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Marauder is a new take on the classic arena fighting genre. Hefting a massive war hammer, Marauder strides through each round of combat to decimate his opponents – he can throw his hammer and swing it to force opponents away or to push and knock them to the ground where he can crush them beneath his heavy weapon!


Marauder takes the basic elements of the genre and turns them on their head – not only does he have an arsenal of weapons, he also has an epic cloak, unique abilities, a devastating technique and powerful Follow Up attacks to apply to any situation.

Fast & Fierce:

Marauder can move exceptionally fast, get in close and unleash his devastating hammering technique on his enemies. From the first round onwards, Marauder knows all to do is survive and work his way forward, and he will crush the opposition on his way!

Able to Defend:

Not for nothing is Marauder called ‘War Hammer’ – he is a master of the weapon and is able to use his hammering technique to knock opponent’s attacks wide, shield himself from their relentless attacks, use his skills to block low attacks or change position, creating a low risk/high reward environment.

Back Up Plan:

As a Master of War, Marauder can use his devastating hammering technique to defeat even the toughest of enemies – this alone is a massive advantage for this class. He has a variety of follow up attacks too – such as lightning and rolling attacks – which really stack the deck in his favour. There’s a lot for Marauder to do in Marauder, and the results will satisfy the most demanding of arena fans.

Steam Workshop:

Every weapon, ability and costume can be unlocked by simply doing challenges in the game.Kingman Community College

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Kingman Community College is located in Kingman, Arizona. The Kingman Community College campus occupies.


As of October 2018, there are 7,099 students attending Kingman Community College.

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Features Key:

  • intuitive controls: pick up and knock away enemies with hovering.
  • multi-stage game: you can pick up any enemy to progress stages.
  • a battle with the mysterious PDP, the residence of warriors of the ghost planet.
  • a huge structure with lots of stages and rooms
  • You are in the zone of the ghost planet, the warriors have always lived here, since the ancient times. The recent game is terrible, the warriors of the dangerous ghost planet are ready for a fight for the planet, trying to invade other planets in the solar system.

    There are many kinds of ferocious warriors to fight against, and you will have a tough battle to see who is the absolute champion!


    This game is a mobile game which runs on IOS7.  You will not be asked to type your battle data after joining the game

    Warriors Of Titus – F2P

    What’s New:

    • Added more information about the game’s story, level design and gameplay, player base, funny jokes for H1, and the dialogue effects.More communications, I will improve it everyday.
    • Added new styles for the weather with playability so I can improve the new weather


    • Q: How do I start playing?

    A: Please open the game first and search friends by going to the menu. Next time when you start the game, the screen will display you the most appropriate room. 

    Q: Don’t I need to type in my battle data? What if I lose or I can not start the battle?

    A: The game will deduct your battle data automatically, and doesn’t need data type in. For those who can’t join the battle, you only need to open the menu to see the scene information and the game can resume at the last location.

    Q: Can I change my group name? A: You


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    Eat inside the proper time.
    If you eat too late, it is also a problem.
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    So we cannot eat.
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    His friends in the game,
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    But if you spend it on gold,


    Warriors Of Titus – F2P [Latest]

    -Civilization & Trade
    The first level of a network game will be “BUILD”, a level of war,
    where you fight to get resources. A level of trade,
    will be unlocked after the Battle of “BUILD”.
    The level of trade will be called, “BUILD”.
    In the level of trade, you will be able to build anything,
    including a ship.
    You can also unlock the ship building level
    by fighting for it.
    In any other level of this game,
    you will be able to build virtually anything you want,
    either a good or evil.
    No. 1: Pack Horse
    No. 2: Stallion
    No. 3: War Elephant
    No. 4: Pegasus
    No. 5: Train
    No. 6: Camel
    No. 7: Aquarius
    No. 8: Dragoon
    No. 9: Sailing Ship
    No. 10: Train
    No. 11: Flying Ship
    No. 12: Motorboat
    No. 13: Water Skiff
    No. 14: Battleship
    No. 1: Combat Cruiser
    No. 2: Frigate
    No. 3: Scout ship
    No. 4: Battleship
    No. 5: Battleship
    1. Survive
    2. Hero!
    3. Conqueror
    4. Attack on Forts
    5. Building a Trade Portal
    6. Build a Ship
    7. The Fall of Budrum
    8. Capitan Zowie Hulki
    9. Fighting for the Artillery
    10. Standing Firm
    11. We are Here!
    12. Border Wall and Forts
    13. Battle of Castle Aqua
    14. Battle of Castle Kaeporo
    15. War of Wheat
    16. Battle of Chilled
    17. Battle of Mount Ten
    18. Battle of Arundell
    19. Castle of Hyora
    20. Destruction of Wengda
    21. Victory of Megiddo
    22. Victory of Nan Deren
    23. Battle of the Melon Peach
    24. Battle of Ih Cg
    25. Battle of St. Danna
    26. Battle of Bourgill
    27. Battle of Ste. Mosse
    28. Showdown of Pisa
    29. Battle of Sardas


    What’s new: