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The present invention is directed to a process for hydrogenating olefinically unsaturated compounds to produce substantially linear hydrocarbon products, and to a catalyst composition for use in carrying out said process. More specifically, the invention is directed to a catalyst composition comprising a refractory oxide support material impregnated with a lanthanide-containing chloride salt compound and an organic compound having at least one hydrophobic substituent.
2. Description of the Prior Art
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This is a common issue with many text editors (not just Notepad). They use a UTF-8 byte ordering and will sometimes reorder low bytes. A hex editor should solve this problem.
Hex editor with UTF-8 support:

put(‘zoneOffset’, -180);
* $time->put(‘utcTime’, ’20:30′);
* $time->put(‘databaseRepresentation’, “10:20:30”);
* $time->saveXml();
* We can also add parts. We’re adding minut, hour, second and so on. The time is ignored in this
* case, because we’re using the date time type.
* $time = new VObject\Property\ExtendedTime(’00:30:20′);
* $time->put(‘second’, ’30’);
* $time->put(‘minut’, ’30’);
* $time->put(‘hour’, ’20’);
* $time->saveXml();
* This would result in the following output:
* -180
* 20:30

Is there any resource that can help me? I cant seem to find any help that is specific to this.


First step: make sure you have to check the build path of the project. A path with the same path name but different file extension should be checked. This usually happens to me if I haven’t build the project for that platform.
Try the following:

Right-click the project and select Properties.
Click on the ‘Application’ tab.
Click on the ‘Build’ tab.
Check if the selected platform is shown.
Now try to build the project again. If that doesn’t work, build the project from the command line.

If that still doesn’t work then try to clean the project and the environment.


Strange behaviour of icon/image block

I created an icon image in Blender 2.79, exported it and imported it into another project. Now, if I change the icon size (in the property editor), the icon is the right size when I enter the export options. When I however export, export and import the file, the size is back to the default size.
Any idea why this is happening and how I can fix this?


I would like to discuss the scenarios. So, for the first exported content, the project that you are importing has the scale set to 1:1, but in the second exported content, the scale is set to 2:1. And if the second project has the scale set to 2:1, then in the first project, the scale is set to 1:1.
Now, let’s suppose that the scale value of the scale node is 2. So the image is going to be double the size in the first project. But it is not in the second project. Which means that the second project is set to 2x scale and the first project is set to 1x scale.
(scales are not set right now)
So, let’s start with setting the scale value of both projects.

Then export the first image. When you export an image with the scale of the project, the exported image won’t have the same scale as the project. Even though the scale value of the scale node is set to 2.

Then export the second image. When you export an image with the scale of the project, the exported image will have the same scale as the project. Even though the