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With more than twice as many tracks than the original MX vs. ATV game, MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore features brand new national freestyle and trick tracks and over 50 additional dirt bike, motocross, supercross and UTV tracks.
In addition, the free-running official MX vs. ATV Freestyle Mode is also in the game for the first time, featuring over 40 different dirt and street tracks.
In addition, the game includes five brand new freestyle moves and a new free-run mode that lets you ride without a pack.
The new official MX vs. ATV Freestyle Mode features a total of three speed, one forward and two backward moves in competitions and time trials
New MX vs. ATV UI
New Music Collection and Riding Mechanics
Rhythm Racing for 4 different players on 2 wheels
Daily Challenges and leaderboards
Racing Competition with 12 players on line
With MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore, you can further customize your rider by choosing between six different riding modes: Race, Free Ride, Trick, Freestyle, Challenge and Training.
Race – Enjoy realistic foot-to-handlebar transitions while driving in first or second gear.
Freestyle – Scale slides, gaps and rocks like never before, and hit jumps like a pro
Freeride – Trial the level of control possible by hitting air, riding down hills and doing everything in between
Trick – Employ your tricks, wheelies, aerials, grinds and more
Challenge – Race against your computer opponent with the new battle mode that lets you compete against your progress
Training – Practice your riding and compete against yourself
With the new customization options, you can build your rider with 60 parts.
Choose your entire head and body styles (2 suits) and stay within your budget.
Build up to 24 individual parts to equip your rider and give him his own look, rider feel and riding style.
A new “skinning” feature lets you use your own face and create custom skins, and you can further personalize your rider by recoloring your parts.
The free-running, accurate position tracking and enhanced audio engines in MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore combine to deliver


Features Key:

  • Collectable Emotes
  • Great Graphics
  • Quickly create amazing emotes!
  • High-rated app for iPhone, iPod and iPad
  • Emotes are lettered or presented as Unique Original Emotes
  • Multiple emotes to choose from
  • Nicer the user interface
  • Easily discover Emotes tab
  • Add text along with Emotes created
  • Customize Emote theme


  • There are more emotes, so list them in the next update.
  • Less dirty emote backgrounds.
  • Tile Toppings, They are cool
  • Created Emotes not possible to delete or reset
  • Use Typer for emotes created
  • Better Emote headlines
  • Make Emotes emoji support
  • Please make face filters support for selected emotes
  • Better emote button
  • Make emotes auto expand


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Vector Born is an arcade bullet-hell style game. Travel planet to planet through an unknown solar system to find out why you have woken up with no memory. Each planet is packed full of alien ships bent on destroying you. Collect weapon upgrades and shields to tear through these attackers. Unlock new ships to pilot. Take on the planets commanders. Unearth your forgotten past.
Vector Born is a fully playable game at the moment but there is much more to come. Future updates may include an even more diverse array of weapons and playable characters, special attacks and abilities, a leveling system, store aspect, many more levels, enemies, and bosses.
For more info please visit:

Strap in for this awesome, music video made especially for the Tesla model 3!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2015

Civilization VI: Life is Strange is Here!

Civilization VI: Life is Strange is here!
In the game you play as a young girl Max Caulfield who forms a bond with her sister Chloe Price. Through your ability to break time you solve the mysteries of the world around you.
You and your sister can now delve into all the mysteries of the town of Arcadia Bay together using your abilities.
Will you unravel the mystery of your missing memories?
Experience the complete Life is Strange saga with the Season Pass by joining the investigation in four additional episodes that take place at key moments of your story.
Discover Arcadia Bay in a whole new way in this breathtaking adventure!
New episode included!
The route that you choose will determine which story the game will follow.
Join the investigation in four additional episodes by spending the included Season Pass content.
Only available in North America.


Inside NASA’s real-life 5-D printer that makes things. [Documentary]

Inside NASA’s real-life 5-D printer that makes things. [Documentary]

Inside NASA’s real-life 5-D printer that makes things. [Documentary]

An all-electric, solar-powered drone that is eventually capable of flying


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Steam workshop functionality will be available in the near future.


We are going to use Steam Workshop for our game Heroes of Hammerwatch and provide you with an easy way to create mods and share them with your friends.

Mod making:

If you wish to make a mod for our game Heroes of Hammerwatch you can do so for free. You can purchase the Heroes of Hammerwatch Steam Workshop content and add your mod to your game. For mod making we will use the Source files of Heroes of Hammerwatch. So you will have to expand the Heroes of Hammerwatch game folder with the Additional Content that came with Heroes of Hammerwatch and extract the content. You will only have to expand the Heroes of Hammerwatch.content_folder folder with the content you bought.

More information:

Steam Workshop for our game Heroes of Hammerwatch:

Steam Workshop for our game Heroes of Hammerwatch is used for mod making.

If you wish to make a mod for our game Heroes of Hammerwatch you can do so for free. You can purchase the Heroes of Hammerwatch Steam Workshop content and add your mod to your game.

There are a lot of different ways to make mods for our game Heroes of Hammerwatch.

You can use the in-game mod making functions.

You can use the Photon mod maker.

You can use the Photon Pack.

You can use the option you would like to make your mod and upload it to the Steam Workshop.

Be careful with you mod making.

You can make a new mod by converting a hack into a mod. You will have to completely change the game or even remove the old mod and add your own. You will have to make a new map, new enemies, new weapons and a new menu.

You will have to split all single objects to make some more space to work.

You will have to change or remove everything that was changed.

You will have to make a new hero and a new level design.

The following screenshot is an example of a new mod you could make using the Photon Pack.

The following screenshot shows you how the Photon mod making works.

Important things to keep in mind when making a mod:

Everything is made from scratch in every way.

You have to save before every change you make.

You can use all the features of Heroes of Hammerwatch and


What’s new:

    An Apocalypse is the End of the World, a Zombie Apocalypse is Today!

    Welcome to the first of two parts on the Zombie Exodus. In our last episode, we gained some really interesting information from the people of Safe Haven that there are some truly amazing similarities with the Biblical Flood as predicted by Hal Lindsey, (not that I’m planning on being “God” here, at least not yet, but in case I ever do decide to play that part, I always have a detailed plan…and you know why).

    The way we found Safe Haven was by accident. A band of friends gathered to hunt, only to find survival equipment scattered and broken. These poor people were deeply in debt to drug dealers who controlled the entire city. The drug dealers held the city hostage, made the entire population prey, and held all the power over each and every citizen.

    When we entered Safe Haven, we found the first power dealer in town, Austin. What he did was a sin, but we were able to get him to come with us. We found that he was not required to eat, only to drink the blood of his human victims. The people of Safe Haven had become the cattle for the drug dealers, and for the blood drinkers.

    Before leaving Safe Haven, we fortified the children and ourselves to protect ourselves when Austin decided to turn. Our best hope was to leave it a few weeks for everyone to get to the shelter, and for everything to die out. The plan we chose was simple: to save the children, the elderly and other misfits from the drug dealers while we escaped and sustained ourselves until we could contact the global government again.

    Austin took this as a challenge. He took it as a personal insult, and this made him very angry. He had taken power over these humans that he had been bullying for so long. He fed on Austin and Emilio. He started to look for food and found many small caves. They told us that these caves had been created by people that had escaped the carnage or just people that had decided to live through what was happening and they were living underground or in mountain caves.

    The news of Safe Haven started to work its way into the rest of the world as a story about the existence of a town right in our very own backyard. On the Internet, these were the two choices available to people:

    Safe Haven was either sending the worst Earth Day ever or it was a living hell for humans. These two popular


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    In 2077, private cyber-mercs battled out in the vast depths of cyberspace. Now, as the re-boot of the year, Private Military Corporations (PMCs) flood our universe. As heroes, you’ll take the fight online, in co-op, and in local multiplayer.
    Private Military Corporation (PMC) is a sci-fi squad-based cyber-shooter filled with MMOlike features, from the intense PvP-only mode to the co-op action. In PvP, players, across internet and local, will play through an 8-hour free-for-all, and fight for the prize. Their reward? To win a small nuke to the finishing line.
    In local multiplayer, up to 4 players fight it out in a unique set of modes. Explore the Crossroads map with 4 additional bots, and pick up their weapons, armor and war machines. Race your friend to the finish line in a 3-round race. Build up your team and play in 3v3 and 2v2 warfare.
    In co-op, up to 4 players will play through the same 8-hour time-span of gameplay as if playing solo, and fight as partners in the same match.
    Up to 4 players can join together as the Atlas Squad to fight in the Atlas mode, an 8-hour session where all 64 players fight for the top spot.
    In Cyclone Mode, each player fights for 4 trophies across the map, rather than simply the winning spot in one time-span. The player who wins the most trophies wins the round and the game, with a chance to grab loot as well.
    As a musician, Peter Holmstedt has been making music since he was a child. Since the year 2012 he’s worked as the musical director of the annual Swedish music festival Bruk i Kultur, which revolves around the concept of How does cultural turn into music? Today, Holmstedt publishes a stream of his own music — everything from instrumental solo piano music to song-like pieces — and tours worldwide.

    We talked to him about class as an avant-garde artist.

    Sign up for your free trial of The Eventing Times—the weekly round-up of progressive minded and creative people from the horse world. This week’s topic: stories.

    We also talked about his music, and the transition from classical music to avant-garde. Here are the highlights:



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