vast dungeons. You can freely travel the land and experience a variety of environments, as well as rich content including monsters, NPCs, and dungeons.

— “Create Your Own Story,” a Multilayered Drama
A dark story about the fate of the Lands Between where the lands of various gods coexist, told through fragments. You can freely change the plot and story of the game that was created when you start the game, and choose which of the characters you wish to be.

— “A High RPG Feel,” Easy to Learn and Fun to Play
A game that does not force you to memorize commands and spells, and is easy to learn with a click of the mouse. You can create your own story and create your own character.

An epic action RPG in a vast world, and an asynchronous online RPG?–
Go to to download the application.Q:

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I have a model with a list of groups, and a list of emails. I want the model to be created first, then go through the emails. This method seems a bit messy, and also means that I have to do the same thing twice in the view.
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db_update = False
for email in list_of_emails:
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if db_update:
# previously posted to the database

I’m wondering if there’s a cleaner way to do this, such as a for loop on the model, or initialisation of the class based on a key from an object that is similar to What I don’t want is to initialise a bunch of ModelGroupEmails, and have to loop over them to assign the author, and then save them.


Using default arguments, you can set up your ModelGroupEmail class to have these defaults, and then you can populate the email based on the values in the group:
class ModelGroupEmail(models.Model):
group = models.ForeignKey(Group


Features Key:

  • A New Fantasy Action RPG

    A worldwide fantasy action RPG where you can enjoy the fun dungeon crawling within a vast world.

  • Complete Customization of Characters and Weapons with an Equipped Armor and Magic

    A vast world where you can freely customize your character and share it with others via online.

  • Player vs Player Battles and Local Multiplayer

    An epic story where you and your fellow characters battle in an arena between two teams of the Lands Between.

  • World PVP Battles with a Dynamic Instance System

    Real-time battles in long-term co-op versus AI battles and PVP battles in an instance system that automatically adjusts its difficulty for players.

  • Gorgeous Visuals and Fun Action Scenes

    A fantastic graphics engine, unique sound effects, and dynamic action scenes.

  • Numerous Monster and Item Types

    A battle system that can create action scenes with hundreds of monsters and items.

  • System Requirement:

    OS: Windows XP or later (DirectX 9.0)
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or higher
    Memory: 1 GB or higher
    DVD drive or pen drive

    Disc Drive Space:

    5 GB or more

    Region Free Disc Drive Space:

    Additional free space required on the same Disc Drive for other games

    Powerful equipment that can break through the barriers with the power of the Elden Ring can offer a new adventure.
    This Game is for…
    *those who love classic action RPGs and fantasy
    *those who enjoy local serverless games
    *those who are currently sad for release dates of iconic games
    *those who dislike repetitive and boring content


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    The New Fantasy Action RPG Elden Ring Crack development team ‘Crell’ held a new video gameplay presentation at the PlayStreet Games Summer Sale at Nintendo Japan Store in Akihabara.


    ▶ Game Key Specifications:

    1 player

    PlayStation Network (Download)

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    ▶ Privacy Policy:

    We would like to update our privacy policy to let you know about how the game content and your related data will be used. Please click on the button to proceed. Thank you for your understanding.

    ▶ Disclaimer:

    ● This title is a playable version and may contain minor bugs and incomplete features.

    ● This title is not published and developed by SEGA.

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    Language: Korean

    English Translation:

    Japanese Translation:


    Elden Ring Product Key

    The online action RPG powered by the Unreal Engine. The action RPG genre that created many of today’s popular titles such as “FINAL FANTASY” “DOOM” and “GAMER” comes back.

    – Dodge your enemies with precision and snipe them with precision.
    – Defeat monsters and reach epic combat action.
    – Explore a vast world for unknown adventures and dangers.
    – Explore the game world through a free movement system.


    – One-to-one action RPG game in heavy action mode in which battle action moves quickly!

    – Move the party freely around the battlefield.
    – The party is located directly behind the cursor.
    – While in heavy action, you cannot jump away or dismount from your horse.
    – Characters are situated at the location of the cursor.
    – When riding a horse, you will attack enemies right below you.

    – The party will automatically move when you press the directional key and they will guard when you press the slash key.
    – The party will not move when you dismount the horse.
    – You can move the position where the party moves.
    – With the four directional keys and the slash key, you can control the position where the party will go.

    • Action RPG Game play like “FINAL FANTASY”
    A whole new world awaits you in the online action RPG game. “HEAVY ACTION” mode is thrilling action RPG game.
    In “HEAVY ACTION” mode, the map is thick with danger and traps, where even beginners can enjoy an action game.

    Play on PIXEL-KOREA, a game developer that has been creating action games for the PC.

    “DRAGON QUEST” original action game character designs are used to create new characters for action games.

    “FINAL FANTASY” is in the same class as “FINAL FANTASY” “X” original action games.

    One of the main characters in “HEAVY ACTION” mode is a system that is comfortable and easy to use.


    Open battlefield in a world where you can freely search for dungeons.

    – Clash with other players online.

    Online to experience a new world of action with players from around the world.


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Four Classes:
    "Warrior", "Royal Archer", "Paladin", and "Elden Lord"

    Huge Arena

    KENZAN MA Online

    Dev OhligerTue, 09 Dec 2016 18:30:00 +0000
    Realms: Updated Changelog

    Forgotten Realms Update Changelog

    As this game is fresh update we thought that we need to share a point or two with you all about all the changes we made for this release. Please keep in mind that each update will be a FULL update that requires you to download about 2GB of content (we know, it sucks). We are not making this game for free, if you want to keep enjoying as little as possible, fill the free slot with a game that will unlock more content but with less grind (so we include a link to the OLD stuff

    For the full update click here – to get all changes- and from now on everytime there will be a update we will put a new changelog on the page so you all can see what is new!

    Dev OhligerTue, 09 Dec 2016 15:46:55 +0000>eventserver


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    -Two Warring Lands Falling Apart – On the Edge of Extinction
    -A New World
    -The Last Mistborn Wants to Save You From the End of the World.
    -Free For All Fun!
    In this world, there are, two parallel universes named Kydan and Mistborn. Kydan is rich, has an abundance of resources, and is full of beautiful landscapes and creatures. Mistborn, however, is a once prosperous world and now, due to an unusual occurrence, it is left with the land barren, the people starving, and only a handful of people left to save it from complete destruction.
    Join with the last Mistborn, the hero who was once deemed as the most powerful assassin in history, and rescue this beautiful world from its fall!
    This game invites you to experience the new world of Mistborn and an entirely new adventure in a setting you’ll never forget.
    You’ll meet many characters, powerful allies, and people


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