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Amateur developer / artist here.
I have a full time job and I’m studying to become a software developer.
4 years ago, I decided to make my first game that I used to play since I was little – the Sewer.
I had the idea years ago but I never had the courage to start it.
I finally did when I made CAGE-FACE Case 1: The Underground. After the launch of that game, many people told me that they were waiting for the Sewer.
I had enough courage to make it and I’m really proud of the whole thing.
CAGE-FACE 2: The Sewer will release on Steam (Humble Bundle, Aspyr) on August 28 and will be free for the moment.
For the moment, I still have some features to include. So, keep in touch.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.
Behind this short devlog are tons of people who helped me on the project.







published:11 Jun 2018



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Powerful Imag…

CAGE-FACE 2: The Sewer Full Gameplay

published:22 Jul 2017

CAGE-FACE 2: The Sewer Full Gameplay

CAGE-FACE 2: The Sewer Full Gameplay

published:22 Jul 2017


CAGE-FACE Case 2: The Sewer is out now


Features Key:

  • 32 new tracks
  • User friendly game with realistic physics engine
  • Grabbable pulley
  • Fishy triple springs
  • 5 unique vehicles
  • Introduction:

    One day, Deep Nellis physics specialist, and all time Super Saloon Cars fan, Ben Woolridge, came up with the idea of creating a physics-enhanced racer. He started to design a track racer based in space and then he challenged himself to figure out how to make such game 100% unique and survive in the Super Saloon Cars community!

    Game mechanism:

    The game is played with 9 track selection stamps (constellations) that are randomly selected in each track. For a puzzle game like this, simple is best. Your goal is to collect as many stamps as possible to unlock the next track. The stamps are worth 15 000 000 points each and unlocking a track increases your (hairy) cash pool.

    All vehicles are unlocked from the start. There are 5 vehicles available – Track car, Concorde, Soccer Coach, Formula car and Pilot.
    A vehicle is built from attaching 4 wheels, grip, body, drivbility and color. Vehicle offers 3 power types. If needed, you can attach 2 additional vehicles to one car or you can collect trade off to upgrade your vehicle’s power. Each wheel has degrees of movement. So you can attach 1 out of 4 rotations to any side of your vehicle!

    • First vehicle: Attach 1/4 of a rotation for 12.5% of the vehicle’s base power and fill out the grip (speed).
    • Second vehicle: Attach 1/2 of a rotation for 25% of the vehicle’s base power and fill out the grip (speed).
    • Third vehicle: Attach 3/4 of a rotation for 75% of the vehicle’s base power and fill out the grip (speed).
    • Fourth vehicle: Attach full rotation for 125% of the vehicle’s base power and fill out the grip (speed).



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    The story of the label, founded by producer Dr Luke, goes back to 1992 when the US-born musician met a Brazilian producer, Antonio E. Romero, who had written hits for Mariah Carey, Vanessa Williams and Tom Jones. The resulting “dubstep” genre is what brought Dr Luke to Dr Luke Productions.

    The real name of Romero’s company, Kemosabe, was adopted by the label Kemosabe Discos S.A., and is now owned by Kemosabe Productions. By 2008, Kemosabe Discos was one of the top-selling dance labels in the world, and Dr Luke was its president.

    In an exclusive interview with the Guardian, Romero, Kemosabe’s chairman of the board, said his company was a victim of an intruding strain of ransomware, which over the past 18 months has infected a number of corporations, including record labels. Romero claims this affected Kemosabe, threatening employees’ computers and many of the company’s assets, including terabytes of work.

    Romero said he was prepared to name the record label’s customers as Kemosabe was hit by the large-scale virus.

    “We had problems with suspicious phone calls. They wouldn’t say who they were but they were persistent. We found out they were coming from Russian hackers, who we are now convinced were targeting Dr Luke’s friends and customers. We’re pretty sure the hackers found emails, logins, and other information that we stored. They hacked into our company’s computers and took whatever they wanted. We’re


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    Black Box Games and Co. are proud to announce the release of Crime Solver: The Smoking Gun for Windows Phone and Windows 8. An online game and puzzle book for small children.Let the fun begin! For this version of the game, we included 50 new crimes from the biggest hot-spots around the country! In addition to the ‘Nam high-tech crimes, you can learn about the classic TV show, The Fugitive. And if you’re not up for the thought of running, driving, or chasing down criminals, you can play a mini game instead! This game is a full part of Crime Solver series.Fun for everyone:The game is a perfect family activity. It is no secret that two of the most popular genres for children are the ‘Nam game and Mystery Games. Thus, this version of Crime Solver offers those options as well as many other games:Riddle & Puzzle Game*Monkey Star*Fantasy Flight*Beat The Clock*Color Scavenger Hunt Game*Coloring*Interactive Map*Tap the screen to play the mini gamesYou can also move the screen by swiping from the left to the right.*Online game: Can play online with friends. The leaderboards keep track of your performance. Let’s go hunting criminals!
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Skateboarding
    – 30 minutes of gameplay
    – Characters from The Half-Shell animated series
    – Co-developed with Konami
    – Ported to Xbox One, PS4, and PC in 2017
    – Xbox One and PS4 digital version will be included with a code for the Xbox One and PS4 physical retail version
    – Approx. 60 Mb
    – 1,005 rating on Google Play
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    – Digital version: Included in the physical version of the game
    – Approx. 90 Mb
    For more information and the latest game news, follow Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Skateboarding on Twitter and Facebook.
    About This ContentA free game for kids of all ages! Cartoon, characters and gameplay from the best-selling franchise, developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Konami, and Ubisoft Toronto.
    *** In-game camera controls available for the Nintendo Switch version of the game, available exclusively through the eShop on Nintendo Switch. For more information, go to:


    What’s new:


    The Royale Storm Bowling League (RSBL) is a USA bowling league for adults. It was founded in 1975 and has about 50 bowlers from all over the world. Its season starts in May and ends in December.

    RSBL members compete in seven divisions; Classic, Three Frame, Light Trip League, Open, Mixed, Men’s Open and Men’s Masters. At the end of every season, the league’s annual titles are awarded to the “most valuable bowler”, “bowling’s next comeback player”, “bowling’s biggest loser”, “bowling’s least valuable bowler”, and “bowling’s mightiest mover”.

    During the 2008-2009 season, RSBL owners voted not to include left-handed bowlers in the league; lefties are not allowed to bowl in any of the league’s sanctioned matches.

    RSBL Owners
    4th Wall Lanes owned by Bill Davidson and group of friends at Palmerston Blvd
    Canal Charlie Bowling Alley owned by Anna and Bill Davidson
    New England Lanes Owned by Frank and Eric LaVigne
    Remaining Alleys Owned by Various Owners



    Anderson Lanes
    Calico Lanes
    Canal Charlie
    Cordage Lanes
    Crimson Lanes
    Crossfire Lanes
    Falk Lanes
    Great West Lanes
    Heritage Lanes
    Hi-Ho Lanes
    Industrial Bowl
    Lucky Lanes
    Royal Lanes
    Stern’s Alley
    The Lodge

    Event Center

    Access Bowl
    Boston Post Bowl
    Charleston Bowl
    Howe Bowl
    Heritage House Bowl
    Kevlar House Bowl
    McMullen’s Irish House Bowl
    Mazza Museum
    New England Bowl
    Popular Bowl
    The Academy
    The Lodge
    Unbridled Lanes


    Coyote Lanes
    Farm Boy Bowl
    Hello Records
    Industrial Bowl
    Iron Horse Lanes
    Jack Elliott
    The Sea Duck Lanes


    The Royale Storm Bowling League is a group of bowlers who like to bowl match-play.

    In 1975, a small group of fathers in the Detroit area struck out on a “wild idea: to create a recreation league” for adult bowlers with similar interests and passions as themselves. In 1978, this group of bowlsmen held the first Royale Storm Bowling League Open in nearby Ferndale.


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    Alien Hallway, still in beta, is a completely new action-strategy shooting game, developed by the best sci-fi project team Sigma Team.
    Game mechanics are designed to let players get stuck into the action as soon as possible. They are extremely easy to get to grips with, making the game very intuitive and fun to play. Players can control an army of soldiers with the mouse and destroy a variety of enemies. In Alien Hallway there are no space-ships, no enemies from the future, no character names or heroes – only a sci-fi world filled with suspense and tension, where the fate of our world is put on the line.
    Game features include:

    Action-Strategy, Mouse Control, Simple Interface – Player can control the army with a mouse click, no keyboard needed. Next to that the game is amazingly simple.
    Easy to Learn Controls – Player can easily master the controls on the touch of a finger.

    3D Graphics – Immersive 3D graphics, smooth animations, and challenging events await every player in Alien Hallway.

    Game Mechanics – The mechanics of the game are designed to get players stuck in the action as soon as possible.
    Unlimited ability to upgrade skills – Players are able to intensify skills by upgrading the base and the units in the shop: unlock blocked slots, increase air strike skills, add gold bonuses, decrease cool times, upgrade turrets and expand energy cell capacity.
    Random World Events – Some situations, events and objects are unpredictable and unique. Depending on the current situation players can be confronted with varying possibilities.
    Random Levels – In order to offer players more intense gameplay the levels are randomly generated each time the game is started.

    Minimum System Requirements:

    Processor: Intel Pentium 400Mhz (200MHz Recommended)
    Available Hard Disk Space: 6.0 MB
    Video Card: 1MB VRAM of Nvidia GeForce 70/100 series or equivalent.
    Gamepad: Keyboard and mouse are sufficient to play this game.
    OS: Windows XP/Vista (732 or later)


    Alien Shooter Series Official site
    Alien Hallway official site


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    How To Crack:

    • Burn & Instal JRE 8
    • Download and burn the game/rar archive.
    • Wait until game is complete.
    • Play the game/rar.
    • Enjoy.


    System Requirements For Bloons Monkey City – Castle City Walls:

    1. Dual/Quad-core CPU
    2. 2 GB RAM
    3. 15 GB HDD
    4. 2 GB VRAM
    5. Internet connection
    6. Windows 10, 8.1 or 8
    7. Supported Language: English
    8. Supported Resolution: 800 x 400 pixels
    9. Supported OS: 32-bit/64-bit Windows 10
    10. If a previous game version is installed, you must uninstall it before you can install the new game version.


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