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From the winding streets of the Russian, Soviet and Ukrainian winter to the fast busy traffic of Moscow, Alexey’s Winter was born on a winter night. Where darkness and coldness still reign, Alexey has a story to tell.
A young investigative reporter, Alexey ventures out into the night investigating why the streets of Moscow are full of snow when temperatures are not freezing. Along the way he meets a cast of characters and experiences some of the magic of Winter in Moscow, Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.
The game has a charm and the effort and authenticity surrounding the characters, locations, and events really add to a memorable experience. The premise is so simple but from it grows a compelling narrative. I would like to see more adventures starring Alexey.
The game has a charming and interesting story. However the game can be a little obscure for newcomers. It has both good puzzles and environments to see and discover.
A clever story with an outstanding implementation and music. The mechanics and puzzles are also very good and have good attention to detail. The game sets a good example for adventure games.
The music is outstanding and is the highlight of the game. The story is one of most compelling and intriguing games. The environments are varied and beautiful. There are also a variety of characters and settings, all interesting and enjoyable. As a result, I gave it an A.
The game has one of the best story plots for an adventure game. I like the story a lot and it is fun to learn about the lives and habits of the characters. The graphics are very attractive and very funny. The game is a must have for anyone who likes detective and or adventure games, if you like the style of adventure games, but most of all, if you like the look of the old Soviet Union in a game. The game is easily over 50 hours of entertainment. A very enjoyable experience with a good story, fabulous music, and cute characters.
Alexey’s Winter: Night adventure is very similar to the game, The logic puzzles are more interesting, the characters are more likeable and the plot is more explanatory, the game also adds the Soviet era. This game is worth it.
The main character Alexey is believable in the game and moves from a rather cold and dour journalist to a man with affection.
The plot is interesting and pretty memorable. I liked the story a lot, and the puzzles in the game are pretty good. At the end I felt the game was a bit too short.


Features Key:

  • Control the sweetest instrument there is
  • Timing is everything… and a lot of fun!
  • Challenge your friends or other players around the world
  • Need a refresher on timing and timing accuracy? It’s easy!
  • You are a hologram, an extension of the computer AI known as CLiNT. Using a 3D movie of yourself, you (or your group) manipulate the gameplay experience using physics input from your body, such as pushing your hands, arms and legs.

    Control of each and every body part feels awesome (unlike weightlessness on parabolic flight)

    • It feels like you are really inside the game and everything in it
    • It’s fun to move around in 3 dimensions
    • Integrated heartbeat sensor response time is adjustable

    Hearing why this game is one of top sellers!

    • Once your heart beats with an intensity equal to or greater than the sensitivity of the sensors, then your heart will begin to react to the audio signal
    • Your heart will beat faster and more, the faster the audio signal
    • You can deliberately try to make your heart react to the gameplay experience as much as possible using VR on a system such as Vive, Rift, Windows Rift and Cardboard

    Experience physics-based gameplay while experiencing the greatest amount of freedom as possible

    • Move left & right (using X)
    • Play several modes: Classic, Expedition, Survival and Haunted and more coming soon
    • Dead-reckoning shows the way point of the enemies and commands the drone to turn toward it

    Built-in Community Site

    • See the community of people playing the game on the forums, facebook, twitter and more.

    The experiences will come to PlayStation VR (on PC too)


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    The use of regenerating shields means that you need to pay attention to what direction you are flying in when you accelerate.
    Either of the following controls will make you fly in the direction you aim. The Arrow keys will make you accelerate to the specified angle, the B Button will slow you down, and the Enter Button will make you continue in that direction.
    The game has three difficulty settings that test your skills further, which is great for those who are interested in proving that they have what it takes to master it. The three difficulty settings are:
    • Easy Mode
    • Normal Mode
    • Hard Mode

    July 30, 2017


    This game is a browser based arcade-style Flash game where you are tasked with destroying alien-infested objects.
    The goal of the game is to destroy and collect eggs. You must balance your damage output and speed while blasting objects in the map and collecting the eggs, in the process of which you will also upgrade your power and speed.

    This will be a large scale project in terms of both time and money required to create. The hope is that I will create a quality game that will be enjoyable to many and that it will be played for a long time.

    About The Game:
    As your ship, you will fight your way through a land of giant worms, beings with insect heads and armored jump-suited soldiers.
    The goal of the game is to use power to destroy objects, gain power by picking up eggs and speed by att…

    July 29, 2017


    Tiger Dash is a time trial game that pushes the arcade shooter genre to its limit.
    The game places you in a vast arena of beautiful and destructible terrain, like in the game Splatoon, but the arena contains obstacles that must be dodged in order to make it to the end of each stage. You need to use your skills to attain victory.
    The game features multiple game modes, and you can try out all of them in three different difficulty settings, each with their own tracks that can be mixed and matched for your own personal racing style.
    If you want to play the story mode at any time, every quest in the game will appear in the map, and they are made up of short stages. Each quest will take you to a different part of the map, and together they will lead you to a new location that is unlocked in the final quest.

    About This Game:
    The game has an upcoming story


    Crash The Core Download For PC (2022)

    The Myst has returned for another thriller! In the hands of the Professor, Alice travels across the land to get information, as the Reapers wait in the distance for her to complete her quest.Solve The Mystery The Myst:

    You’re in a desert. You see something shiny. It’s not just any shiny thing. It’s an Alien Blade! Two Aliens are fighting over it. Aliens from “Out of this World!” They’re in a desert. Wait, aliens in a desert. There’s some logic to that.A reVAMP of Alien Blades! Contains new playable character “Nope”! Three new stages! Swords fight with swords! Alternate ending!Aliens vs Aliens:

    You’re trapped in a maze. The maze is set inside a building. There are some Alien Blades in the maze. Aliens fight with Alien Blades in a maze. Does that make any sense? Aliens fight with a building, and blades in a maze within a building. That doesn’t make any sense. It should be Aliens fight with a maze, and a building in a maze within a building. It should be Aliens fight with a building, and a maze within a building within a building. It should be Aliens fight with a maze, a building in a maze within a building within a building.

    A reVAMP of Alien Blades! Contains new playable character “Antarctic Explorer”! Three new stages! Imprisoned in a maze, are we? Three new levels of the world of the map. Get ready to meet our three new playable characters. Help our new characters escape the maze.

    A reVAMP of Alien Blades! Contains new playable character “Lunar Base”! Three new stages! Solve the problem. Solve the problem. Solve the problem. Solve the problem.

    You’re the Star. You’re a Hero. You’re the Hero who saved the Universe. Gasp! You were trapped in an RNG! You could never go anywhere in an RNG! You could never go anywhere in an RNG! You could never go anywhere in an RNG! Solve the problem. Solve the problem. Solve the problem. Solve the problem.

    A reVAMP of “Cat’s in Space”! You’re in a maze. You’re in a maze. There are cat’s in a maze. A cat’s in a maze. A cat’s in a maze. There are cat’s in a maze. You see a cat


    What’s new in Crash The Core: