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Snakest: Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Fifth Edition compatible
  • Fun remake of Deadlands Reloaded
  • You design your own adventure!
  • Our Red Steel system contains free content
  • More than 250 Skills!
  • Create your own companions!
  • Seven deadly pets!
  • Cozy, Odd Vehicles!
  • More than 45 Strange Areas!
  • Creative Characters!
  • Seven deadly wonders!
  • More than 41 Locations!
  • More than 170 NPC’s!
  • More than 80 Opportunities!
  • More than 60 Villains!
  • Adventure Secrets!
  • Many more!












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    I don’t know, it looks very good. I think it could be a fun game if it wasn’t so darn heavy. Which, sadly, it is. It’s mostly text and sidequests. I’m in the middle of the game right now and I feel like I’m slowly drowning. It’s really heavy, and I don’t like texty games. That said, I don’t think you would like it.
    The problem is that it seems to be divided into


    What’s new: