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Emanate is a game about making your own mistakes, of learning from your own messes, and of coming back stronger for it. The story behind the game is that you are an Emanate, once the god of all Emanate and their world. As you remember your lost grace, you are forced to make your way back to the surface of the planet of your birth. In the course of this journey, you’ll be asked to deal with the repercussions of your actions, as well as the universe’s plans to push the Emanate back to their point of origin. The world is not perfect, and your return is not a simple one.
Modes & Features
There are 4 modes in Emanate:
Story: The story through your gameplay and your journey is present in a sort of flash fiction style, set to an ambient break-techno soundtrack.
Training: The training mode is designed for those players who want to improve on their mechanics in the arcade mode. After every level, you can record a video of how you accomplished the level. You can also import your recorded videos for use in the Arcade mode.
Arcade: Arcade Mode has become so popular that we’ve made it a separate mode on its own! It has the same gameplay, and uses the same control scheme that you can find in the training mode. The only difference is that the music in the game has been made specifically to the tune of the original soundtrack, rather than a retro-fit like the training mode.
Hard Mode: In this mode, you are not afforded the luxury of Emanate orbs. You have to memorize patterns before you can move on. The difficulty of this mode ramps up quickly, and features Emanate’s highest-level technology and elements of the game’s other two modes.
If you’re a fan of the Emanate series, you can download the demo for free here.
Future Plans:
Though Emanate has been out for a few years now, there are plans for additional content. The biggest upcoming addition is an all-new city we call the ‘Cloud City’. Where the previous city of the Emanate, Urza, was located on the bottom of the mountain range, the Cloud City will be on the top of the mountain range. It’s a huge new city, full of plenty of new content and environments to explore. There will be at least one new level in this city, and the main platforming difficulty in the game will be raised,


Features Key:

  • Expanded multi-player gameplay: share your best scores with friends all over the world
  • More varied play modes and maps
  • 15 custom leaderboards and tournaments
  • Customisable multiplayer matches with opti… Read more – OMSI 2 Add-on S41x Family Game Key features
  • Key Features

    Transform your Minecraft experience into a full on game experience with the addition of OMSI 2. But don't take our word for it, here's all the features.

    Multi-player Features

    • Multi-player options allow you to play privately, or competitively across the internet
    • Optimised game experiences for multiplayer using our highly optimised server optimizations
    • Create a private multiplayer world or host a public multiplayer server
    • Chat with your friends in OMSI 2 chat
    • Use your Xbox controller or keyboard to send and receive messages

    Multiplayer Maps and Mod

    • Now includes over 20 different multiplayer maps and game modes
    • Diversify your game play with player options and points of view
    • Play games using our latest game mod Moria
    • Put the power of your expansion pack in the hand of your friends
    • Experience full connectivity from the game to the add-on

    Leaderboards and Mode


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      You step out of a train, with no memory of how you got there or why.
      Following your footsteps, you pass into a series of beautifully
      rendered environments as you try to piece together your forgotten memories.
      Your memory eraser tells you to “Walk east… this way.”

      About This Game:
      Deeply engrossing, visually stunning and funny, A Sleep So Deadly is a game about insomnia. In this magical puzzler, you get to play as a witch, a mouse and many other bizarre characters. Use your magic to solve impenetrable levels by forcing your friends to get the best sleeping arrangements.

      Check out the video here.
      About This Game:
      Bolero is a strategy game where you play the parts of three villagers as they try to bring peace to a war-torn land. You will have to work together with the other villagers to build a bridge across the gorge, so they can reach safety.

      “The game is extremely simple. There are only three maps and they were designed for a smaller number of players. The combat is so simple I am sure it was designed this way for everyone to enjoy the game. The only real challenge is figuring out how to play as different characters. You can play three, one from each side. If you are up for a challenge, you can use a fourth character, as the fourth player is the PSI Machine.”

      Check out the video here.
      About This Game:
      “Skulls” are the people who have died in a mysterious epidemic.
      In “Deep Brain”, a human brain is expected to be a game system that can solve any riddles.
      Your objective is to connect the “skulls” without going through all the brain which can only be made by the support of your friends.

      Check out the video here.
      About This Game:
      “Deep Space” is a puzzle game where you control a spaceship to locate and collect mysterious pyramids located in the galaxy.
      You can choose your speed and shields to help you maneuver through different levels.

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      About This Game:
      “Final Fantasy IV” is a platform puzzle game where the gameplay is similar to the “Final Fantasy” series.
      In this game, you have to complete the “puzzle” of the story with a party of four characters.

      About This


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      Raiden Chain (RPG) Gameplay:

      Video game Crazy Asian Dude:

      Infinite Denduku

      Sekaijuu: Kenji no Tatakai, known in Japan as Infinite Dendoku Dai-4-Shichi-ban (), is an arcade game released by Sega in 1986 in their Sega System 16 arcade range. It was also released for the MSX2 home computer in 1987. It was the first arcade game for the MSX2 home computer. It was designed by Kazuma Ide, while the music was composed by Masao Tazaki.


      In the game, players control a paddle-shaped character on a grid-like board. The character is pointlessly drawn through a maze-like grid, avoiding obstacles such as walls and moving platforms. The maze is divided into horizontal and vertical segments, each made up of a sequence of squares. Players control their character by pressing buttons on their controller.

      The game plays through three different modes, each with a different play style. In the first mode, the player’s character automatically moves forward one square at a time, avoiding obstacles. In the second, the players can move left, right, up, or down simultaneously to reach the center of the screen. In the third mode, however, the players can use items to move freely in the grid. For example, if the player’s character is near a wall, they can use a push-up item to fly over the wall.

      Game Design

      Infinite Denduku can be considered a sequel to Dendan as it incorporates the same mechanics and game board. The design of the game, however, was slightly different. To reduce the number of buttons on the control pad, the paddle was made smaller, and the game had a black and white, monochrome design. The game was also more artistic, using colorful, anime-style art for the game board and characters.


      Infinite Denduku takes place in a futuristic, dystopian city called “McTurgland”. The city is full of beautiful, high-rise buildings. The city is divided into five “parks” (the


      What’s new:

      08 Nov 2012 14:01:48 +0000 reading →]]>This is a report on what happened the last day of the final match. The fight was somewhere on the southern half of the Tange fleet, and it was pretty intense. It basically ended up like a firefight in the middle of a fire. Tange has at least one vessel literally on fire, while many others are vulnerable to air attacks even with the aft turrets destroyed. Facing them all in his flagship Nagato is TOJ, obviously facing serious difficulties in facing down the otherwise invincible Tange fleet. All the front line units are both destroyed and badly damaged.

      The unit destruction listed as "critical" is just a measure how important the unit is to Tange’s rotation, it should be noted the units listed in white were replaced with units of lower damage (but equally important) though many of them were also destroyed.

      – Tange fleet, 1 Vess or CV="1 Unit Damage"

      – Facing battle:

      – Nagato: 30 (100%)

      – Kawachi (ODL) – 34 (+83%, 25%, 4%, 2%)

      – Ise: 58 (+167%)

      – Gunbaun (CV) – 33 (99%)

      – Nichiyo (CV) – 38 (+161%)

      – Kononaga (CV) – 35 (+120%)

      – Nanbu (CV) – 57 (+78%)

      – Maruzen (ODL) – 35 (100%)

      – Akagi (CV) – 17 (+120%)

      – Suzuya (CV) – 24 (+160%)

      – Naruto (CV) – 26 (+88%)

      – Niizuki (CV) – 29 (+140%)

      – Uno (CV) – 12 (+156%)

      – Saizo (CV) – 46 (+150%)

      – Hisakado (CV) – 42 (+150%)

      – Hirato (CV) – 26 (+


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      **A short tutorial, easy to follow for anyone.
      **Welcome to spaceships shooting game.
      **It’s easy to play and a bit addictive.
      **Each level gets harder as the game progresses.
      **You have three controls to play with:
      Left click to shoot.
      Middle click to shoot as fast as you can.
      Hold CTRL to perform different actions.
      **Each level starts a new wave.
      **This means that you must move and shoot as fast as possible and get the highest combo and score.
      **It’s a real shooter game.
      **You have to destroy at least one enemy each second to win.
      **When your score is over 5000, you can join the top20.
      **Every increment you reach in the top20 will reward you.
      **The statistics are achieved here.
      And you can share your game stats and be put in the top.
      – You can also share your score in the top.
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      – You can also watch their stats and be put in the top.
      – You can also watch their stats and


      How To Crack:

      • Get Game Big FLAPPY Tower VS Tiny Square
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      System Requirements:

      Compatible With:
      Pokémon Black Version 2 / Pokémon White Version 2
      * It is recommended that players have at least 5 GB of free space on their Nintendo 3DS memory card, more is recommended.
      * This game supports Nintendo 3DS Family Screen, allowing two people to play using the same Nintendo 3DS.
      * The game will function on 3DS systems when they have been updated to the latest software version.
      * SD and Jp-R are not supported.
      * This game will not work on 2DS or Nintendo DS


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