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Written and directed by Bob Dylan Krzywicki.
Published and programmed by a group of 4 students.
The game design was influenced by Point Of View (poevo) and movies in general such as Alien, where the camera is always outside the main character.
We´re looking forward to your comments.

Greetings Developers!
We are looking for new developers to join our team. We are looking for skilled developers who are interested in game development, but we also need help in animation, sound effects and story development. We need developers to help us with art development, graphic design, sound design, game design etc.
Our apps is available in all the major app stores.
Here is the link to our Play Store

Our App will be Released for iOS in the near future.
If you are interested and have the skills required we would love to hear from you.
Thank you for your time!
Best regards from FullReal

My name is Rick Lamb and I am a freelance animator at my company called RLEFAN. We can do 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, video editing, visual effects, compositing, etc. We focus on original content and are happy to do freelance work for you. Here is a short video we created for our company. (For fans of the Iron Man franchise and the Clone Saga.)
If you have any questions or need help with a project, please feel free to contact me at

Hello developers,
We are developing a new game in unity, our goal is to make a horror game…
We prefer 2D but we are open to explore new techs in the medium if it’s the best option.
Our gameplay system is a sort of freemium system:
– free version: 2D & Voice Communication
– paid version (after a purchase, the person who bought the game will be able to play and communicate with other players), it will have the capability to put its own little images in the map, and it will have a more animated graphical style.
Here are the features:
* Free version:
– The character has its own voice
– Customized UI (with the player’s own pictures)
– Customized names and avatars
* Paid version:
– The player can invite any number of friends as well


Features Key:

  • Animals have a specific height and width. You have to do stunts to get them from the middle part to the top of the screen
  • You get score based on how well you manipulate your animals
  • Your animal will eventually poop (poop holes appear on the screen) and it explodes.
  • All your animals are brought to you from your own farm. You get to bring new animals to the farm every time you play.
  • If you run out of animals you have two options:
    • Simply buy more animals – but you have a very limited amount of money.
    • Do a stunt to get new animals.

    Making the game is our passion. We really hope you enjoy it.

    Many of you will be joining us on Kickstarter in 2016. Lets make this a great Game.

    Please follow this link for our app

    Target: Technology Review. Published online: 16 July 2016. DOI: 10.1038/s41551-016-0017-6.


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    MorphVOX Mac Voice Altering Software is an easy-to-use voice altering application that utilizes both inside and outside microphone technology to alter the voice of the Mac’s built-in microphone.

    MorphVOX Mac Voice Altering Software allows you to alter your voice in many ways, from changing your voice to make it sound like someone else to adding the sounds of nature to your voice (like the sound of the ocean waves).

    To change your voice, just type in a text box the words or phrases you want to say and hit the play button. The system will then repeat all the text you entered.

    To make your voice sound like another person, select an option from a list of pre-recorded voices that are stored on the CD/DVD.

    When you hear the sound of the ocean, the city, the mountain or even the ocean breeze or the sound of the raindrops, the sound of nature has been added to your voice.

    You can listen to your voice altered the way you say it to someone else, or even add the sounds of nature to your voice to impersonate someone else as if you were there in their presence.

    Features of MorphVOX Mac Voice Altering Software include:

    An easy-to-use interface

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    A fun way to alter your voice and sound like the people you see on the TV, radio or on the Internet


    – MorphVOX Mac Voice Altering Software is the licensed product of MorphVOX Inc.

    1. Purchase your copy of this product by clicking “Add to cart” in the download page.

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    You play as Barbarian, the strongest people in the world. During the battle for the three legendary swords, you must use the power of your army to destroy the enemy.
    Campaign plays out over 3 different continents, each with a different story and a different adventure. The game is in a massive world map divided into hexes and each turn you move a turnable hex. You can also move your units in the main battle screen to increase your chances of victory for that unit.
    There are several different Barbarians in the game and you can also choose your own upgrades, you can not only choose what units you have, but also how many of that unit you can have.
    During a campaign you play through different adventures, choosing your own path as you go along. Different adventures are full of different challenges and we have designed them so that if you do well, you can go back and do them again, and again, learning new strategies for each adventure, as well as getting to meet the new Barbarians you will meet along the way.
    Campaign is split up into seasons and this is where new Barbarians are introduced and you start to build your own empire. Win enough battles and you will unlock quests, leading you to new Barbarians.
    Become the biggest and baddest! Be proud! You are the strongest! Who will be the next Barbarian Legend?
    Follow us on facebook! :
    Follow us on twitter! :
    Follow us on google+! :

    The Saviour

    The Saviour is the fifth and final studio album by the British rock band Supergrass. It was released on 2 June 2007 in the UK and on 22 June 2007 in the US. The album was recorded after the departure of bassist Paul Ross in 2006, and was produced by Supergrass and Michael Eavis.

    “Tommy was in the United States when it was decided to finalise the album after his return, and recalls producer Michael Eavis saying ‘the studio will be yours, it’s up to you to fill it’. The first song written was “Mister Universe”; tracks were written and recorded in London and New York throughout the summer of 2006. The Eavis-produced track “When You Fall


    What’s new in Pressured:

      Cavern Commandos, also known as The Rocket Commandos, is a 2016 American science fiction action comedy film written and directed by Chad Koeplinger, about eight teenagers who save their hometown from the evil Brainchild General, and then help save the world from the evil Tyrone.

      The film’s plot follows nine teenagers as they go on a mission to get rid of the evil Brainchild, which the adults have tried numerous times to kill and with no luck. After starting in their hometown, the teenagers from their school are collected by a truck and take them to what they believe is a secret rocket facility which has been ordered to shoot their rockets at an enemy rocket which is coming at the rocket’s launcher. But it is the enemy rocket.

      Alexis (Taran Killam), who is the group’s team leader, is in love with Paige (Pollyanna McIntosh), the daughter of Casey (Blake Cooper) and Annie (Tawny Cypress), whom he doesn’t want to date and doesn’t like. Kasie (Grace Helbig) is a slacker who gets high on sniffing strange chemicals and demonstrates more knowledge on life, science and history than what a normal school teacher should.

      Kasie’s government teacher is Doc (Craig Robinson), who was in the military and wants to save Kasie because of her knowledge on things, but he doesn’t know how to bring her out of her high. Kasie accidentally discovered Doc’s secret underground rocket base. Doc is a married man so Kasie decided to ask the advice from another married man: Kevin (Paul Rudd), the former principal of the high school, who was a pilot in the military. Kevin gave her the hidden instructions (of which she got them by sniffing the chemicals) on how to get Doc out of his basement, which includes putting salt into the drain and lighting the fireplace. On her fourth try, Doc’s guard dog (which was killed in a previous failed attempt) ran away with the secret instructions on the screen, which Kasie then finds out from Doc.

      Upon understanding the secret paper Kevin gave her, Alexis transfers to Kasie’s school and brings back Alex Morris (Matthew Gray Gubler) after finding out that he is the leader of the seventh grade band, and has forgotten how to play, brought to him by Casey’s friend Staci (Shelley Brown), who is a band tech.

      Alex, Paige, Kevin and Kasie


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      Welcome to the world of Dungeon Explorer. This is a first-person dungeon crawling game filled with rich graphic and great sound. The monsters are fun to fight and the items are interesting. Pick your quest and go in through the 3D dungeon. Be careful because the monsters are ready to fight for their lives to take you out.
      1. A fantastic, real-time perspective.
      2. Lots of different items with the unique statistics.
      3. A variety of monsters that will attack you.
      4. 3D dungeon and 3D graphics to immerse you in a world of dungeon crawling.
      5. “Dungeon Explorer” style itemizes.
      6. The interactive active dungeon exploration will bring you lots of fun.
      7. The journey is filled with “Treasure Chest” dungeons.
      8. Accessible for everyone of any age.
      9. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets.
      10. The tips on what items to pick up to ensure your success.
      Help me to make this game even better. I will appreciate all your help and comments.
      Like us on Facebook at:
      Follow us on Twitter at:
      Game trailer:
      Please contact me for a press invitation to view a video of this game!
      0Cube Games
      Copyright 2019, 0CubeGames
      All Rights Reserved.

      Live here

      Top #2

      This game is a gem! This is probably the best dungeons&dragons game I’ve ever played! it’s so easy! its quite boring and simple but still has a very nice simple design. The characters and enemies are so cute! I love it, even if it’s a cheap game. Also It’s an amazing hack, another one would be rediscovering. Full nihondaks:Rediscovering.
      Its addictive, you don’t know when your gonna be done when you play it, I’d say that its worth a buy, you’ll love it. I love the easy controls.

      Good game!!

      For me, the Game is very good, has a simple but good design and I love it, so I recommend it. Great characters, great fights, good music, nice music, nice and basic game. It’s recommended.

      If you do not recommend:
      There were some bugs when I was playing for the first time, it only happened when I killed the first


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    Rating: ★★★★★ (4.4 stars) – 3,766,562 Plays on Android



    Multiple difficulties:





    System Requirements:

    NOTE: Before you start, make sure that you have followed our guide on how to set up the Testserver for the Community EU 5.3 Installer. If you didn’t, follow that guide again. In this guide, it is also important that you have performed the partition resizing and installed the [Press x] Full Installer version. Do not use the [Press ESC] Installation Resume version.
    Know your platform (Windows, Linux, etc.)
    Know your version of the operating system (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux,