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By using the Machine of Origin you’re able to travel to the other-worldly Nexus, the domain of the Gods and Dark Beings of the Imagination. The Nexus is a true Hyper-Dimensional sacred ruin, built through the imagination in the minds of Mad Scientists, displaced interdimensional warriors and the madness of Death itself. Sleepers who journey into the Nexus are forever changed. They come back changed, forever marked by the Nexus they battled against, forever returned to confront the nightmares that haunt them. Nowhere is safe in the Nexus, and the sense of dread and terror permeates every corner. Whether you survive or succumb will be your choice, but in the end you will never be the same.We are incredibly thankful to all of our patrons on Patreon. Without them this would be a dream and our ambitions would only be dreams themselves.

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Since its release in 2013, Lone Survivor 2 (also known as Lone Survivor 2: No Time to Die in English) has received an increasing amount of negative reviews from users.
Lone Survivor 2 was released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on December 18, 2017. Lone Survivor 2 is a prequel to the 2013 studio-published Lone Survivor. [2]
In this second sequel, the player takes the role of Marcus Rhoads, the protagonist of the first game. Marcus is still trapped in the Abandoned Mine and must make use of the LTS-3 to escape. The game is a survival horror that was developed by Not Planned and published by Griffin. [1]
In addition to the film adaptation, the first game was adapted into a novel called Lone Survivor: The Game. [3]
Advertised as a survival horror game, a large part of the appeal is that it is a horror game where the player can save, but in the end there is only one ending for the player.[4]
If the player survives long enough, the player can then attempt to find the other survivors to escape the mine.
Gameplay is generally similar to that of the original Lone Survivor, but is more focused on exploration.[5]
At the beginning of the game, the player only has enough air for 30 minutes. Unlike the original, survival is more difficult and the player cannot save.
The player cannot talk to other survivors and cannot kill them.
The player does not have immediate access to any weapons or abilities. The player can only use tools from the LTS-3.
In order to search for


Features Key:

  • New Constellation Graphics for 3 modes: Campaign—You can choose to play all modes or just Campaign, Coop, and Survival (the PvP section)
  • Modes have new graphics: new tilesets, a new general ship type, pathfinder etc.
  • New factions—Captain Planet, Peter Force, Circles of Entropy, and many more.
  • New Settlements: Mantis, Hida, Loridia, Tdew, and Wasteland.
  • Battle and Betting game: In ongoing battles, you will be able to bet on your own and other players ship; you can also bet on Stock Market
  • New missions—Discover the truth behind the mystery of Brig!
  • New events-—The lost islands are still waiting to be found!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • How do I register my game? 
  • How do I download the game? 
  • What is the new Battle Mode? 


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Get ready for the independent South Africa about to happen. Will the overwhelming power of the black liberation movement be able to turn the tide of history? “Rhodesia 1972” tells the story of the white Rhodesians in Rhodesia during the liberation struggle of the 1970s, when the communists would support the rebel fighters backed by the USSR and the USSR – Mao’s China.
The game is set in Rhodesia and in the surrounding countries (Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana), where the black population is fighting for their liberation from the Rhodesian oppression.
In 1972, the British Prime Minister, Edward Heath, supports the white settlers while the Soviets and the Communists back the black population’s rebellion. Rhodesia is isolated and all the locals are experiencing a tremendous military pressure but they fight on.
Will the whites’ cunning and hard-working leadership make it to the elections of 1979 and end the war?
Rhodesia 1972 is a card game for 2 to 4 players, with a game time of 1 hour. 3 different scenarios are randomly dealt at the beginning of each game, allowing players to decide to play a long, medium or short time scenario.
How to Play:
Rhodesia 1972 is a card game played on the map of Rhodesia and bordering countries.
Each player controls a white settler and a black guerrilla. Each turn, the players will split the available tiles of the map in order to force the tile in their possession and earn points.
Depending on the game length, the players must strike at the first tile they can, winning a point for each tile captured.
The players split two cards at the beginning of each turn.
On the first turn, their scoring tiles are the sea and the inland, and their opponents are the railway and the air tiles.
The Players’ Tiles:
– Sea tiles: The sea tiles are distributed in even tiles in the southern part of the map. The regular score for this tile is 5 points per tile. If the tile is divided by two or more lines, the bonus is spread amongst all the divisions. The game ends when all the sea tiles have been captured.
– Railways: The railway tiles are those evenly distributed in the northern part of the map. These tiles score 5 points per tile. As for the sea tiles, the bonus is increased in proportion to the area taken, and the game ends when the railway tiles have been captured.
– Air: The air tiles are distributed in the western part of the


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It’s absolutely not possible to run away from a disaster! The survivors of a snowstorm ran to a basement and huddled there for several days and nights. What happened on the surface is unknown to the men that have been preserved in a basement. They hear the roar of the wind and the incessant thunder of snow. They speak to each other about everything that happened to them, about their families and love. Someone is searching for a way out of the underground horror.

Our project offers a lot of game genres, all unique and entertaining. However, the most popular and most interesting are the adventures, puzzles and entertainment. Based on the adventures of G.R.O.S.S and P.O.W.E.R., this project is about the amazing game. You will get a chance to control a special G.R.O.S.S and P.O.W.E.R with the main task of finding your way out of the underground. The collection of monsters is very unusual. Each species has a unique appearance, own appearance and behavior. You need to be a good player, think carefully and use your ability to communicate and combine objects to save your life!

The weird, brutal, but sweet universe of Pachirang, the remote village, where only the dead can leave the ground, and the spirits of the road are real and accessible in the eternal contact with the living. The character is located in Pachirang and will have to pay attention to the story of friends, meet others and try to help his friends to return to the world of the living. Players need to find, rescue and liberate to the living the immortal souls of Pachirang, building a personal relationship with the inhabitants of the village. In the world of Pachirang is the possibility to build a network of friends in the game by having them play, talk and share ideas and achievements. If you succeed, Pachirang, you will be rewarded with new rewards, which you will receive for the completion of the mission.

The war between the white and the black magic turns into the war of domination over the spirits of the dead. The lonely and ruthless spirit inspector helps the innocent spirits of the dead and his allies on the path to redemption and fights against the wicked witch who intends to rule over all the spirits. You will have to use your wits and the help of your allies and fight the powerful witch and her henchmen. You can get by yourself


What’s new:

(Milt Jackson Minstrels, 1961)

Milt Jackson Minstrels made a smorgasbord recording in 1960.
This track is from session five: Chopin’s Waltz No. 2 in A Flat, Beethoven’s Dream Sonata, Bach’s Chaconne in A minor, Chopin’s Etude Op. 10, No. 3 in A Flat, Schubert’s Wanderer Fantasy, and Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Even though I reviewed Van Morrison’s The Concert for Bangladesh, the note that I wanted to write about here was recorded first in Baltimore on March 25, 1970 and performed on November 8, 1970 at Carnegie Hall.

Sandwiched between three incredible performances from the Juilliard String Quartet conducted by Leonard Bernstein and vocalist Renata Scotto in what turned out to be the final setting of the program, it’s the quiet, nostalgic version of the famous opener of The Doors’ classic, “The End.”

Van Morrison wrote the piece as an elegy about the death of Morrison’s friend Robbie Robertson (of The Band) in L.A. at the age of 34 and his burial in Austria in January at the age of 38.

Most notably, it has lyrics which both describe the end of The Band’s American career and alludes to Morrison’s own expectation of making a more serious solo recording, which he felt he did not fulfill.

Morrison’s decision to write it as a song for the occasion of the release of the album was at least partly based on his feeling that Robbie had wanted to hear it as one of the first things he heard on the album upon first playing it for the press.

On a more personal level, he felt he had given Robbie a beautiful gift in song and that the recording of this was the appropriate setting for it: “We made a phone call, got an answering service on it, and said that ‘this is from Van to Robbie Robertson who is about to die, and he’s making a statement with the trio.’ So we play that, which was a great thrill.”

As the piece moves from the beginning into the finale, the mournful trumpet begins to ‘pavane’ on the ‘declam


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Siralim 2 is a tactical/RPG hybrid where you take on the role of a desert tribesman who must lead an uprising to overthrow the tyrannical ruler who has imposed her rule upon a distant land. Travel through an exotic world filled with treacherous lands, hostile monsters, and brave warriors, as you acquire over 40 unique weapons, armor, and armour pieces, along with more than 40 hand-crafted pieces of equipment, and over 100 weapon-wielding companions. As you progress, you’ll encounter (and hopefully evade!) both human and non-human forces bent on crushing your rebellion. There’s adventure, exploration, role-playing, and a story to be told!
This title includes the following features:
*Beautiful 3D graphics
*An orchestral soundtrack
*Features original music from Patrick Carman of The Music Industry Guild, as well as other composers
*Support for customized soundtracks
*Modded support for English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, and Polish
*Easy to use interface
*Thousands of configurations to suit your own needs
*Optional support for the following English and German languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Polish
*Support for mods
*Extra quests available
*A multitude of new opponents
*Unlockable armors, weapons, and armor pieces
*A multitude of new equipment
*Expanded and revised character customization
*A selection of new, original character backgrounds to serve as the
start of your own epic story
*A new, expanded and improved leveling system
*Many new items and monsters
*A multitude of new feats to unlock
*Traits and spells to boost your character’s performance
*A new class, the druid, and 3 new trees
*A new “resurrection” tree
*A new skill tree
*New equipment categories
*New equipment set types
*An abundance of new equipment, armor, weapons, and armors
*The player character gains experience from defeating enemies
*Challenges and optional goals
*A mighty training area
*A variety of new foes
*Many new monsters and items
*The player character increases his level by adventuring, looting the world, and killing the monsters in it
*The player character can be forged and crafted at a blacksmith
*A new combat system
*Cut scenes
*Many new pieces of equipment
*Quality of Life improvements


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