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This is the first fantasy action RPG based on the online game broadcast by Japan’s Bandai Namco. The Elden Ring’s main theme is “Incredible heroism created from hope”. The story of the game is set in the Lands Between, an area where good and evil collide. The game’s world is filled with various kinds of monsters that will chase after the player and show their true form.
In addition to the battles with these monsters, there is a wide variety of content to explore. There are huge dungeons with three-dimensional designs. Mysterious and magical abandoned ruins await players who venture there. There are hundreds of people waiting to travel together, and you can play with friends using the game’s voice chat function.

“Elden Ring” is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.


How to make a character, equip weapons, equip armor, and learn magic

How do I learn magic?
When you start a new game you can level up your abilities and gain access to new skills. To learn magic skills, go to your spell book and look for the new magic spell you want to learn. Then, after learning the new spell, it will go into your spell book for use in the future. For more information on Magic and the various magic spells see the Spell List.
My character can’t learn any attacks

My character cannot learn any attacks

I did not complete the tutorial. There was no battle or anything that would have had it teaching me. Can I get the tutorial on a separate play through?Q:

Error when converting database to model

During a conversion of a database to file using the “Convert Database” option in the “Build Model” menu, I am getting this error message:
“Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
It points to the function LoadDatabaseRecord(recordId, out record) in class DataRecord. It seems that this is causing the error. I’m not experienced in writing the actual code, I just wanted to give the designers enough description to recreate what the error is.
The error occurs when the designers are doing LoadDatabaseRecord(this.DataRecordSet.CurrentDataSet.AddNewRecord)
The structure is:

The LoadDatabaseRecord() function is a single-record function that is called in “InitializeRecord


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Roguelike
  • The Lands Between
  • A Unique Structure and Colorful Characters
  • Highly Customizable Gameplay
  • Various Action Scenes as well as a Multilayered Story
  • Voice Acting by Japanese Voice Actors
  • Fantasy/RPG visual:

    Dramatic and Beautiful!
    Enjoy the game in full-screen HD!

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    Elden Ring Story:

    The Land Between

    Developer’s comments:

    We’d like to thank everyone for supporting our work for a long time.
    For us, the best thing is hands-on support. We’ve been offering exclusive items and special draw content for many years now.
    Receiving your support always gives us strength to continue.

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    Infection, a game I started eight years ago, is releasing in both physical and digital format on April 15th and starting April 17th, I’ll be giving away digital pre-orders for free on!

    Infection, a weapon-focused boss-fight-RPG, is releasing in both physical and digital format on April 15th and starting April 17th, I’ll be giving away digital pre-orders for free on!

    Infection, a game I started eight years ago, is releasing in both physical and digital format on April 15th and starting April 17th, I’ll be giving away digital pre-orders for free on!

    Infection, a game I


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    (Action RPG Gameplay)

    Basic Overview
    – The way you play the game is done by exploring the world, fighting enemies, and collecting items.

    – Explore a huge world through PVE offline and in PVP
    – Explore the world freely.

    – Be able to stand in the same place as other players

    – Fight freely with hundreds of enemies
    – Call out other players and combine different types of attacks
    – Earn large and infinite amounts of skill points for equipment and weapons
    – Show off in real-time PvP.
    – Overcome various threats with the help of your great friends

    Official Website:

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:


    Story: MORPGV12[Story BGV12]
    Developer: Sugar Inc.[Daigo Arakiri]

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