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Schools to stay open in Texas

University of Texas at Dallas Chancellor James Anderson sent an email to the UT Dallas community on Thursday evening explaining his decision.

Anderson shared the decision to keep the campus closed was not a reflection of the safety of the campus.

He reassured students, faculty and staff that the school will continue to work with local officials and the public health organizations to make sure students and community members are safe.

Anderson said the decision to close the campus came just before Friday evening’s rush hour when transportation would be the most challenging.

For more information, read the full email or visit

Dr. Yvonne L. Ross

Country Club of East Texas president

Dr. Yvonne L. Ross is president of the Country Club of East Texas, headquartered in Tyler.

Ross has served as an administrator at Texas A&M University in College Station since 2000.

She was the founding executive director of the Mayfield, Agnes Irwin and National Institutes of Health institutes and has led the charge for the gift funded College of Osteopathic Medicine at Texas A&M. Ross retired as senior vice president and chief of staff in 2011.

As an IBC, she has worked with leaders from the business, health, nonprofit, academic and legislative communities for the purpose of improving the business community, health, education and the general public.

Houston rabbi recalls Sandy Hook tragedy

A leading Houston rabbi has recalled the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., as he prepares for the Yom Kippur fast.

But Rabbi Akiva Sichelman, executive director of the Congregation Emanu-El, said the tragedy serves as a reminder that there are many children all over the world who are at risk of being killed.

“People look at a tragedy and immediately make a connection. We’ve gotten to the point as a culture where we know what happened in one town is representative for every town,” said Rabbi Sichelman. “What is not necessarily representative is that every day in every city there are children being taken away from their parents, who they know and love and will never see again.”

He said in the hope of changing the world, Emanu-El has joined other religious communities in prayer that will raise awareness about children in danger.

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