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New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court 2: The Adventures of Unusual Findings! brings the comic adventure into the 21st century. Set in an alternative New York, The Wonders, including the legendary Land of Oz, have now vanished! Players must use Unusual Findings! investigative skills to unravel the mystery of their disappearance. Travel through rainforests, deserts, and snowfields and interact with many great characters throughout the game.

Publisher: Dangerousminds

Developer: Dangerousminds

Enter the hidden world of the Land of Oz at last! Lush, quirky, and whimsical; this mystical world boasts colorful characters, gorgeous environments, and amazing scenery.

Publisher: Feral Interactive

Developer: Feral Interactive

The game tells of a personal quest for a disturbed young woman to get back to the Land of Oz. Your mission: to get her back on the path to recovery and hopefully return her to the Land of Oz. While you undertake this quest, be sure to keep an eye on your surroundings because you never know what or who you might find along the way.

Publisher: Rad Game Dev

Developer: Rad Game Dev

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• Unique point-and-click adventure game mechanics

• Story-driven exploration

• Dark and dangerous dungeons

• Talking animals as companions

• Self-sufficient gameplay

• Background music

• Interactive environments


New, more complex and exciting gameplay mechanics have been introduced. This addition of new gameplay mechanics allows you to move and interact more freely with the environment. Playing Unusual Findings! now feels more fluid and is easier to pick up and start playing.

The game is presented in a tilemap/Bresenham-like environment with many elements to examine. The game focuses on exploration and investigation. You are the Hero of Unusual Findings! and it’s up to you to solve the case.

Best-selling adventure game UNUSUAL FINDINGS! blends real-time puzzle solving with point-and-click mechanics. The game takes the player on an odyssey through exotic and procedurally generated locations. New York City has become a mystery land where the Wonders, including the Land of Oz, have vanished. The player finds themselves as the new hero, Detective Unusual Findings!, in an interactive adventure through lush and beautiful


SoulSet Features Key:

  • 50 combat ships and droids
  • 12 classes to fight
  • 20 powerful weapons
  • 5 environments
  • Online play for 4 players locally
  • Play without Download

Awesomenauts – Skull Chopper Chucho game user manual

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The North American Crimson State is under attack by Southern Expansion, founded by the corrupt government in the south. Secure the southern province to help reclaim your homeland!
Train and customize hordes of units into fierce war machines. Take command of one of 8 classes to fight for all of Southern Expansion as you prepare for the final battle to end the Crimson State.
Battle across procedurally generated levels, constantly increasing in size and complexity. Rival powerhouses will join forces with you and stand against you, so you must face them all, not just once.
Train your units as they level up and learn new abilities as you progress. Experiment with your strategies and tactics until they become second nature.
Units will grow in level as they level up, increasing their stats and defining their abilities. These stats are determined by the units specific growth, so it’s up to you to decide which path to go down.
Equip weapons and armor to aid your troops in battle. You’ll find tons of weapons and armor to collect or buy to equip your army in a way you see fit.
Battle against your foes or work with friends to destroy them together. There’s no single-player experience to compete against, so solo players will battle against AI enemies until they are defeated.
– Procedurally generated content means endless level variety.
– Tons of new game options allow you to customize the difficulty of the game exactly the way you want.
– 8 different classes with 8 unique abilities each.
– 50 different weapons to acquire.
– 74 pieces of armor and accessories to collect.
– Battle across procedurally generated worlds that range from 9 levels to 176 levels, or 4 to 70+ hours of gameplay; you decide how long your adventure lasts!
– Music composed by Tommy Foley.
Controller recommended.
About This Game:
The North American Crimson State is under attack by Southern Expansion, founded by the corrupt government in the south. Secure the southern province to help reclaim your homeland!
Train and customize hordes of troops to battle against the Crimson State. Direct your troops to liberate enemy bases and discover secrets along the way in a real-time strategy environment. Direct your troops strategically while they battle the enemy across varied battlegrounds. Preparation and strategy are key when trying to defeat the Crimson State.
Battles take place across procedurally generated levels ever increasing in size and complexity. Each time you play through the game, you’ll have a new set of challenges to face. New games are very customizable with lots of difficulty


SoulSet Download PC/Windows [Updated] 2022

You can make your own RPG (Roleplaying game) game, born from RPG Paper Maker!
◆ Easy to use editor.
◆ The ability to resize your graphics to any size.
◆ Large amount of functions and result of the player actions.
◆ Add your own graphics and images.
◆ The ability to change the icons and graphics without the need to edit it yourself.
◆ Compatibility with all Energia-compatible software.
◆ The most official version of the RPP, with official video tutorials for beginner and expert users.
◆ Simple and easy to integrate with your own site.

Please, if you have any bug or question, select “Close” to close your ticket.Many users find it hard to find and solve errors, so we are here to help. We’ll be sure to respond quickly on Twitter, @EnergiaAppSci.


You will find a large number of functions in this game, allowing you to really write your own story!

You can choose two from over 50 different character types!

Many different skills you can choose from, the benefits of which will vary depending on the character you are choosing.

You can choose from over 10 different races!

You can select the names, texts, skills and genders of every character you create, allowing for a truly unique game experience.

Choose from over a 100 pieces of equipment! You can also decide to leave some of your characters equipment and skills unassigned, allowing you to use it for the strongest character in the group!

If you choose to not include any equipment for your character, you will be able to choose any item from the Over-story, also allowing you to gain more experience from it.

You can determine the speed of the game, allowing you to immediately change the speed of the game, making it more or less difficult for you to play.

You can also change the game to New game mode. This new mode changes the speed to easy, allowing you to quickly continue a game and test out your new character or equipment.

If you change the difficulty mode of the game to Normal,


What’s new in SoulSet:

Brett: Spiders cause me to have the SEXUAL GUSTS, like it or hate it, Brett. I hate them. One of the reasons I don’t like spiders so much is because when I was like, 7 or 8 years old, I was caught in the kitchen during a breakfast-time raid. I was the only one asleep at the time and saw the spider wrapped tight, its legs and tail curled neatly around the edge of the cupboard. I couldn’t leave, have you ever been in a situation where your heart is pounding so fast that you can’t seem to catch your breath? It’s that simple. And later on, after hearing a kids’ story about nine-year-old Gabby Giffords and her companion who was shot in the face by a crazed gunman, I convinced myself that spiders were evil. These days, whenever I have a person over at my place, I lock myself in a different room. So if I’m not home, my house is fine and I don’t need to be afraid of spiders. But my mom never lets my house without me sleeping in her room. If I’m afraid, I can always stick my head in her room at any time or, better yet, if we’re at a friend’s place, I can always use my mom’s room as my room, this never goes further than a fart and a doof at the breakfast table.

LEANNE: Brett’s train of thought is quite profound. Of all the critters I had to face in my youth—and I’m talking to about a half-dozen or so occurrences here—spiders are by far the most often cited. While my fear of spiders began about the exact same time and location as Brett’s, I can’t remember when, though I will include, for his benefit, that they were during a breakfast-time raid. You see, at seven years old, my house contained as many as five spiders at a time. (Wow. Five spiders!) The amount of preteen hours spent brushing my teeth, revising for tests and staring at my navel drew forth a fairly normal natural curiosity. Lead on, my young Reader. You have not yet seen the worst of it.

First of all, just outside my bedroom was a hallway that we didn’t have any walls in.


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Metropolis Lux Obscura is an action RPG game set in a dead metropolis in the future.
New Metropolis is accessible via Project Teleporter, a device which allows entering and leaving to other cities.
And… According to the map I found before I left Metropolis Lux Obscura, there used to be a huge swamp, which now flooded the city. So, in the swamps, there were all the special monsters and bosses. With Teleporter, I was able to enter those areas.
All the game is set in the present day. It’s just that I traveled a long time in the past.
The objective is to defeat the bosses of the different cities in order to open the locked doors of the labyrinth.
You will find dungeons to explore in every city, and you can acquire new spells or switch the abilities of the character.
You can save your progress and put it all back to a previous save.
You can create two parties, use them, and share them with your friends.
You can recruit new party members with your own or with friends’ coins.
You will only have a party for a time. If you save your progress, you can still go on to fight against a new boss.
You can lead your party through dynamic battles, called encounters, which last a few moments.
It’s possible to hire heroes to aid your party, which will give special abilities.
Such heroes include skilled archers, soldiers, and wizards.
There is a small variety of monsters to encounter. However, they are similar for all cities, and you won’t find much variation in the story or the general gaming experience.
During the game, you will visit many catacombs in every city. It’s possible to enter them if you find a key. Inside the catacombs, there are bosses and enemies.
For example, in the catacombs of Glutton City, there are dangerous creatures called lemures which are attached to corpses, and they teleport you from one dead body to another.
In other words, they jump as high as the corpses they are on. It’s possible to dodge their attacks.
As the catacombs in the different cities are identical, the catacombs of Glutton City are a bit similar to those in Villanueva in the original version of Metropolis Lux Obscura.
Inside the catacombs, you can find…
* Shelters to stay alive for a long period of time


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