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The original AutoCAD Free Download release enabled users to design and draw floor plans, architectural elevations, site plans, equipment plans, mechanical schematics, electrical schematics, and other documentation of three-dimensional (3D) components and physical objects. In the years since its introduction, AutoCAD has continued to be updated and revised.

The Autodesk website describes Autodesk’s position on customer privacy: “Autodesk will never sell your information to third parties, nor will we release your name, address, email address, or other information about you to any third party without your permission, unless required by law.”

Intended Audience and Target Market

Autodesk AutoCAD is designed to help professional drafters, designers, and architects quickly and efficiently design and draw 3D objects.

AutoCAD is also used by home builders, landscapers, real estate developers, manufacturers, and other entities that need to produce accurate, professional-looking drawings. AutoCAD’s extensive feature set provides the capability to create an extensive variety of drawings of buildings, bridges, automobiles, machinery, and other 3D objects.

Available Availability

AutoCAD is available in multiple editions:


The AutoCAD LT (“AutoCAD for beginners”) is a more basic AutoCAD version with fewer features than the AutoCAD LT Plus and AutoCAD LT Pro, but it is free and available online or in desktop and mobile editions.

AutoCAD LT Plus

The AutoCAD LT Plus is a more complete AutoCAD version with many features and tools at no additional charge.

AutoCAD LT Pro

The AutoCAD LT Pro, also known as AutoCAD Classic, is a more expensive and feature-rich version of AutoCAD LT with additional capabilities and tools not included in the free and limited versions.

AutoCAD LT is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. AutoCAD LT Plus and AutoCAD LT Pro are available only on Windows. AutoCAD LT Plus and AutoCAD LT Pro are also available as cloud and subscription-based editions on Windows.

File Formats

The majority of AutoCAD files are 3D DWG (Autodesk’s Windows-only file format). Some files may be 3D PDF (Portable Document Format), DWF (AutoCAD’s Windows

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The use of the.NET language is limited to the development of AutoCAD extensions, which are installed on the client computer as a.NET-based assembly. The AutoLISP language is a subset of AutoCAD’s AutoLISP application programming interface, or API, which allows creating AutoCAD extensions. The Visual LISP language allows the creation of AutoCAD macros, whereas VBA macros are created using VBA. AutoCAD supports the use of either language, depending on the situation.

Windows-based applications
In Windows, AutoCAD is integrated with Microsoft Windows Vista and later. The first releases of AutoCAD (AutoCAD 2000, released in 1998) came with a Command line, but the installation was a console application.

Until AutoCAD 2009 for Windows, AutoCAD installations were archived as self-extracting archives (installer files) and were activated via a command-line (AutoRun.cmd) executable. From AutoCAD 2009, it is possible to install AutoCAD natively on Windows, including on Windows 7 and Windows 8, without the need for a separate installer. With this new installer method, it is now possible to integrate AutoCAD directly into Windows Explorer.

AutoCAD 2009 for Windows added a more user-friendly Windows interface, through which it is possible to create new drawings, open existing drawings and modify existing drawings in a graphical way. AutoCAD’s functionality and performance have improved.

AutoCAD 2010 for Windows includes the ability to create templates (library) to reuse common drawing configurations and settings for new drawings, which can be shared among all licensed users of the same license level.

AutoCAD 2011 for Windows adds a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) based user interface. AutoCAD also provides an application programming interface for WPF, called ADX. Using the ADX API, AutoCAD 2011 is able to generate menus, toolbars and tabs from.NET classes.

AutoCAD 2012 for Windows includes a new dual-licensed AutoLISP and Visual LISP language, C++.NET API, WPF API, IntelliSense for AutoLISP and Visual LISP and the option to install a command-line.

AutoCAD 2013 for Windows includes a Windows 8 user interface.

AutoCAD 2014 for Windows includes a Windows 8 user interface.

AutoCAD 2015 for Windows includes a

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What’s New in the?

Inventor 2020 functionality is available in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

AutoCAD LT 2023 delivers cutting-edge capabilities for complex 2D and 3D modeling.

New capability for working with double-sided printing.

Improved, faster performance, and faster drafting experience.

Intuitive drafting experience, with new perspective and viewport tools.

Enhanced, simple surface modeling.

Revised dialog interface and user experience.

AutoCAD LT 2023 features:

Revised 2D drafting and 2D surface modeling

More efficient editing of 2D geometry

Improved 2D presentation and layout

New, improved UI and UI for all modeling applications

A new user experience for 2D drafting

Revised 3D modeling, including a new workflow for creating part and assembly geometry

Enhanced surface modeling and soft tools

Revised 2D and 3D modeling design constraints

Completely new 2D and 3D Surface Editing tools

Reliable object properties, including plane and surface attributes

Support for all supported CAD formats and formats used by major operating systems

Outlook for AutoCAD LT users

The Autodesk perpetual license program for AutoCAD LT is available at

Revised features for technical users:

Workflows and work surfaces – provides a quick and intuitive way to get to commonly used actions, like create surface or dimension, directly from a 3D model.

See the revised 2D drafting and modeling with a new user experience

New perspective and viewport tools, available in all applications. These tools give you a simple and intuitive way to create and edit 3D views.

Drafting and 2D editing – start with the Draft tab and get right to your 2D drawing tasks, such as dimensions, arcs and text. (Note: You can use the Draft tab from any application, whether you’re drafting or editing.)

New 2D Surface Editing tools give you an intuitive way to modify 2D surfaces. You can easily adjust properties, such as slope, orientation, color and opacity.

New animation tools for 2D surfaces

Revised 2D and 3D modeling design constraints

Revised Soft Surface tools – now easier to control and more intuitive. These soft tools provide the power of hard tools with a touch interface.

Revised Auto

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