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Pick your side – Richard III, Henry Tudor or the chaotic fighting between them! Once you’ve chosen your faction, start in the year 1485. You have to choose your faction: York, Lancaster, the Archbishop, the People…
Relations with your neighbors are crucial. The events of your game take place in the weeks leading up to a decisive battle that will change history forever.
Depending on which nation you start with, your game will be as short or as long as you want it to be.
Vassals and neighbors will help or hinder you as the year unfolds. Your decisions can be short-term, helping your king to grow, or long-term, benefiting your fortune.
With the summer in Britain fast approaching, it’s time to make the decision to pick one of the many rival factions for your game.
Make the most of each turn in your game. It’s time to play!
Bosworth 1485 is a real time strategy game, with the focus on the politics and diplomacy of the 15th century. In addition to the long term, the game features a sandbox mode in the form of the War Room. At the end of each turn, players are asked to make a decision and it is the War Room that chooses the course of history for the British isles.

Game Features (Controls):

Choose to be Richard III of York, Henry Tudor of the Lancaster family, or try to mix the two and become the leader of England…

Build your nation with a library that will make your vassals and neighbors grateful…

At the start of your game, the year is 1485. Reignite the age old fire in the War of the Roses: try to seize power from your rival and become King of England…

Solve puzzles, acquire allies, borrow money, recruit people, forge alliances and sell your favor to get the best deals…

Choose your allies: party with the Archbishop, or the Pope!…

Engage in friendly or hostile relations with your neighbors to build the best alliances…

Be careful: some of your closest vassals will never trust you when you become King!…

Make your own history with the War Room, the game’s sandbox mode, offering thousands of possible actions!…

Alliances and Policies:

Deregulation Policies

Trade Freedom

Money Regulator


Military Prestige




Features Key:

  • Reload or Restart is necessary to update some content
  • Temporarily Disconnect to function properly
  • This game uses https to transfer data, but also saves some of your data to Google servers. Use this link here.
  • Using other modification programs may cause issues.
  • This special issue is for students to share their game experience through written blog post.


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There is a fine line between falling apart and giving up.
Choose your fate by choosing what kind of candy you want to catch.
Candy Fall is free to play. It’s is intended for adults, but you will not find any pornographic imagery or in app purchases.
– Tap Left/Right to move Containers
– Timer during the game
– Amazing soundtrack
1. Tap Left/Right to move the containers
– Containers are colored blue
– Containers cannot overlap
– Containers cannot be moved until they are all up
2. Timer during the game
– The timer will increase while the game is running. If the timer reaches 0, the timer will reset. Timer can be reset by moving the correct candy to any container.
3. Amazing soundtrack
You won’t be disappointed by the amazing soundtrack from the 1960’s and 70’s.
Gameplay Mode / Level List
1. The first level has only one container
2. The second level has two containers
3. The third level has three containers
4. The fourth level has four containers
5. The fifth level has five containers
6. The sixth level has six containers
7. The seventh level has seven containers
8. The eighth level has eight containers
9. The ninth level has nine containers
10. The tenth level has ten containers
11. The eleventh level has eleven containers
12. The twelfth level has twelve containers
– Fast game development
– Blue Crayon 2D game artist
App purchases
– Game Menu
Candy Fall is free to play with advertisements.
This game does not contain in app purchases.
– This app is optimized for:
– iPhone 4S or later
This game has an IAP price of $0.99.
– For more information, please contact us:
– Candy Fall was built with Swift, SpriteKit, Cocos2D, and Corona SDK.
– Candy Fall has been updated:
Version 2.0: – Some minor bug fixes
Version 1.1: – Improve musicComing to a computer near you: production of light by a flux of


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published: 23 Nov 2016

Best Characters From The First Life Of NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 3 XBox 360 Gameplay

Enjoy the first Life of NARUTO episode 2 gameplay.
Provided by
Get the Game:

Hajime no Ippo 12 Gameplay (xbox 360)

From the game:
In this emotionally charged and action-packed game, you will train and learn as Ippo, the Yakuza’s most promising prospect.
You will join Ippo as he steps through the ranks from semi-novice to professional boxer. You will visit the many different settings and locations from Ippo’s life in the world of Japanese boxing.
You will play all the legendary fights of Ippo in chronological order and adventure along with him. Promotions, cars, health, wins and losses, love and heartache and this is a world that you will get to inhabit.
Blend between a photo-realistic boxing game, and a personality development/life simulation experience, where you are the main character.

published: 22 Jan 2016

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 How to get Ghost Jutsu

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm3How to get Ghost Jutsu by using IchiJutsu/GhostJutsu. Ghost Jutsu is Jutsu with Rasengan that can move from person to person.
If you want to purchase the NarutoGame go to :…#2ND-TITLE
If you want to use the Naruto ShippudenGame go to:…

published: 26 Oct 2015

Naruto – 1st game by GameLoft

Naruto Shippuden S30E12 – Wind and Waves!

First game by GameLoft.
File size 605mb – 720×576(28:27) MP


What’s new:

Fuelled by a trio of years of CG Fund productivity, FVR Chair Entertainment has announced a full slate of upcoming projects. Click here to read more.

CG Fund, Inc.

CG Fund has been producing visual effects for major feature and TV productions for 24 years. We were established in 1992 in Burbank, California and have managed over $1.2 billion in production spend, including major productions like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Star Trek Beyond, and Captain America: The Winter Solider.

We provide visual effects services and technology including animation, CG design, stereo shooting, VFX supervision, digital compositing, digital storage management, and HD master graphics production services. Our multi-million-dollar vfx production arm, FVR Chair Entertainment, specializes in adding virtual environments and live-action production using motion control rig technologies and brings a new level of efficiency and artistry to the production process. It is an Independent Label of CG Fund’s visual effects facility, CGFC, and serves as the official digital effects spin-off.

For over two decades, FVR Chair Entertainment, the vfx division of CG Fund, has pioneered the evolution of digital effects technology. We created the technology that moved the visual effects industry forward, providing realism and photorealism to what was an entire industry of basic 2D effects. Our initial breakthroughs introduced the use of live action cameras in motion controlled environments for the first time in 1994, exposing the space to make filmmaking more affordable, productive and user-friendly. We were the first to create photorealistic environments in feature film postproduction like Pandora and Avatar or the series finale of Lost.

In 2009, Doug Clark joined FVR Chair as President, who led the organization’s transformation to a leading provider of state-of-the-art visual effects services across the range of digital and traditional production technologies that underpin today’s industry. He established FVR Chair as the industry’s standard for expertise in live action production, creating and utilizing technology for the post production process.

Having successfully finished five feature films at the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals, numerous American festival winners, and hit TV shows on ABC, NBC and FOX, FVR Chair Entertainment continues to improve on established practices and develop new tools to create more realistic visual environments. Our technology advances in live-action VR, motion capture, locomotion, and augmented reality make production processes more efficient and artistically successful, pushing the envelope of our capabilities


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Blind Bat and A Matter of Perspective are two bits of DLC released yesterday that boost the creativity of the game. In Blind Bat there are special effects in the levels, and in A Matter of Perspective there is a special camera view point.

The Blind Bat

If you turn up the global volume on your TV, you will notice a “Sound Off” in the game. With the blind bat under your control, when you hit an object, it will make a sound. This sound is randomly chosen from a list, and it’s totally up to you to pick the favorite sounds.

And as you can see, the blind bat has the effect of enabling sounds to be heard more easily, and of making it sound like we are looking for something, not in an objective way, but looking for something special, like a hidden object or prize.

The A Matter of Perspective

There are special effects in the game such as a perspective, which can be used during the game.

You can see by the example image, that the camera moves in such a way that the object in the foreground moves from the right to the left, and the object in the background moves from the left to the right.

This view can be done in a few ways, and there will be a tutorial on it soon in the Special Edition.

The special effect is to highlight the object that we are more interested in. You can turn it on or off, and it’s done automatically if you keep the camera view in the same position.

What is very new is that we now have 15 different background videos. Each background video has a little gift of its own, so if you want to use a video that you like, you can do so!

Added content and new player hand anims

Peter Mjöll added 10 new players hands, all equipped with 16 different gloves that have been modified to fit the game.

One of the most obvious areas we have improved is the jumping. What we did was to implement a new jumping technique using the A.I. which has an improved jumping speed, as well as greater support for being on surfaces that would normally make you fall through the ground.

We have also completely re-written how you jump. So now you have control of jumping up at a 45 degree angle instead of jumping directly upwards, but also you have the possibility of using the same angle over a longer duration.

Added an improved jump functionality.


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