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Kartofank VR is a potato-moving simulator for room-scale VR set in a dystopian society. Become a potato, designed by Love Dept. and lit by Benjamin Carr.
Kartofank VR is available for free from Steam from March 13 to April 2, 2017 at the link below.

Kartofank VR:

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published:13 Feb 2017


4k Kartofank VR – Let’sOpen POTATO FIELDS to move KARTO!
Being the first to play the game and collect potatoes quickly becomes a necessity to move on. Kartofank VR is a brand new experience in the game genre. Enjoy the new experience and follow our updates!
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published:12 Sep 2017



published:22 Jun 2015


Making It Reality.

published:13 Nov 2017


Move like wind
and be the KARTOSHKA!
You are from the city of Tankograd, working in a research lab


Features Key:

  • Players, each with one or two opponents;
  • Playout of games based on the six Championship finalists of the previous year;
  • Three different start layouts;
  • Regular indoor, outdoor and rainy environments;
  • Support for all 240 mailboxes and 60 mailboxes for motorized vehicles;
  • Six different skins for every mailbox and environment;
  • Up to 32,000 different customized messages: Own, Linux or others;
  • Remote start-up by application using a wireless connection;
  • Screensaver mode using a wireless connection.

    Messages generated by or received from a text file can be edited and saved for future usage in your own language. In addition to the other documentation and handbook available from the game, you can browse the Karters website here.

    How can I buy the game:

    The best way to get the game is a direct download from your preferred
    payment method without having to save your money for it in advance.
    After the download, you can install it directly on your computer.

    Do I need another component to make it work:
    The Karters game key does not contain a component to control your computer. You
    can play the game directly on your computer without any technical trouble.

    Download: karger.zip

    You can now download and install it.


    Risen 3 – Uprising Of The Little Guys [32|64bit]

    You are being executed!
    Having not had time to pack a bag, you are forced to play a quick game of destiny.
    Knowing that you will face many challenges in the arena, your only concern should be how much time it will take to solve them all!
    Through the ages, game designers have been adding increasingly complex and clever puzzles to achieve this goal. We thought it was time to take a step forward.
    Please enjoy this collaboration between two genius minds:
    Mercer Mayer, a French artist and pioneer of the tactical puzzle genre, and French graphic designer Frank Vercillo, the inventor of the Fubon strategy game, and the mastermind behind projects like Talbot, The One-Way, and King of the Castle.
    We had a lot of fun creating this game.
    We decided that we wanted to explore a new approach: the moment in which you are being executed. There was something very personal, and very poetic, about the idea, and this great approach to the story led us to think about solving the puzzle, not from the relative or immediate future, but from the more distant and almost paranoid past.
    We used this concept as a means to develop totally new gameplay mechanics, inspired by both physical physics (the cube prop, for example) as well as by information theory (the historical approach to encrypting messages). We also had fun developing new mechanics to let the player explore and enjoy the levels.
    The game is built by a single pixel, and we spent a lot of time thinking about animation.
    This game took a lot of work and we are very proud of it. We hope you enjoy!
    For one of the first time, you will be able to discover a link between a game and its soundtrack.
    We have worked with the brilliant and experienced musicians Laurent Bonhomme, Jérémy Puron, and Pierre-Hugues Bonnet in order to create an original piece of music with the game.
    During the recording of the music, we brought all the artists involved on an intimate journey. This was done through a few sessions, during which they listened to the game, discussed the different moments and wrote musical drafts. Thanks to this collaboration, we are finally able to present to you, the only official version of the soundtrack!
    We can’t wait for you to discover it!
    – The expression ”


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      System Requirements For Risen 3 – Uprising Of The Little Guys:

      • Minimum System Requirements:
      Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
      Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012
      1 GB of RAM
      4 GB of available hard disk space
      DirectX 11 (or higher)
      DirectX Audio Driver
      Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU or equivalent
      2 GHz processor (or faster)
      For the best performance, the recommended system configuration is a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM