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When the kittens begin to disappear mysteriously, the young cats must work together to solve the mystery of where they’ve gone, and more importantly, who took them.
If you lose a kitten and try to rescue it, you’ll have to solve a maze before you can win. If you pass all the mazes in time, the kittens will come back to you.
If you miss the kittens by falling into a pit, you’ll have to restart the level and try again.
If you find yourself going in circles, keep exploring the maze: new kittens are hiding in every corner.
Some levels will contain food, but only to provide for the kittens.
The game also features commentary about real-world cats.
There is no tutorial and there’s no time limit.

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Rescue the lost kitten!
– On each level, you’ll need to find the kitten hidden inside the maze before you can go on to the next level. If you fail, you’ll have to restart the level.

Collect coins
– Collect coins as you play. You can use them to unlock new abilities and skins.

Explore the world of Kitbash
– Be careful, the mazes are full of hazards. You’ll need your wits and your puzzle-solving skills to navigate the tricky maps.

Find solutions to the mystery
– Look around, explore the mazes, and solve puzzles. The deeper you go into the mazes, the more difficult things will get.

Collect the achievement
– Only the fastest and smartest cats will be able to reach the end without getting lost or falling in the water.

Game Modes:

Carefully explore 50 challenging levels!
– The first 50 levels present a challenge you can’t afford to skip! The kittens you win will be added to your cat collection, while the ones you lose will be lost forever.

Catch all the kittens!
– Search for the hidden kittens in the maze, and catch them before the menacing cat swipes them away!

Find the perfect combo
– Each kitten has unique abilities and skins, and combining them will give you a great advantage. Match your skills to the kitten’s abilities and you’ll have the most powerful combination.

Collect The


Features Key:

  • Light role-playing game
  • Charming graphics
  • A great plot
  • Engaging and entertaining gameplay
  • Rich and well-designed background and storyline
  • High difficulty
  • Developed by many renowned software developers

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura Features:

  • Great game difficulty
  • Adventure game with animated graphics
  • Unique storyline
  • Fantastic backdrop
  • A big variety of adventures and quests
  • We have ranked the game among the leader’s 10 other games
  • You have to experience this adventurous epic!

Lost Chronicles of Zerzura Game Key reviews:

  • This item has been mentioned in 14 reviews. 8 of them were very positive. 2 of them were average. 2 of them were very negative. The overall review score is 7.34
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Lost Chronicles of Zerzura Game features:

  • Great game difficulty
  • Charming graphics
  • Unique storyline
  • Fantastic backdrop
  • A big variety of adventures and quests
  • We have ranked the game among the leader’s 10 other games
  • You have to experience this adventurous epic!


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Marblehead Lima returns to the series with a furious game type, a distinctive ship and a focused campaign. Hordes of Tier II+ opponents await the rampaging cruiser on the battlefield.
A classic AAA game cast in a gritty and romantic setting.
A ship you have to check out!
In this tactical naval sim you can play solo or head to online multiplayer and team up with friends.
Enjoy hours of gameplay and countless battles on a series of fine ships.
Gain experience in free-to-play battles.
Earn upgrades, a larger hit points and more powerful guns with your experience.Exercise self-efficacy and physical activity in adolescents.
Physical activity has been found to be inversely related to excessive weight gain and obesity, and inversely related to risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Moreover, regular exercise has been found to have protective effects against depression, lower serum cholesterol and C-reactive protein levels, and an improved ability to cope with stress. The purpose of this study was to examine the relative and predictive utility of physical self-efficacy (physical self-concept and physical self-efficacy) in adolescent girls and boys, in relation to physical activity and body mass index. A total of 254 adolescent girls (12-13 years old) and 76 adolescent boys (13-14 years old) from schools in the town of Assisi, Italy completed questionnaires on perceived self-efficacy and activity, as well as weight and height. The most significant predictor of physical activity was self-efficacy for executing physical exercise. The second predictor was perceived access to exercise facilities. Results suggest that in order to increase physical activity in adolescents, self-efficacy related to physical activity should be promoted.Hilde (hill)

Hilde is a mountain, 2,592 metres high, of the Rätikon of Central Switzerland.

Hilde is located in the mountains of the Verena Valley in the canton of Aargau. It lies on the border between the municipalities of Mörigen (Valais) and Ritzwiler (Bern). The closest village is Koltswil.

The summit of Hilde can be reached from the west by hiking. Most of the time in winter, however, the slope of the mountain is covered with snow.


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