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Key features include functions for preparing 2D and 3D drawings, structural analysis, and mechanical design. AutoCAD 2018, released in 2018, provides a new 3D technology called Freeform, which provides a 3D environment with unlimited design freedom. New features in AutoCAD 2018 include:

Wireframe mode for fast interactive schematic drawing.

3D modeling tools for creating geometry.

Layers for grouping entities in a drawing for easier viewing and editing.

Multi-user editing of a drawing.

Support for external sources of information, such as drawings and DWG files.

Support for live drawing.

Improved printing.

The current version of AutoCAD is 2019 and is offered on a subscription basis.

This article describes how to create a new drawing in AutoCAD and edit an existing drawing.

Enable Autodesk for Windows 7

Autodesk requires the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system to work properly. When you use the Autodesk application, it downloads prerequisites and driver files. To download these files automatically and install them when needed, you must have the Windows 7 operating system and a Windows 7 compatible computer, and have the Autodesk Application Serial Number listed in the license file, on the computer you are installing the application on. You can access this serial number by looking at the location that Autodesk publishes it on their website.

Creating a New Drawing

When you start the application for the first time or you open a project from a previous version, you will see the Welcome to Autodesk application page. To create a new drawing, click the Create New Drawing button. You will then be prompted to choose whether you want to create a project (feature) or an instance (instancing) of an existing drawing.

If you create a new project, you will be presented with the New Project dialog box, where you can select which Autodesk-supported file format to use for the new drawing, and a location to save it in.

If you create a new instance, you will be presented with the New Instancing Dialog box, which will prompt you to select which existing drawing you would like to use as a base for the new instance. You will also be asked to choose a template and layout to use for the new instance. If you select the template option, a new drawing will be created based on the template and you will see a dialog box with layout options similar to those

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Customization is available through macros, tools, and various methods.

AutoCAD is controlled by many commands and user interface objects.

Annotation is a type of drafting that uses text, images, charts, etc. to clarify the construction process or to guide the designer. Annotation software is an extension of drafting software. Examples include Adobe Illustrator, which provides annotation capabilities, as well as Adobe InDesign, which supports text, bullets and icons in a track.

Parallelism is the ability to work simultaneously on multiple drawings or documents. The degree of parallelism available varies from application to application. The following table lists the degrees of parallelism available within AutoCAD.

The printers used with AutoCAD vary widely, but are usually described by their configuration, the amount of color they can produce, their printing speed, and their output quality. For example, 4-color laser printers print at speeds of up to 13 ppm. 8-color laser printers are generally slower, printing at up to 7.5 ppm. It is possible to print at even faster speeds with devices such as Fuji Xerox’s NexPress 3, using either a high-capacity paper roll or a high-speed DFE (Direct Feed) paper tray. When using a DFE paper tray, you can print as fast as 23.3 ppm. However, a single DFE tray is limited to 64 pages, so to print the full, 160 page job, you would need a second tray. Note that, for AutoCAD 2007, Xerox’s NexPress 3D now incorporates a double-sided paper tray, making the printing speed significantly higher than the 32-page limit imposed on the original model.


AutoCAD is used in architecture and civil engineering, aerospace, automotive, boatbuilding, building construction, design, facility management, freight logistics, mining, manufacturing, property management, real estate, transportation, and utilities industries. Companies in each of these industries can be found in the worldwide Autodesk Employees Directory.

Automotive design
AutoCAD’s capability to aid designers in the creation of finished automobiles is significant and widely used. Although it is considered an essential aid by the design department of most major vehicle manufacturers. It also serves to aid in the creation of vehicle body panels by the use of on-screen tools such as join, mill, and change-bearing. For more information, see automobiles.


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Click ‘Create’ in the right top corner and then select ‘Create a New Project’

Click on ‘Create a new project’ and then enter your name and the file location (folder) where you saved the project and then click OK.

Navigate to the folder where you saved your project and open the project.

To export the project as a DWG or DXF file, click on the ‘File’ tab, click ‘Save as’ and select the desired file format (DWG or DXF) and the file location (save the file in this same folder).

To export the project as an PDF file, click on the ‘Print’ tab, click on ‘Save as PDF’ and save the file in the same folder.

Alternatively, you can export the file in a different format (e.g. RTF, EMF, SVG, PDF, etc.) by clicking on the desired file format in the ‘Save as’ box.

To close the project, click on the ‘Close’ tab.

To exit the Autodesk program click on the ‘Exit’ button in the top right corner.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Automatic markup of imported designs, such as mechanical models, drawings, and patterns

(video: 1:13 min.) New measures of line length and line count, even when imported to drawings with no measurement tools

(video: 1:25 min.) Design layouts directly in the drawing window: Create dynamic text, tables, and other elements with your favorite Microsoft Office apps. They update in real-time as you work, and you can modify any design element with a mouse click or keyboard shortcut. (video: 1:21 min.)

Workflow improvements, such as a new Edit tool for editing hatch patterns and a redesigned toolbox in AutoCAD for easier access to common tools

(video: 1:19 min.) New keyframes: You can now manipulate graphical properties of any type, such as color, line type, and pattern fill, using keyframes.

(video: 1:21 min.) The AutoCAD applications work with the new Windows 10 interface and workflows.

Release notes and more information about other new features available to AutoCAD 2023 subscribers. Subscribe to AutoCAD today!Victorian NAAFI

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