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The Journey Begins continues! After the releases of Orcs Must Die! and Orcs Must Die! 2, the music of this version, the original soundtrack, is available on a standalone disk, along with an exclusive bonus track only available on this soundtrack, and an exclusive track only available with the Soundtrack on this website.
01. CASTLEMANIA – Warhammer 40K (Theme)
02. Gore Mage – Gore Mage (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
03. Apocalypstick – Apocalypstick (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
04. Giant Killerz – Giant Killerz (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
05. Slay Muffin – Slay Muffin (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
06. Samilton – Samilton (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
07. Mine Games – Mine Games (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
08. Lil Monster – Lil Monster (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
09. Bar Fight – Bar Fight (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
10. Ludvig Von Bad Bottom – Ludvig Von Bad Bottom (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
11. Two Tone Towers – Two Tone Towers (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
12. Skull Crush – Skull Crush (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
13. Womantastic – Womantastic (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
14. Lovers Quarrel – Lovers Quarrel (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
15. You Win (Original) – You Win (Original) (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
16. Got Any Creidts – Got Any Creidts (from Orcs Must Die! 2)
17. All files are MP3 format

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Orcs Must Die! 2 – Original Soundtrack

By: Ignite The Fiery

This is the original soundtrack for Orcs Must Die! 2, and it follows the original soundtrack for Orcs Must Die!, only with 18 tracks instead of 10. All files are MP3 format, and there are three separate album files (Castlemania, Gore Mage, and Apocalypstick


A Lost Room Features Key:

  • Fully completed Half-Life game
  • ArenaNet online game
  • Play any of the areas in the original Half-Life game or other games in the series
  • Play in a whole new environment with unique characters
  • Play in Chapter 2 of Half-Life 2 Online
  • Play the Mercenaries add-on
  • Includes Part 3 of the Half-Life campaign
  • Includes all the contents of the Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition game


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