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In Juicy Realm, you play as a purple, over-stuffed succulent named Tei. Determined to be accepted in the Guild of Fruit-Knifers, Tei sets off on a journey through a magical forest to develop his talent and become the best knife-thrower in the world. Unlike your “boring,” “dry” cooking or fruit-knifing skills in other games, you’re actually rewarded for your skills when you cut something up. If you can cut something up without slicing through your own fingers, you’ll get a +1 to the next skill-test to cut it again, so skill makes the difference. This is a guaranteed thrill, because there’s nothing like slicing up your own fruit to find out just how much you’re worth.
Jian Wei
From IGN
“Juicy Realm is a new title from the folks over at Double Damage Games and Big Swing. It’s a juicy take on the popular “roguelike” genre, with a fascinating blend of strategy and skill.”
“Juicy Realm will rip you up, deliver you back out again and leave you for dead if you let it. Or maybe just due to exhaustion.”
“ Juicy Realm is an RPG where fruit-knife throwing is the best form of defense.”
“ Juicy Realm is a splendidly polished throwback to the essence of roguelikes: sweat, candy, and a game that makes you feel good.”
“ Juicy Realm is a slim and slick twist on the roguelike formula that leaves a distinct impression.”
“ Juicy Realm is a surprisingly enjoyable tactical RPG roguelike that rewards players for slashing, slicing, and dismembering their enemies.”
“ Juicy Realm is quirky and laugh-inducing. It’s an accessible and relatively easy title with very fair difficulty levels, which makes it one of the best roguelikes out there.”
“ Juicy Realm is a real gem of a game, polished and designed, and throws out all the usual roguelike conventions and standards with a huge friendly smile on it’s face.”
“ Juicy Realm is one of the coolest and most refined roguelikes on the market, and it will charm you and delight you with how light, open,


Boxville Features Key:

  • Addictive Car racing.
  • Brand new Real-Time Auction Game (send the item to get them signed. Wait for the result, and most of them are fake. Sell the fake ones for you to get cash.)
  • Lots of cash cars.
  • Lots of time cars.
  • Lots of space cars.
  • Pro sellers
  • Lots of cheaters
  • Key features include:

    • Massive real-time car auction game! RACING!
    • Big variety of car, from unique, luxury, action, racing, performance, and classic cars.
    • Dealer’s Life 2, you will set up lots for Cheaters to purchase and auction cars, some you send for signature guarantee, that’s okay!
    • Dealer’s Life 2, do you like romance?…… cause it’s quite easy to start one… I do hope it…
    • Dealer’s Life 2: diversity is your life, everyone is getting a daily bonus buy!
    • Match your way to a driver’s license, or no license at all!
    • Dealers’ Life 2: different road and area makes the game much more interesting!
    • Chat facility.
    • Chat facility.
    • Big graphics engine, smooth and nice display!
    • You are working at a car dealership, auctioning cars all day. Meeting new people and making friends.
    • All cars in this title are high-quality renders, created with high resolution graphics!
    • An online feature, buying, selling, racing or other activities are available.
    • No cheat or drawback, just put down your best hands.
    • A car auction is popular for it’s exciting.
    • Dealer’s Life 2: the best seller!
    • Massive Production
    • Dealers’ Life 2: wait for you…


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    About the Game:
    In 2016, the world’s begun to collapse. Alien monsters from beyond the stars appeared, and spread through the world like wildfire, killing many humans in their wake. Do you believe that god has left the world to its own devices? Or, is humanity about to be destroyed? It is up to you to discover the truth behind these monsters’ origins, and to save the human race from its doom.
    Labyronia is a game whose story unravels seamlessly as you progress through the world, but it is not a linear game. The main story cannot be completed if you don’t visit every location in the game. Like the good old days, you will have to discover the story on your own by finding Cues on the world map and talking to NPC’s. There’s also a save system which allows you to save anywhere on the world map, although it’s highly recommended to save when you’re nearing the climax of a level.
    It is strongly recommended that players have at least an 8th gen or later machine to run Labyronia. While Labyronia was designed for the XBOX One, Windows 10, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 4, it can run on all these platforms, as well as on the older machines. Labyronia is also capable of playing on Android devices.
    About Yanfly Games:
    Founded in April 2014 in Tokyo, Yanfly Games LLC is a company dedicated to building role-playing games from the ground up.
    With a track record of strong, high-quality 3rd and 4th gen JRPG’s including the original Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Yanfly is committed to bringing high quality games to smartphone users worldwide.
    About Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones:
    In Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones (known as Birthright in Japan), an evil force threatens to destroy the world. Only the fabled four sacred stones, each charged with the spirit of a god, can stop the disaster. But the legends also warn that using the four stones will awaken the most dangerous enemy of all – and that his power will destroy everything. You will be faced with the decision to use the power of the four sacred stones to save the world – or destroy it!
    Key features –
    -Characters and weapons that have never been seen before in a Fire Emblem game.


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    And more Tiki:

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    published:15 Nov 2016


    The first 2 races are by easy, the last 2 are by hard. Ready to show the locals? This is pretty hard to beat… if you are…

    published:11 Sep 2016


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