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Name Drunken Wrestlers
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An isolated town. A cursed desert. A mysterious woman. A damned witch.
This is a noir thriller you won’t want to miss in the action-packed Groove Coaster series! Can you find the reason behind all this?
Life has been cursed for you since birth. Do you wish you were dead? Is there a reason why you must live?
If you’re up to these questions and more, you must venture deep into the isolated town of Lostle.
A mysterious woman introduces you to the curse. She also gives you the password “Moon music”, so you must go to the first boss you come across—Bunbou Hagure Kureta.
You’ve been cursed to live a cursed life, so enjoy the finest hedonist you can get your hands on:
A hedonist to the extreme! He’s got everything you might find at a hedonist buffet. Don’t be afraid to give it all up!
Reverse direction, sideways scrolling, rolling and air combo attacks! You’ve never played a shooting game quite like this before.
[Game Features]
– The Groove Coaster series’ first game with a hedonist protagonist!
– An isolated town. A cursed desert. A mysterious woman. A damned witch.
– Say goodbye to gravity. Bounce, roll, and ride through the town with the new control system!
– Funky tunes that sync with gameplay!

About This Content
Touhou Project music DLC for Groove Coaster 2
Title: Eternal Nightmare Ninin
Artist: TatshMusicCircle
*Arrange from Touhou Let’s Play
Difficulty: Simple 3 / Normal 7 / Hard 12
BPM: 140
About The Game
Eternal Nightmare Ninin is the long-awaited remix of the classic Ninin music that debuted in Touhou Gensou Sword Anniversary Collection!
The original tune was composed for a certain hero in the Touhou Project, but for reasons unknown to all, it was deleted from the official soundtrack.
Now, we’ve reimagined it for Groove Coaster.
Nin is a girl who lives in the Iryu Inn. She goes around on her broom to assist people and solve mysteries. Just like detective girls in the TV series.
One day, the original Ninin


Drunken Wrestlers Features Key:

  • Brand new DOA6 Santa Bikini fighting game
  • More than 20 missions to run, more than 7 different zones to fight
  • Fight the winner and fight against your friend using a new battle interface designed to add more fun to fight and fall in love
  • Each opponent has his own figure style
  • Fight more than 20 fighters designed in the anime they love and above all they are cute and with all the intensity in the world.
  • The battle interface supports all the basic types of fight not only with a kick like in DOA, but also with good and practical fighting tools like the new panel shield
  • More than 20 fighters to be unlocked
  • The game has more than 7 different zones, to fight in different environments
  • Fight as your favorite heroes, even the toughest of them all those enemies who killed your warriors, the new enemies are more intense and to prove it can beat all the players to devastate all enemies while taking to make break the stone blind.
  • Fight with your favorite weapons from the anime characters for each zone
  • Fight with your favorite weapons having that their dynamics and story arc, with beautiful graphics make easier for the player to know how the story of the fight in your favorite style
  • Crush your opponents!
  • Get from a mission right into an intense story arc
  • Create and train your favorite protagonists by allowing your companions to directly built a fighting move so you can make selection after every fight to fight with your training partners
  • Cute and sexy pose and some other new features not yet been available


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Drunken Wrestlers (2022)

The Just Flight Duchess 76 offers VR capability that is unmatched in FS2. The Duchess 76’s panel layout has been completely redone. Traditional cockpit items like switches, buttons, crosswind indicator, compass, etc have been placed exactly where you can find them, based on the pilot’s POV, in VR. Aerofly FS2 offers a total of 9 animated 3D gauges; the Just Flight Duchess 76 add on adds a new 9th gauge to your VR cockpit. Yes, a 9th gauge in VR. This new gauge can be found in the HUD in real time and is animated in all FS2 aircraft. There are a total of 48 animated rocker switches that are located for the pilot to reach in real time. The Duchess 76 has a completely redone Rocker switch placement in VR. There is a nice little electric blue 3D compass mounted on top of the Duchess 76’s instrument panel with a 4.3 degree True North. The traditional 3D 3.3 Meter Inertial Heading Indicator is located just aft of the panel and the traditional 3D 3.3 Meter Vertical Speed Indicator is located just ahead of the panel. Both are also 3D animated in VR. The panel layout on the Duchess 76 is fully VR friendly. When the plane is in VR and the panel is correctly positioned, the bottom of the panel is actually above your head when looking down. No matter how large the panel is, it’s always positioned correctly. Yes, if you’re a real low level control pilot, you’ll have to learn to learn to keep your thumb near the center and the wrist locked up in VR. Its really easy to lose control of the plane in the sim when your hand is locked up just aft of the panel. But then, who would want to fly a twin trainer in the real world with an instructor standing next to you? The Duchess 76 is one of the few twin trainer sims that are VR friendly from an instructional point of view. The panel is totally VR friendly, rocker switches are all VR friendly, gauges are all VR friendly and with the exception of the electronic instruments in the canopy, the Duchess 76’s controls are fully VR friendly. A major point of difference with the Duchess 76 is that the pitch trim, rudder trim, engine governor (AFS2 engine instrument on FS2) and elevator trim in VR are all animated in the FS2 scenery. That means in FS2 you can fly along a glideslope and while you’re moving down the glide


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Saturday, April 13, 2010

Worried Parents, Worried President – PART 1

Now that we have all recovered from the annual melt down on the playground, kindergarten and fourth grade Facebook sites, you can look forward to reconnecting with your old friends.Or maybe not really; we don’t know about you, but we’ve got some things to do besides checking what our kids have been doing and reading what their friends are saying.Like the stuff that’s been clicking around on the school site these last few months.First the emergency info, then someone came along and changed it to pretty terrific stuff!

– the Emergency Bus Shelter has been relocated on west Lafayette to the corner of 31st and Pine Grove. The bus stop sign is still in place.

– Mark Bace, our superintendent and treasurer, has retired. Superintendent Daniel Baker has been promoted.

– All faculty and staff are back to work. (you will be hearing more about the mission of our school system in the weeks to come)

– Kindergarten will be going to school late next week- the new Arts building is closed for the remainder of the summer.

– Bus routes have been changed and adjusted.

– Friday, March 26th, will be our school’s last day of school. We finish our scheduled grades at the end of March and will do the transition to the full day starting Monday, April 5th. There is some discussion of possibly holding a brief election on Friday, April 2nd to finish out the year in the late fall. Interested parties are encouraged to discuss this with the administration.

This past February, the City-County School Board of Commissioners voted 7-0 to close the Arts Center. The Arts and Athletics Department has been the worst casualty of budget cuts for the last three years. Sports programs have been cut by $50,000 a year for the last two and a half years. Music and Drama programs have been cut by $55,000 over the two years since they became a part of the school system. We use the Arts Center for presentations in many of our grade and high school classes. Our third and fourth grade classes have been out of the classroom for the entire year. Secondary graduation requirements have been shifted to the middle school. Our Music and Drama productions this spring have been cut by more than a third and our graduation announcements and Class Ring announcements have been eliminated. One staff member who was the creator and producer of our Junior and Senior year


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Trainscape is the answer to the question: what if world of lego was in the world of RL
Imagine hundreds of LEGO track sets that you could buy anywhere in this free-to-play browser based MMO; each one with a unique building system, and a unique experience.
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TRAINSCAPE has been in closed alpha for over 2 years and is currently in closed beta.
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You are a virtual town builder. You can design custom towns and lay down tracks to get people to move from one point to the other.
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You can also ride trains to further explore the world that you’ve created.
Currently there are four gameplay style options:
Trainscape City
A classic MMO style where you get to choose where your towns are.
It is the default style of the game.
The towns are located on different colored blocks. These blocks are found in every level of the game.
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Trainscape Forts
This style is for when you prefer the world of lego.
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Trainscape Outdoors
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What I mean by that is you can build things that are along the edge of the map.
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    System Requirements:

    Supported operating systems:
    OS X 10.8.5
    OS X 10.9
    Due to Apple’s new “golden master” control system in OS X 10.9, the game may experience game-breaking bugs when started from this version. We strongly recommend that you install the beta version of OS X 10.9, even if you are not planning to play the game.
    Due to Apple’s