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A Welsh Narrow gauge heritage railway that is open for business with a variety of steam and diesel locomotives, as well as a selection of passenger rolling stock. Run complete services to and from Corris station, and work towards opening up the route to the public with the potential to extend for over 8 miles.
Support the Corris Railway
The Corris Railway Society welcomes donations to enable them to maintain the railway. Donations can be made via PayPal at
The Corris Railway Society Ltd is a registered charity in England and Wales with a company number: 1061440.
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Fully loaded branch line is the challenge for you and your train – and your game.
It’s a true challenge. But it’s also so much fun. And we think you’ll love it too!

Narrow gauge is difficult to master. You need a clear track and a head for all-round navigating.
You need accurate driving and expert management of your locomotive, passengers and crew.
It’s hard work. But it’s so much fun


Wargame: Airland Battle Features Key:

  • Idea – A “hard” escape game that focuses on online challenges.
  • Gameplay – “Think!” with strong survival & logical puzzles.
  • An ideal first game to introduce your players to computer puzzles and cerebral challenges.
  • Challenges – The game has 7 different unique difficulties to choose from. The easy mode starts you off with an easy 1 life and the boss mode is the toughest with no save respawns.
  • Graphics – The beautiful textures and the music in the game will make you feel like you are in a real game.
  • Sets – 8 extremely different and unique online progressive levels set in amazing environments.
  • Progressing – Along with the game course being timed you also score as you rescue your buddy, find the keys, solve the puzzles and overcome the levels. Once the game is completed you can see how many jumps you cleared and how much treasure you collect. Your friends can also see how well they did on the level.
  • Scoreboards – Accurately measure your achievements in the online leaderboards. Set yourself as the best!


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FOCUS on YOU is a JRPG where you take the role of a girl named Hinata in fantasy world Norna. Norna is a land which has suddenly become war between monsters and people. A young girl named Hinata, who is a member of the armed forces of Norna, has an incident that results in a fracture that separates her from her family, and she has been left with no one but her friends. Hinata, who was forbidden from ever leaving her house, has now been drawn into the outside world. But just who are your friends, and who are your enemies? Are the monsters who have come to know the manor of Hinata… really monsters?
FOCUS on YOU is an RPG where you can enjoy a story that is not only about Hinata’s life, but also an investigation into the mystery behind these monsters.
Main Features:
・Playable Female Protagonist Hinata
・Delightful Storyline
・Character Design
・Class Design
・Easy Strategy
・RPG elements
・Beautiful Sound Effects
・Fantastic Music and Sound Effects
・Tackles the Online Monster-Fighting Game
・4 Difficulty Levels
・For the First Time in An RPG Online Game!
FOCUS on YOU will be launched to play on the Steam.
Official Website:


twitter :


Bloodborn Anime is the complete anime series that will showcase the world of vampires.
Bloodborn has received rave reviews for its unique take on the vampire genre.
There’s been a lot of demand for a Bloodborn anime as it features an interesting setting, and the high-tech weapons that we’ve only seen in the manga until now.
There’s been lots of rumors swirling around regarding a possible Bloodborn anime production and now we’re finally about to see it happen, Bloodborn anime is currently being worked on.
Bloodborn TV anime will be produced by Production I.G. and will feature animation by Studio 4°C. For the anime feature Bloodborn, Production I.G.’s Ryouichi Ishizuka (Strike the Blood, Blood Blockade Battlefront) and Shinich


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Started on the 6th of march 2015.This project is now concluded.Well, if you need to know more about the development process, feel free to look through the various logs here on Steam.

I have all of the hard work done (though some tweaking and scripting is still required), and have only 3 final hours of gameplay left to add in the finishing touches.I can’t guarantee all of the bugs will be fixed, but I can promise the core gameplay should be near perfect.

It is not likely that I will continue working on this, since I already have a nearly full game and I want to spend more time developing for more people. I really appreciate the feedback though, and don’t want to leave without saying “thanks” so far.The reason for the delay on the release is that the game doesn’t yet fit for public release.

But fear not, I have spent the last months developing a revision, improving every feature that could be improved and fixed any bugs that crept in. The new version, I have renamed to “Trainz 2019” will be available for sale, and is now available for alpha testing on Steam.All tests are free, all tests are appreciated.If you encounter any bugs during testing, please report them here.

I am very interested in hearing feedback.If you have any concerns about the game as a whole, feel free to tell me.If you find any bugs please report them on this thread. I will take care of them immediately.

The package you see here includes the version that was made available for test in the “Pay-what-you-want” version of the game.All you have to do is unzip the package and enjoy it.

Any feedback is appreciated. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you encounter any issues or other problems.

Join in and support the development of this


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