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The fantasy action RPG of Arktos Inc. is set in the Lands Between, a world where the civilized lands and the savage lands (wildlands) are connected by a natural boundary.
This world is divided into hundreds of provinces called Elden, with the capital city of the province of Elion as its center.
In the Elden Ring Crack Mac Game, you are the player who joins the Elden Ring Free Download, a guild of powerful adventurers based in the Lands Between.
You can take on the role of a member of the Elden Ring Crack Mac, and make a journey to clear your way by using the vast world of the Lands Between as your stage.

In order to do so, the Elden Ring Download With Full Crack must keep in mind certain obligations.
First and foremost, once a certain member of the Elden Ring Torrent Download has accepted a quest and cleared the challenge, the name of the quest must not be revealed to others.
By completing quests, the members of the Elden Ring Crack Keygen gain knowledge and increase their magical power.
The members of the Elden Ring may also meet with other heroes, and develop friendships with them.
In addition to the improvement of their combat power, they earn rewards.
By battling with monsters in the Lands Between, the members of the Elden Ring earn monsters as companions. The special items and rare monsters acquired are traded with other players on the Cyberspace Market.
An Elden Ring is also able to take on any task that their hero can carry out, including exploring unknown wildernesses and battling powerful monsters.
As an adventurer, you will gain a certain status within the Elden Ring, and receive a special bonus.
You can combine the weapons and armor of the members of the Elden Ring in any way you like, and customise your weapon and armor.
By increasing your strength, you can enhance the quality of your weapon, change the appearance of your armor, and equip a wide variety of accessories.
By raising your level, you will be able to equip rare and powerful items.


Arktos Inc. is a company with a vision.
We aim to create and deliver products that will give people pleasure and delight.
We will continue to produce exciting games that bring new life to our favorite titles.

We intend to fully exploit the possibilities of blockchain technology, and adopt it as a platform for game users.

Arktos Inc.

OS: Windows® (64-bit)


Features Key:

  • Generous Scenario Content: You will be able to enjoy a surprising number of new quests that you haven’t seen before. In addition, a huge amount of existing quests will also become available after the launch.
  • High Replay Value: The game features clear goal tracking so that you can find a clear path to higher levels without becoming confused.
  • Attractive Visual Style: Unique and high quality graphics have been finely crafted, giving the game a high visual appeal.
  • Intuitive Interface: From a quick guide to a walkthrough, the quest guide functions to help you easily achieve the quest objectives. Along with the quest guide, over 10 kinds of in-game tutorials will be available to aid in the quest, making the entire experience fun.
  • Pick Your Own Difficulty: Your quests and the means to complete them are all at your fingertips. Set your difficulty level freely to make your quest times as short as you please.
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    Elden Ring Free Download (2022)

    This game really feels like it was made by some of the developers of Fate. The characters are fun and the skill/attribute system is detailed enough that you can actually see how the power levels really work.

    What I particularly love is how easily the game can provide hours of entertainment with just a group of good friends. Asynchronous online play helps give the game that online community feel in that friends can come together to play the game and just be silly and explore together, whereas you can be alone and really focus on your character, as well as partake in potentially longer battles.

    If you are looking for a deep, time consuming RPG then this game isn’t for you. The game is really easy to play and can be played in a short burst or can be played for hours at a time. But if you’re into that grindy RPG style of game then you’ll enjoy this game.

    Well-made action RPG, and one of the best I’ve played.

    This game does a good job of making a role-playing game feel like an actual role-playing game, instead of a soulless, brutal slog where you grind through tedious mechanics and experience. The entire game plays smoothly, and the only difficulty arises from the myriad of items to collect.

    The main antagonists are on a par with some of the best rogues and warlocks in games, and really play to the strengths of the character classes. If you’re looking for a game that makes you feel like a badass wizard or invincible warrior, this is the game for you.


    Gameplay is fun and interesting. You have three classes, which I prefer to just call ‘races’, which are basically character classes. There’s the undead, the human, and the elf. The undead have low health, more stamina, and the ability to absorb enemy health, but can’t go out in the dark, and can’t use torches or armor. The humans are fast and agile and can equip armor and carry torches, but they’re easily phased, so have low stamina and the ability to use more powerful weapons. The elves have low stamina, but are more sturdy, can use armor and use powerful weapons, but they can’t use torches or bioluminescent creatures (which are really cool).

    Your character has a set of attributes and skills that you can improve over the course of the game


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    Multiple Classes Equipped. Add one new Class at a time.

    The ability to use a variety of classes with a variety of weapons. You can freely change your class as you like.

    A variety of weapons that are all created and developed by our in-house designers.

    A build-up where you can freely assign the placement of each attribute, and enhance your character.

    A game where you can freely create your own classes and weapons to enjoy a variety of play styles.

    The ability to develop your character in accordance with your play style.

    The ability to customize the appearance of your character by freely assigning colors.

    The ability to freely customize your weapons, armor, spells, skills, and other equipment.

    The ability to freely assign the placement of attributes and create a character that enhances your own play style.

    When creating a character, you can freely assign 1-3 attributes and 5-6 Special Stats.

    An environment with various designs and situations, making it feel vast and full of excitement.

    All of the game’s content is entirely free.

    【Release Date】

    ■ Release Date: 5/16 (Thu)

    ■ VR version: 6/4 (Tue)

    ■ Physical version: 7/4 (Tue)

    【Available Reward 1】

    1. Online VR Model A (excludes VR version)

    Available reward is an online VR model A.

    The VR version uses the following exclusive distribution methods:

    □ Share your access to the VR version by purchasing the physical version after the release.

    □ Join the North American/European region (access to the VR version) via an early purchase of the physical version.

    □ Access to the VR version can be purchased after registration of the game in the Windows Store and a paid subscription.

    □ Access to the VR version is free of charge and does not require a paid subscription.

    □ You will be able to play the game via a free trial in the Windows Store of the physical version before purchase.

    □ Purchasing the game at the launch date will be instant access to the game.

    □ Purchasing the game via the Windows Store will provide game updates via the same method.

    □ Purchasing the game at the launch date will provide the physical version only.

    □ Purchasing the game via


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  • Disc 1 ESRB Description:”Clash of Heroes: The Elden Ring takes place 10 years after the events of the original, where war has ravaged the land. In the latest wave of conflict, heroes begin to rise against the dark forces of the Nine Hells. As their quest to restore the Lost Lands continues, the heroes fight through the harsh world in this turn-based tactical RPG.”
    “The latest entry in the acclaimed Clash of Heroes series, Clash of Heroes: The Elden Ring chronicles the 10-year journey of two players who delve into the world of the Lazy Alliance in search of glory and glory alone, as heroes and beasts rip through the battlefield on horseback, wielding their fearless skills in their quest to rebuild the land.”

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