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P.S: The problem only seems to arise in web browsers such as chrome


Laravel’s Browser Support
It’s not a problem in the server side, or maybe a problem with your own server configuration, it’s a problem with your browser.
The problem could be solved:

upgrading to the latest PHP version;
upgrading to the latest Laravel version;

But I think your problem is solved by the answer you provided to @Sarrazine question:

A(2,6-DCl2)2MoS2-n-nH2O: potassium and fluoride ion salt of the original aldehyde-bridged assembly.
The original aldehyde-bridged assembly, [{Cu(2,6-Me2phen)2}2(μ-OCH3)]2(μ-bpy)2(THF)2 [2(Me2bpy) (THF)]2(2-), underwent an oxidation process to a potassium salt, [{Cu(2,6-Me2phen)2}2(μ-OCH3)]2(μ-bpy)2K(THF)2(2-), with 1 equiv of KPF6 and then formation of an fluoride ion salt, [{Cu(2,6-Me2phen)2}2(μ-OCH3)]2(μ-bpy)2F(2-), with 3 equiv of FCH2CF3. However, the salt [{Cu(2,6-Me2phen)2}2(μ-OCH3)]2(μ-bpy)2F(2-), which has not been synthesized before, was first obtained by treating [{Cu(2,6-Me2phen)2}2(μ-OCH3)]2(μ-bpy)2(THF)2(2-) with CF3CH2CF3. The structures of the species obtained from the anion oxidation and fluoride ion salt have been unambiguously determined using single-crystal X-ray analysis. The crystal structure of [{Cu(2,6-Me2phen)2}2(μ-OCH3)]2(μ-bpy)2(CF3CH2CF3)(

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