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The Game of the Year that Not!
The Game of the Year that Not! is a role-playing video game created by American software developer Creative Assembly. The game was released in November 1996 and is a sequel to the role-playing video game AD&D: The Baldur’s Gate Trilogy by American software developer BioWare.
Stonekeep 2, Released in June 1997, was the first fully 3-D version of the game. It also introduced gameplay enhancements such as the ability to control groups of characters and it allowed up to four player characters.
Brand new world – every game, every area, every character and every monster
It’s the first sequel to any BioWare game, AD&D: The Baldur’s Gate Trilogy, and finally The Bard’s Tale trilogy comes to the PC – BEYOND AD&D. And it includes not only the expanded content of the original, but brand new powerful new features:
An entirely new, massive, epic storyline (also the longest in the series) leading to a very surprising, very different ending
Coherent, cohesive, and fully playable storyline in every role-playing scenario. You can now find yourself in adventures where you’re the leader of the party, or as an NPC member of a team, or as a new character, experiencing the whole story.
More than 30 hours of incredible role-playing adventure for the $30 price of the original game
Every quest, every character, every item, and every monster is new and unique to the story line
The ability to experience the entire storyline as a member of any party
Role-playing titles from every BioWare game – including Baldur’s Gate, Baldur’s Gate 2, Baldur’s Gate 3 and the stand-alone adventures Broken Sword, Might and Magic and Icewind Dale
Three Bioware games on a single CD-ROM
Beggars can’t be choosers – spend $60 on three BioWare role-playing games, and save $30 on each one!

Christopher Taylor

Creative Assembly

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Ancient Siberia Features Key:

  • Choose from 1 of 8 characters
  • 4-player co-op mode
  • 30 single-player levels
  • 40 Arcade Scenarios

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Puella Magi Side-Scrolling: The Binding Blade is a game series where players control magical girls from around the world. They wield different types of swords and fight witches and other monsters.
The game features beautiful graphics, fun gameplay, great characters and top-notch music.
All main characters of the game are voiced.
Key features:
– Stunning graphics.
– Over 80 original songs performed by famous Japanese musicians!
– A variety of custom-made Costumes.
– A variety of Event Costumes.
– An ordinary weeknight becomes a Christmas with surprising events…!
– A story, where everyone can become a Santa!
Join the magical girl, Eliot, to go on a memorable Christmas in the magical land of Clock Tower!

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how to change default setting of Notepad++

In notepad++ if there is no color scheme chosen for your theme then it becomes grey in color, And if you don’t want it to be in grey color, it will be in black color. Can I change this setting. How can I do it?


You can do it via Preferences > Browse > Color Scheme Files

Alternatively, you can define your own custom color scheme in the following way:

Create a.css file in your Theme folder
If that file does not exist, go to Preferences > Browse > Show all files > Create > new file
Add the following to the code:

body {
font-family: “Big Bold”;
color: #111;

Save your.css file.

In the Preferences dialog, go to Themes and find your custom theme.
Select Edit > Profile to access the specific settings you need. The theme colors may not match those of the File menu and the color picker, as these were not intended to be permanent settings.
Click Save (or Save All) to save your changes.

That should do the trick.

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If you play through the story and complete all of the activities and collect the necessary items, you will be able to obtain the “Spirits of Woodland” and complete the 2nd season. This will allow you to access a bonus content featuring 5 additional skits!

2. Your choice of Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, Monster World IV: Final Fantasy, or Monster World X: King of Pirates. And, of course, if you wish to own the three games in one package as if they were one complete game, then it will cost you $9.99.
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Vitellos Tale – Your Choice Between Three of the Best Spooky Stories!Vitellos Tale is a collection of three vampire-themed games you can pick up for free on the App Store. A tale of a lonely widower who must contend with two trouble-causing and otherworldly vampire characters who are doing their best to pervert his peaceful and quiet life.
Choose your favorite vampire story, download it and have some adventures!
There are 3 stories to choose from:
Yours is the Mark – Meet Mark, a widower of a plague-ridden village and very much a homebody. He is visited by two beautiful, red-skinned vampires, one female and the other male, who take an instant fancy to Mark and start pulling all the strings to turn him into a vampire as well.
The Banshee’s Lair – After losing her beloved to the plague, a young noblewoman decides to leave her plush life at the castle and go into the wilderness where she hopes to find her beloved, but she soon learns she has picked the wrong destination. She soon finds herself lured into the forbidden


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